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yum (49) Versions 3.6.3

Configures various yum components on Red Hat-like systems

cookbook 'yum', '~> 3.6.3'
cookbook 'yum', '~> 3.6.3'
knife cookbook site install yum
knife cookbook site download yum

yum Cookbook

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Cookbook Version Travis status

The Yum cookbook exposes the yum_globalconfig and yum_repository resources that allows a user to both control global behavior and make individual Yum repositories available for use. These resources aim to allow the user to configure all options listed in the yum.conf man page, found at


WARNING: Yum cookbook version 3.0.0 and above contain non-backwards compatible breaking changes and will not work with cookbooks written against the 2.x and 1.x series. Changes have been made to the yum_repository resource, and the yum_key resource has been eliminated entirely. Recipes have been eliminated and moved into their own cookbooks. Please lock yum to the 2.x series in your Chef environments until all dependent cookbooks have been ported.


  • Chef 11 or higher
  • Ruby 1.9 (preferably from the Chef full-stack installer)
  • RHEL5, RHEL6, or other platforms within the family



This resource manages a yum repository configuration file at /etc/yum.repos.d/repositoryid.repo. When the file needs to be repaired, it calls yum-makecache so packages in the repo become available to the next resource.


# add the Zenoss repository
yum_repository 'zenoss' do
  description "Zenoss Stable repo"
  baseurl ""
  gpgkey ''
  action :create

# add the EPEL repo
yum_repository 'epel' do
  description 'Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux'
  mirrorlist '$basearch'
  gpgkey ''
  action :create
# delete CentOS-Media repo
yum_repository 'CentOS-Media' do
  action :delete


  • :create - creates a repository file and builds the repository listing
  • :delete - deletes the repository file
  • :makecache - update yum cache


  • baseurl - Must be a URL to the directory where the yum repository's 'repodata' directory lives. Can be an http://, ftp:// or file:// URL. You can specify multiple URLs in one baseurl statement.
  • cost - relative cost of accessing this repository. Useful for weighing one repo's packages as greater/less than any other. defaults to 1000
  • description - Maps to the 'name' parameter in a repository .conf. Descriptive name for the repository channel. This directive must be specified.
  • enabled - Either true or false. This tells yum whether or not use this repository.
  • enablegroups - Either true or false. Determines whether yum will allow the use of package groups for this repository. Default is true (package groups are allowed).
  • exclude - List of packages to exclude from updates or installs. This should be a space separated list in a single string. Shell globs using wildcards (eg. * and ?) are allowed.
  • failovermethod - Either 'roundrobin' or 'priority'.
  • fastestmirror_enabled - Either true or false
  • gpgcheck - Either true or false. This tells yum whether or not it should perform a GPG signature check on packages. When this is set in the [main] section it sets the default for all repositories. The default is true.
  • gpgkey - A URL pointing to the ASCII-armored GPG key file for the repository. This option is used if yum needs a public key to verify a package and the required key hasn't been imported into the RPM database. If this option is set, yum will automatically import the key from the specified URL.
  • http_caching - Either 'all', 'packages', or 'none'. Determines how upstream HTTP caches are instructed to handle any HTTP downloads that Yum does. Defaults to 'all'
  • includepkgs - Inverse of exclude. This is a list of packages you want to use from a repository. If this option lists only one package then that is all yum will ever see from the repository. Defaults to an empty list.
  • keepalive - Either true or false. This tells yum whether or not HTTP/1.1 keepalive should be used with this repository.
  • make_cache - Optional, Default is true, if false then yum -q makecache will not be ran
  • max_retries - Set the number of times any attempt to retrieve a file should retry before returning an error. Setting this to '0' makes yum try forever. Default is '10'.
  • metadata_expire - Time (in seconds) after which the metadata will expire. So that if the current metadata downloaded is less than this many seconds old then yum will not update the metadata against the repository. If you find that yum is not downloading information on updates as often as you would like lower the value of this option. You can also change from the default of using seconds to using days, hours or minutes by appending a d, h or m respectively. The default is 6 hours, to compliment yum-updatesd running once an hour. It's also possible to use the word "never", meaning that the metadata will never expire. Note that when using a metalink file the metalink must always be newer than the metadata for the repository, due to the validation, so this timeout also applies to the metalink file.
  • mirrorlist - Specifies a URL to a file containing a list of baseurls. This can be used instead of or with the baseurl option. Substitution variables, described below, can be used with this option. As a special hack is the mirrorlist URL contains the word "metalink" then the value of mirrorlist is copied to metalink (if metalink is not set)
  • mirror_expire - Time (in seconds) after which the mirrorlist locally cached will expire. If the current mirrorlist is less than this many seconds old then yum will not download another copy of the mirrorlist, it has the same extra format as metadata_expire. If you find that yum is not downloading the mirrorlists as often as you would like lower the value of this option.
  • mirrorlist_expire - alias for mirror_expire
  • mode - Permissions mode of .repo file on disk. Useful for scenarios where secrets are in the repo file. If set to '600', normal users will not be able to use yum search, yum info, etc. Defaults to '0644'
  • priority - When the yum-priorities plug-in is enabled, you set priorities on repository entries, where N is an integer from 1 to 99. The default priority for repositories is 99.
  • proxy - URL to the proxy server that yum should use.
  • proxy_username - username to use for proxy
  • proxy_password - password for this proxy
  • report_instanceid - Report instance ID when using Amazon Linux AMIs and repositories
  • repositoryid - Must be a unique name for each repository, one word. Defaults to name attribute.
  • source - Use a custom template source instead of the default one in the yum cookbook
  • sslcacert - Path to the directory containing the databases of the certificate authorities yum should use to verify SSL certificates. Defaults to none - uses system default
  • sslclientcert - Path to the SSL client certificate yum should use to connect to repos/remote sites Defaults to none.
  • sslclientkey - Path to the SSL client key yum should use to connect to repos/remote sites Defaults to none.
  • sslverify - Either true or false. Determines if yum will verify SSL certificates/hosts. Defaults to true
  • timeout - Number of seconds to wait for a connection before timing out. Defaults to 30 seconds. This may be too short of a time for extremely overloaded sites.


This renders a template with global yum configuration parameters. The default recipe uses it to render /etc/yum.conf. It is flexible enough to be used in other scenarios, such as building RPMs in isolation by modifying installroot.


yum_globalconfig '/my/chroot/etc/yum.conf' do
  cachedir '/my/chroot/etc/yum.conf'
  keepcache 'yes'
  debuglevel '2'
  installroot '/my/chroot'
  action :create


yum_globalconfig can take most of the same parameters as a yum_repository, plus more, too numerous to describe here. Below are a few of the more commonly used ones. For a complete list, please consult the yum.conf man page, found here:

  • cachedir - Directory where yum should store its cache and db files. The default is '/var/cache/yum'.
  • keepcache - Either true or false. Determines whether or not yum keeps the cache of headers and packages after successful installation. Default is false
  • debuglevel - Debug message output level. Practical range is 0-10. Default is '2'.
  • exclude - List of packages to exclude from updates or installs. This should be a space separated list. Shell globs using wildcards (eg. * and ?) are allowed.
  • installonlypkgs = List of package provides that should only ever be installed, never updated. Kernels in particular fall into this category. Defaults to kernel, kernel-bigmem, kernel-enterprise, kernel-smp, kernel-debug, kernel-unsupported, kernel-source, kernel-devel, kernel-PAE, kernel-PAE-debug.
  • logfile - Full directory and file name for where yum should write its log file.
  • exactarch - Either true or false. Set to true to make 'yum update' only update the architectures of packages that you have installed. ie: with this enabled yum will not install an i686 package to update an x86_64 package. Default is true
  • gpgcheck - Either true or false. This tells yum whether or not it should perform a GPG signature check on the packages gotten from this repository.


  • default - Configures yum_globalconfig[/etc/yum.conf] with values found in node attributes at node['yum']['main']


The following attributes are set by default

default['yum']['main']['cachedir'] = '/var/cache/yum/$basearch/$releasever'
default['yum']['main']['keepcache'] = false
default['yum']['main']['debuglevel'] = nil
default['yum']['main']['exclude'] = nil
default['yum']['main']['logfile'] = '/var/log/yum.log'
default['yum']['main']['exactarch'] = nil
default['yum']['main']['obsoletes'] = nil
default['yum']['main']['installonly_limit'] = nil
default['yum']['main']['installonlypkgs'] = nil
default['yum']['main']['installroot'] = nil

Recipes from older versions of this cookbook have been moved individual cookbooks. Recipes for managing platform yum configurations and installing specific repositories can be found in one (or more!) of the following cookbook.

  • yum-centos
  • yum-fedora
  • yum-amazon
  • yum-epel
  • yum-elrepo
  • yum-repoforge
  • yum-ius
  • yum-percona
  • yum-pgdg


Put depends 'yum' in your metadata.rb to gain access to the yum_repository resource.

License & Authors

Copyright:: 2011 Eric G. Wolfe
Copyright:: 2013 Chef

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.

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yum Cookbook CHANGELOG

This file is used to list changes made in each version of the yum cookbook.

v3.6.3 (2015-07-13)

  • Normalizing sslverify option rendering behavior
  • Setting default value on the resource to nil
  • Explictly setting string to render in template if value is supplied
  • Behavior should default to "True", per man page

v3.6.2 (2015-07-13)

  • Adding -y to makecache, to import key when repo_gpgcheck = true.
  • Accepting Integer value for max_retries

v3.6.1 (2015-06-04)

  • Executing yum clean before makecache
  • Adding repo_gpgcheck

v3.6.0 (2015-04-23)

  • Adding "yum clean" before "yum makecache" in yum_repository :create
  • Adding why_run support to yum_globalconfig

v3.5.4 (2015-04-07)

  • Changing tolerant config line to stringified integer

v3.5.3 (2015-01-16)

  • Adding reposdir to globalconfig template

v3.5.2 (2014-12-24)

  • Fixing redhat-release detection for Redhat 7

v3.5.1 (2014-11-24)

  • Reverting management of ca-certificates because EL5 was broken

v3.5.0 (2014-11-24)

  • Adding management of ca-certificates package to yum_repository provider

v3.4.1 (2014-10-29)

  • Run yum-makecache only_if new_resource.enabled
  • Allow setting of reposdir in global yum config and man page
  • Change default 'obsoletes' behavior to match yum defaults

v3.4.0 (2014-10-15)

  • Dynamically generate the new_resource attributes

v3.3.2 (2014-09-11)

  • Fix globalconfig resource param for http_caching

v3.3.1 (2014-09-04)

  • Fix issue with sslverify if set to false
  • Add fancy badges

v3.3.0 (2014-09-03)

  • Adding tuning attributes for all supported resource parameters
  • Adding options hash parameter
  • Adding (real) rhel-6.5 and centos-7.0 to test-kitchen coverage
  • Updating regex for mirror_expire and mirrorlist_expire to include /\d+[mhd]$/
  • Updating README so keepcache reflects reality (defaults to false)
  • Changing 'obsoletes' behavior in globalconfig resource to match default behavior. (now defaults to nil, yum defaults to false)
  • Adding makecache action to repository resource
  • Adding mode parameter to repository resource. Defaults to '0644'.

v3.2.4 (2014-08-20)

82 - Adding a makecache parameter

v3.2.2 (2014-06-11)

77 - Parameter default to be Trueclass instead of "1"

78 - add releasever parameter

v3.2.0 (2014-04-09)

  • [COOK-4510] - Adding username and password parameters to node attributes
  • [COOK-4518] - Fix Scientific Linux distroverpkg

v3.1.6 (2014-03-27)

  • [COOK-4463] - support multiple GPG keys
  • [COOK-4364] - yum_repository delete action fails

v3.1.4 (2014-03-12)

  • [COOK-4417] Expand test harness to encompass 32-bit boxes

v3.1.2 (2014-02-23)

Fixing bugs around :delete action and cache clean Fixing specs to cover :remove and :delete aliasing properly Adding Travis-ci build matrix bits

v3.1.0 (2014-02-13)

  • Updating testing harness for integration testing on Travis-ci
  • Adding and Guardfile
  • PR #67 - Add skip_if_unvailable repository option
  • PR #64 - Fix validation of 'metadata_expire' option to match documentation
  • [COOK-3591] - removing from repo template rendering
  • [COOK-4275] - Enhancements to yum cookbook
  • Adding full spec coverage
  • Adding support for custom source template to yum_repository

v3.0.8 (2014-01-27)

Fixing typo in default.rb. yum_globalconfig now passes proxy attribute correctly.

v3.0.6 (2014-01-27)

Updating default.rb to consume node['yum']['main']['proxy']

v3.0.4 (2013-12-29)


  • COOK-4156 - yum cookbook creates a yum.conf with "cachefir" directive


Updating globalconfig provider for Chef 10 compatability


3.0.0 Major rewrite with breaking changes. Recipes broken out into individual cookbooks yum_key resource has been removed yum_repository resource now takes gpgkey as a URL directly yum_repository actions have been reduced to :create and :delete 'name' has been changed to repositoryid to avoid ambiguity chefspec test coverage gpgcheck is set to 'true' by default and must be explicitly disabled


Reverting to Ruby 1.8 hash syntax.


[COOK-3275] LWRP repository.rb :add method fails to create yum repo in some cases which causes :update to fail Amazon rhel



  • [COOK-3025] - Allow per-repo proxy definitions



  • COOK-3689 - Fix warnings about resource cloning
  • COOK-3574 - Add missing "description" field in metadata



  • COOK-3145 - Use correct download URL for epel key_url


New Feature

  • [COOK-2924]: Yum should allow type setting in repo file



  • [COOK-2360]: last commit to yum_repository changes previous behaviour
  • [COOK-3015]: Yum cookbook test minitest to fail



  • [COOK-2741]: yum::elrepo
  • [COOK-2946]: update tests, test kitchen support in yum cookbook


  • [COOK-2639]: Yum cookbook - epel - always assumes url is a mirror list
  • [COOK-2663]: Yum should allow metadata_expire setting in repo file
  • [COOK-2751]: Update yum.ius_release version to 1.0-11


  • [COOK-2189] - yum::ius failed on install (caused from rpm dependency)
  • [COOK-2196] - Make includepkgs and exclude configurable for each repos
  • [COOK-2244] - Allow configuring caching using attributes
  • [COOK-2399] - yum cookbook LWRPs fail FoodCritic
  • [COOK-2519] - Add priority option to Yum repo files
  • [COOK-2593] - allow integer or string for yum priority
  • [COOK-2643] - don't use conditional attribute for yum_key remote_file


  • [COOK-2045] - add remi repository recipe
  • [COOK-2121] - add :create action to yum_repository


  • [COOK-2037] - minor style fixes
  • [COOK-2038] - updated README


  • [COOK-1908] - unable to install repoforge on CentOS 6 32 bit


  • [COOK-1758] - Add default action for repository resource


This version changes the behavior of the EPEL recipe (most commonly used in other Chef cookbooks) on Amazon, and removes an attribute, node['yum']['epel_release']. See the README for details.

  • [COOK-1772] - Simplify management of EPEL with LWRP


mirrorlist in the yum_repository LWRP must be set to the mirror list URI to use rather than setting it to true. See

  • [COOK-1088] - use for EPEL to prevent redirects
  • [COOK-1653] - fix mirrorlist
  • [COOK-1710] - support http proxy
  • [COOK-1722] - update IUS version


  • [COOK-1521] - add :update action to yum_repository


  • [COOK-1204] - Make 'add' default action for yum_repository
  • [COOK-1351] - option to not make the yum cache (via attribute)
  • [COOK-1353] - x86_64 centos path fixes
  • [COOK-1414] - recipe for repoforge


  • Updated README to remove git diff artifacts.


  • Default action for the yum_repository LWRP is now add.
  • [COOK-1227] - clear Chefs internal cache after adding new yum repo
  • [COOK-1262] - yum::epel should enable existing repo on Amazon Linux
  • [COOK-1272], [COOK-1302] - update RPM file for CentOS / RHEL 6
  • [COOK-1330] - update cookbook documentation on excludes for yum
  • [COOK-1346] - retry remote_file for EPEL in case we get an FTP mirror


  • [COOK-825] - epel and ius remote_file should notify the rpm_package to install


  • [COOK-675] - add recipe for handling EPEL repository
  • [COOK-722] - add recipe for handling IUS repository


  • Remove yum update in default recipe, that doesn't update caches, it updates packages installed.
FC031: Cookbook without metadata file: /tmp/cook/8335794059771a68e08ac7d6/yum/metadata.rb:1
FC045: Consider setting cookbook name in metadata: /tmp/cook/8335794059771a68e08ac7d6/yum/metadata.rb:1