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wildfly (31) Versions 0.1.8

Installs/Configures wildfly

cookbook 'wildfly', '= 0.1.8', :supermarket
cookbook 'wildfly', '= 0.1.8'
knife supermarket install wildfly
knife supermarket download wildfly
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Wildfly Cookbook

Cookbook to deploy Wildfly Java Application Server


Chef Client 11+

Java Opscode Community Cookbook


  • CentOS, Red Hat, Fedora
  • EC2 Amazon Linux AMI

Tested on:
- CentOS 6.5


You can add users in the proper format to attributes\users.rb

You can customize the Java version, and the Connector/J if you'd like.

If running in production, I STRONGLY recommend you use a wrapper cookbook, and manually specify both the Wildfly version, as well as the version of this cookbook as well. This cookbook and configuration templates will continually be updated to support the latest stable release of Wildfly. Currently, version upgrades will trigger configuration enforcement, meaning any changes made outside of Chef will be wiped out.


  • node['wildfly']['base'] - Base directory to run Wildfly from

  • node['wildfly']['version'] - Specify the version of Wildfly

  • node['wildfly']['url'] - URL to Wildfly tarball

  • node['wildfly']['checksum'] - SHA256 hash of said tarball

  • node['wildfly']['user'] - User to run Wildfly as.

  • node['wildfly']['group'] - Group which owns Wildfly directories

  • node['wildfly']['server'] - Name of service and init.d script for daemonizing

  • node['wildfly']['mysql']['enabled'] - Boolean indicating Connector/J support

  • node['wildfly']['int'][*] - Various hashes for setting interface & port bindings

  • node['wildfly']['smtp']['host'] - SMTP Destination host

  • node['wildfly']['smtp']['port'] - SMTP Destination port


  • ::default - Installs Java & Wildfly. Also installs Connector/J if you've got it enabled.
  • ::install - Installs Wildfly.
  • ::mysql_connector - Installs Connector/J into appropriate Wildfly directory.


Datasource LWRP

wildfly_datasource 'example' do
  jndiname "java:jboss/datasource/example"
  drivername "some-jdbc-driver"
  connectionurl "jdbc:some://"

Deploy LWRP

Allows you to deploy JARs and WARs via chef

Example 1 (from a url)
wildfly_deploy 'jboss.jdbc-driver.sqljdbc4_jar' do
url ""

Example 2 (from disk)
wildfly_deploy 'jboss.jdbc-driver.sqljdbc4_jar' do
path "/opt/resources/sqljdb4.jar"

Attribute LWRP

Allows you to set an attribute in the server config

To change the max-post-size parameter
<server name="default-server">
<http-listener name="default" socket-binding="http" max-post-size="20971520"/>
<host name="default-host" alias="localhost">

wildfly_attribute "max-post-size" do
   path "/subsystem=undertow/server=default-server/http-listener=default"
   parameter "max-post-size"
   value "20971520L"
   notifies :restart, "service[wildfly]"

If the attribute restart is set to false, the wildfly will never restart

wildfly_attribute "max-post-size" do
   path "/subsystem=undertow/server=default-server/http-listener=default"
   parameter "max-post-size"
   value "20971520L"
   restart false

Property LWRP

Allows you to set or delete system properties in the server config. (Supported Actions: :set, :delete)

wildfly_property "Database URL" do
   property "JdbcUrl"
   value "jdbc:mysql://"
   action :set
   notifies :restart, "service[wildfly]", :delayed


Author:: Brian Dwyer - Intelligent Digital Services


Contributor:: Hugo Trippaers

Contributor:: Ian Southam

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