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rbenv (25) Versions 1.4.1

Installs and configures rbenv

cookbook 'rbenv', '= 1.4.1', :supermarket
cookbook 'rbenv', '= 1.4.1'
knife supermarket install rbenv
knife supermarket download rbenv
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rbenv cookbook

Installs and manages your versions of Ruby and Gems in Chef with rbenv and ruby_build


  • Chef 10
  • Centos / Redhat / Fedora / Ubuntu / Debian


Add a dependency on rbenv to your cookbook's metadata.rb

depends 'rbenv'

Installing rbenv and ruby_build

To install rbenv and ruby_build; Include each recipe in one of your cookbook's recipes

include_recipe "rbenv::default"
include_recipe "rbenv::ruby_build"

Installing a Ruby

And now to install a Ruby use the rbenv_ruby LWRP

rbenv_ruby "1.9.3-p194"

Installing Gems for rbenv managed Rubies

If you'd like a specific Ruby installed by rbenv to include a Gem, say bundler, use the rbenv_gem LWRP

rbenv_gem "bundler" do
  ruby_version "1.9.3-p194"

Be sure to include a value for the ruby_version attribute so the gem is installed for the correct Ruby



  • rbenv[:group_users] - Array of users belonging to the rbenv group
  • rbenv[:git_repository] - Git url of the rbenv repository to clone
  • rbenv[:git_revision] - Revision of the rbenv repository to checkout
  • rbenv[:install_prefix] - Path prefix rbenv will be installed into


  • ruby_build[:git_repository] - Git url of the ruby_build repository to clone
  • ruby_build[:git_revision] - Revision of the ruby_build repository to checkout
  • ruby_build[:prefix] - Path prefix where ruby_build will be installed to



Configures a node with a system wide rbenv accessible by users in the rbenv group


Installs ruby_build to a node which enables the rbenv_ruby LWRP to install Rubies to the node


Installs an rbenv Ohai plugin onto the node to automatically populate attributes about the rbenv installation

Resources / Providers


Install specified version of Ruby to be managed by rbenv


Action Description Default
install Install the version of Ruby Yes


Attribute Description Default
ruby_version the ruby version and patch level you wish to install name
force install even if this version is already present (reinstall) false
global set this ruby version as the global version false


Installing Ruby 1.9.2-p290
rbenv_ruby "1.9.2-p290"
Forcefully install Ruby 1.9.3-p0
rbenv_ruby "Ruby 1.9.3" do
  ruby_version "1.9.3-p0"
  force true


Install specified RubyGem for the specified ruby_version managed by rbenv


Action Description Default
install Install the gem Yes
upgrade Upgrade the gem to the given version
remove Remove the gem
purge Purge the gem and configuration files


Attribute Description Default
package_name Name of given to modify name
ruby_version Ruby of version the gem belongs to
version Version of the gem to modify
source Specified if you have a local .gem file to install
gem_binary Override for path to gem command
options Additional options to the underlying gem command


Installing Bundler for Ruby 1.9.2-p290
rbenv_gem "bundler" do
  ruby_version "1.9.2-p290"


  1. Install the prerequisite gems

    $ bundle install
  2. Increment the version number in the metadata.rb file

  3. Run the Thor release task to create a tag and push to the community site

    $ bundle exec thor release

Authors and Contributors

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