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railsbox (1) Versions 0.1.0

auto deploy railsapp with rbenv+nginx+unicorn+postgresql

cookbook 'railsbox', '~> 0.1.0'
cookbook 'railsbox', '~> 0.1.0', :supermarket
knife cookbook site install railsbox
knife cookbook site download railsbox

Railsbox: auto deploy rails app

railsbox cookbook (v0.1.0)

Setup a Rails application server to run Nginx+Unicorn+Psql+Cap+Github apps.

edit from:

It performs the following tasks when setup the server:

  • Install and setup Ruby environment using rbenv.
  • Install Nginx from source as front-end server.
  • Setup Unicorn apps as backend server (if any).
  • Setup runit service.
  • Install nodejs from package to complie assest.
  • Using the Github API to authorise the new public key (if any).


Supported Platforms

  • ubuntu - tested on Ubuntu 12.04

Cookbook Dependencies

  • "appbox" # apt\sudo\user\curl\htop\git\tmux
  • 'rbenv'
  • 'nginx'
  • 'unicorn', ">= 1.2.2"
  • 'runit', '>= 1.1.2'
  • "postgresql"
  • "database"
  • "nodejs"


To install with Berkshelf, add this into Berksfile:

cookbook 'railsbox', git: 'git://'

and run:

bundle exec berks install -p cookbooks/

And overwrite attributes to customize the cookbook. then add the default recipe to your runlist.


  "appbox": {
    "deploy_keys": ["ssh-rsa, 1. run cat ~/.ssh/ on your mac 2. copy it"],
    "admin_keys": ["ssh-rsa, 1. run cat ~/.ssh/ on your mac 2. copy it"]
  "railsbox": {
    "db_root_password": "welcome!",
    "databases": {
      "postgresql": [
        { "username": "psyapp",
          "password": "psqlpassword",
          "database_name": "appname_production" }
    "ruby": {
      "versions": ["2.0.0-p247", "2.0.0-p247"],
      "global_version": "2.0.0-p247"
    "apps": {
      "unicorn": [
        { "appname": "railsbox-example-app1",
          "hostname": ""
    "github_deploys": {
    "deploy_user": "deploy",
    "github_api": {
      "username": "set your github username",
      "email": "set your github user email",
      "password": "set your github password"
  "version": "1.5.2"

See also ouyangzhiping/railsbox-example for railsbox usage example with chef-solo.


You may change the default config settings:

  • nginx:
    • node["railsbox"]["default_config"]["nginx"]["template_name"] (default: "nginx_vhost.conf.erb") - nginx vhost/site config template.
    • node["railsbox"]["default_config"]["nginx"]["template_cookbook"] (default: "railsbox") - cookbook containing the nginx vhost/site config template.
    • node["railsbox"]["default_config"]["nginx"]["listen_port"] (default: "80") - nginx vhost/site listen port.
    • node["railsbox"]["upstream_start_port"]["unicorn"] (default: 10001) - start number for unicorn app listen port.
    • node["railsbox"]["upstream_start_port"]["passenger"] (default: 20001) - start number for passenger app listen port.
  • unicorn:
    • node["railsbox"]["default_config"]["unicorn"]["listen_port_options"] (default: { :tcp_nodelay => true, :backlog => 100 }) - unicorn listen port options.
    • node["railsbox"]["default_config"]["unicorn"]["worker_timeout"] (default: 60) - unicorn worker timeout.
    • node["railsbox"]["default_config"]["unicorn"]["preload_app"] (default: false) - unicorn preload app flag.
    • node["railsbox"]["default_config"]["unicorn"]["worker_processes"] (default: [node[:cpu][:total].to_i * 4, 8].min) - total unicorn worker.
    • node["railsbox"]["default_config"]["unicorn"]["before_fork"] (default: 'sleep 1') - unicorn before_fork handler.
  • unicorn_runit:
    • node["railsbox"]["default_config"]["unicorn_runit"]["template_name"] (default: "unicorn") - name to lookup unicorn runit templates (templates: "sv-#{template_name}-run.erb", "sv-#{template_name}-log-run.erb).
    • node["railsbox"]["default_config"]["unicorn_runit"]["template_cookbook"] (default: "railsbox") - cookbook containing the templates.
    • node["railsbox"]["default_config"]["unicorn_runit"]["rack_env"] (default: "production") - default RACK_ENV to run a unicorn app.
    • postgresql:
    • node["railsbox"]["db_root_password"] (default: nil) - postgresql root password string.
    • node["railsbox"]["databases"]["postgresql"]["username"]- Rails app database username
    • node["railsbox"]["databases"]["postgresql"]["password"]- Rails app database password
    • node["railsbox"]["databases"]["postgresql"]["database_name"]- Rails app database name
  • github-deploys:
    • node["railsbox"]["github_deploys"]["deploy_user"] (default: "deploy") - don't edit !
    • node["railsbox"]["github_deploys"]["github_api"]["endpoint_path"] (default: "/user/keys") - User Public Keys | GitHub API !
    • node["railsbox"]["github_deploys"]["username"] - set your github username
    • node["railsbox"]["github_deploys"]["email"] - set your github email
    • node["railsbox"]["github_deploys"]["password"] - set your github password


  • recipe "railsbox", "Includes all recipes."
  • recipe "railsbox::ruby", "Install and setup Ruby environment using rbenv"
  • recipe "railsbox::nginx", "Install Nginx from source as front-end server."
  • recipe "railsbox::unicorn", "Setup Unicorn apps as backend server (if any)."
  • recipe "railsbox::postgresql", "Install PostgreSQL and create PostgreSQL databases."
  • recipe "railsbox::nodejs", "Install nodejs from package to complie assest."
  • recipe "railsbox:github-deploys", "Using the Github API to authorise the new public key (if any)"

Change History



Author:: zhiping (

Dependent cookbooks

nodejs >= 0.0.0
database >= 0.0.0
postgresql >= 0.0.0
runit >= 1.1.2
unicorn >= 1.2.2
nginx >= 0.0.0
rbenv >= 0.0.0
appbox >= 0.0.0

Contingent cookbooks

There are no cookbooks that are contingent upon this one.

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