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minitest-handler (30) Versions 1.5.1

Installs and configures minitest-chef-handler

cookbook 'minitest-handler', '~> 1.5.1', :supermarket
cookbook 'minitest-handler', '~> 1.5.1'
knife supermarket install minitest-handler
knife supermarket download minitest-handler
Quality 50%

minitest-handler cookbook

Build Status

License: Apache 2.0 <br />
Copyright: 2012 Opscode, Inc.<br/>
Author: Bryan McLellan<br/>
Author: Bryan W. Berry<br/>


This cookbook utilizes the minitest-chef-handler project to facilitate
cookbook testing. By default, minitest-handler will collect all the
tests in your cookbook_path and run them.

minitest-chef-handler project:<br/>
stable minitest-handler cookbook:<br/>
minitest-handler cookbook development:<br/>

Note: Version 0.1.8 deprecated use of
files/default/tests/minitest/*_test.rb and the location of support
files. Test files should now be located in

Note: Version 0.1.0 added a change that breaks backward compatibility. The minitest-handler now only loads<br/>
test files named "<recipe-name>_test.rb" rather than all test files in the path files/default/test/*_test.rb

If you have any helper libraries, they should match files/default/test/*helper*.rb


  • node[:minitest][:gem_version] - The version of the minitest gem to install and use.
    • Default: 3.0.1
  • node[:minitest][:chef_handler_gem_version] - The version of the minitest-chef-handler gem to install and use.
    • Default: 1.0.3
  • node[:minitest][:chef_handler_gem_source] - Alternate remote source for the minitest-chef-handler gem if not using')
    • Default:
  • node[:minitest][:ci_reporter_gem_version] - The version of the ci_reporter gem to install and use.
    • Default: 1.9.2
  • node[:minitest][:path] - Location to store and find test files.
    • Default: /var/chef/minitest
  • node[:minitest][:recipes] - The names of all recipes included during the chef run, whether by insertion to the run_list, inclusion through a role, or added with include_recipe. If you only want tests for select recipes to run, override this value with the names of the recipes that you want tested.
    • Default: []
  • node[:minitest][:filter] - Filter test names on a pattern (regex)
    • Default: nil
    • Example: /apache2/ could be used to only run tests for recipes starting with apache2
  • node[:minitest][:seed] - Set random seed
    • Default: nil
  • node[:minitest][:ci_reports] - Path to write out the result of each test in a JUnit-compatible XML file, parseable by many CI platforms
    • Default: nil
  • node[:minitest][:tests] - Test files to run.
    • Default to **/*_test.rb
  • node[:minitest][:verbose] - Display verbose output
    • Default: true


  • Add recipe[minitest-handler] somewhere on your run_list, preferably last
  • Place tests in files/default/test/ with the name your-recipe-name_test.rb (default recipe is named default_test.rb)
  • Put any helper functions you have in files/default/test/spec_helper.rb but minitest-handler will ensure that you have access to any file that matches the glob files/test/*helper.rb



Traditional minitest

class TestApache2 < MiniTest::Chef::TestCase
  def test_that_the_package_installed
    case node[:platform]
    when "ubuntu","debian"
      assert system('apt-cache policy apache2 | grep Installed | grep -v none')

  def test_that_the_service_is_running
    assert system('/etc/init.d/apache2 status')

  def test_that_the_service_is_enabled
    assert File.exists?(Dir.glob("/etc/rc5.d/S*apache2").first)

Using minitest/spec

require 'minitest/spec'

describe_recipe 'ark::test' do

  it "installed the unzip package" do

  it "dumps the correct files into place with correct owner and group" do
    file("/usr/local/foo_dump/foo1.txt").must_have(:owner, "foobarbaz").and(:group, "foobarbaz")


For more detailed examples, see here

Testing this cookbook

This cookbook currently uses test-kitchen
along with the kitchen-vagrant.

All test are currently written using BATS,
which is essentially bash. Using BATS was done so that minitest-handler nor
minitest-chef-handler were used to test itself. For more examples of bats than
are in this cookbook, see the chef-rvm,
chef-ruby_build, and
chef-rbenv cookbooks.

NOTE A known limitation of using BATS is that the cookbook is not currently
tested on Windows machines. See
for more of the background on this.


This cookbook uses an 'even number' release strategy. The version number in master
will always be an odd number indicating development, and an even number will
be used when an official build is released.

Come release time here is the checklist:
* Ensure the metadata.rb reflects the proper even numbered release
* Ensure there is a dated change log entry in
* Commit all the changes
* Use stove to release (bundle exec stove)
* Bump the version in metadata.rb to the next patch level odd number



1.5.1 (Oct 3, 2018)

  • #79 Fix Chef 13 support

1.5.0 (Oct 25, 2015)

  • Upgrade ChefSpec from 4.0.0 to 4.4.0
  • Upgrade foodcritic from 4.0.0 to 5.0.0
  • Upgrade rubucop from 0.24.1 to 0.34.2
  • Address Chef 12 compile_time deprecations around chef_gem resources
  • #77 - Fix issue when running on Windows under Test Kitchen

1.4.0 (Jul 25, 2015)

  • Add Chefspec tests for default recipe
  • #67 - Perform more exact matching on which test files should be run
  • #73 @josegonzalez - Support for an alternative approach to ignoring recipes
  • #75 @heathsnow - Added ability to specify a source for minitest-chef-handler gem.
  • #76 @b-dean - Bump the version of the minitest-chef-handler gem to v1.1.0

1.3.2 (Jul 20, 2014)

  • #64 - Fixed bug where test files were not dected properly detected under chef-client ### 1.3.0 (Jul 25, 2014)
  • #62 - Increase default version of chef_handler_gem from 1.0.1 to 1.0.3. If for some reason you wish to avoid 1.0.3 ensure you set a value of 1.0.1 for node[:minitest][:chef_handler_gem_version]
  • #61 - Fix bug where Windows drive letters would cause errors when fetching cookbook files. Thanks matt-richardson!
  • #63 - The ci_reporter gem version can now be controlled via the node attribute node[:minitest][:ci_reporter_gem_version], with a default of 1.9.2. Thanks jwitrick!
  • Upgraded versions of Chefspec, Foodcritic, and Rubocop

1.2.0 (Apr 23, 2014)

  • Fixed bug where a test file saved in files/default (instead of one of the documented paths) would get processed. If you were previously relying on this unintended behaviour you will need to move your test files into files/default/test/. A warning will be logged if any of these files are found to help you identify if this change affects you.
  • Efficiency Improvement. Previously all test files for a given cookbook would be downloaded to a temp directory regardless of if they were needed or not. Now only test files that are actually needed will be downloaded
  • #58 - Expand use of node[:minitest][:filter]. Previously the filter would be applied to the execution of minitest, however files not matching the filter could still be downloaded but not executed. Now test file names not matching the filter won't be downloaded at all.
  • Rubocop cleanup

1.1.4 (Nov 14, 2013)

1.1.2 (Oct 29, 2013)

  • #55 - Fix regression in 1.1.0 which was causing undefined method 'scratch_dir'

1.1.0 (Oct 25, 2013)

  • #47 - Control the version of minitest-chef-handler gem via node attribute
  • #45 - Switch test-kitchen from lxc driver to vagrant driver, allowing tests to be run on Windows based host (Windows VMs still not supported)
  • Moving long ruby block into a helper library to address FC014

1.0.0 (Oct 01, 2013)

  • Check both paths in files
  • Wrap the new to guard against chef solo per bryanwb's suggestion
  • Force a download of testing files from chef server
  • Fix test/support files detection when cookbook_path is an Array

v0.2.0 (May 05, 2013)

The path for placing your tests is now files/default/test/ however
this change is backwards compatible, the minitest-hander::default
recipe will also look in the old location

You should name your support files something that matches
files/default/test/helper.rb. The old support support/ location will
also be honored.

New Features:
* You can place minitest-handler anywhere in your run_list and it will
work. I like to use include_recipe to add it.
* You can easily limit which tests are run by setting the array
node.set[:minitest][:recipes] with only those recipes that you want
* minitest-handler now also will run test for any recipes added to the
run_list via include_recipe, environment, or roles.

* Added tests w/ test-kitchen 1.0, kitchen-lxc, and BATS
* huge code cleanup

v0.0.9 (Jun 14, 2012)

  • add windows support tks to David Petzel
  • add travis-ci integration
  • change maintainer to Bryan W. Berry

v0.0.7 (Jun 04, 2012)

  • Add better examples to the readme
  • pass foodcritic

v0.0.6 (Jun 04, 2012)

  • MINITEST-HANDLER-COOKBOOK-12 ensure minitest gem used and not the standard library in 1.9
  • MINITEST-HANDLER-COOKBOOK-11 Add support for Chef-Solo
  • Create the /var/chef/minitest directory if it doesn't already exist

v0.0.5 (Apr 13, 2012)

  • Install the minitest-chef-handler gem instead of downloading from github directly
  • Remove tests from cookbooks no longer in the run list

v0.0.4 (Apr 02, 2012)

Add examples/ top level directory (may not work)

Collaborator Number Metric

1.5.1 passed this metric

Contributing File Metric

1.5.1 failed this metric

Failure: To pass this metric, your cookbook metadata must include a source url, the source url must be in the form of, and your repo must contain a file

Foodcritic Metric

1.5.1 passed this metric

No Binaries Metric

1.5.1 passed this metric

Testing File Metric

1.5.1 failed this metric

Failure: To pass this metric, your cookbook metadata must include a source url, the source url must be in the form of, and your repo must contain a file

Version Tag Metric

1.5.1 failed this metric

Failure: To pass this metric, your cookbook metadata must include a source url, the source url must be in the form of, and your repo must include a tag that matches this cookbook version number