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chef-client (130) Versions 10.1.2

Manages client.rb configuration and chef-client service

cookbook 'chef-client', '= 10.1.2', :supermarket
cookbook 'chef-client', '= 10.1.2'
knife supermarket install chef-client
knife supermarket download chef-client
Quality 100%

Chef Client Cookbook

Build Status Cookbook Version

This cookbook is used to configure a system as a Chef Client.



  • AIX 6+
  • Clear Linux
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • FreeBSD
  • Mac OS X
  • openSUSE
  • SLES 12+
  • RHEL
  • Solaris 10+
  • Ubuntu
  • Windows 2008 R2+


  • Chef 12.11+


  • cron 2.0+
  • logrotate 1.9.0+
  • windows 2.0+



The following attributes affect the behavior of the chef-client program when running as a service through one of the service recipes, or in cron with the cron recipe, or are used in the recipes for various settings that require flexibility.

  • node['chef_client']['interval'] - Sets Chef::Config[:interval] via command-line option for number of seconds between chef-client daemon runs. Default 1800.
  • node['chef_client']['splay'] - Sets Chef::Config[:splay] via command-line option for a random amount of seconds to add to interval. Default 300.
  • node['chef_client']['log_file'] - Sets the file name used to store chef-client logs. Default "client.log".
  • node['chef_client']['log_dir'] - Sets directory used to store chef-client logs. Default "/var/log/chef".
  • node['chef_client']['log_rotation']['options'] - Set options to logrotation of chef-client log file. Default ['compress'].
  • node['chef_client']['log_rotation']['prerotate'] - Set prerotate action for chef-client logrotation. Default to nil.
  • node['chef_client']['log_rotation']['postrotate'] - Set postrotate action for chef-client logrotation. Default to chef-client service reload depending on init system.
  • node['chef_client']['conf_dir'] - Sets directory used via command-line option to a location where chef-client search for the client config file . Default "/etc/chef".
  • node['chef_client']['bin'] - Sets the full path to the chef-client binary. Mainly used to set a specific path if multiple versions of chef-client exist on a system or the bin has been installed in a non-sane path. Default "/usr/bin/chef-client".
  • node['chef_client']['ca_cert_path'] - Sets the full path to the PEM-encoded certificate trust store used by chef-client when daemonized. If not set, default values are used.
  • node['chef_client']['cron']['minute'] - The minute that chef-client will run as a cron task. See cron recipe
  • node['chef_client']['cron']['hour'] - The hour that chef-client will run as a cron task. See cron recipe
  • node['chef_client']['cron']['weekday'] - The weekday that chef-client will run as a cron task. See cron recipe
  • node['chef_client']['cron']['environment_variables'] - Environment variables to pass to chef-client's execution (e.g. SSL_CERT_FILE=/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt chef-client)
  • node['chef_client']['cron']['log_file'] - Location to capture the log output of chef-client during the chef run.
  • node['chef_client']['cron']['append_log'] - Whether to append to the log. Default: false chef-client output.
  • node['chef_client']['cron']['use_cron_d'] - If true, use the cron_d resource. If false (default), use the cron resource built-in to Chef.
  • node['chef_client']['cron']['mailto'] - If set, MAILTO env variable is set for cron definition
  • node['chef_client']['cron']['priority'] - If set, defines the scheduling priority for the chef-client process. MUST be a value between -20 and 19. ONLY applies to *nix-style operating systems.
  • node['chef_client']['reload_config'] - If true, reload Chef config of current Chef run when client.rb template changes (defaults to true)
  • node['chef_client']['daemon_options'] - An array of additional options to pass to the chef-client service, empty by default, and must be an array if specified.
  • node['chef_client']['systemd']['timer'] - If true, uses systemd timer to run chef frequently instead of chef-client daemon mode (defaults to false). This only works on platforms where systemd is installed and used.
  • node['chef_client']['systemd']['timeout'] - If configured, sets the systemd timeout. This might be useful to avoid stalled chef runs in the systemd timer setup.
  • node['chef_client']['systemd']['restart'] - The string to use for systemd Restart= value when not running as a timer. Defaults to always. Other possible options: no, on-success, on-failure, on-abnormal, on-watchdog, on-abort.
  • node['chef_client']['task']['frequency'] - Frequency with which to run the chef-client scheduled task (e.g., 'hourly', 'daily', etc.) Default is 'minute'.
  • node['chef_client']['task']['frequency_modifier'] - Numeric value to go with the scheduled task frequency. Default is node['chef_client']['interval'].to_i / 60
  • node['chef_client']['task']['start_time'] - The start time for the task in HH:mm format (ex: 14:00). If the frequency is minute default start time will be plus the frequency_modifier number of minutes.
  • node['chef_client']['task']['start_date'] - The start date for the task in m:d:Y format (ex: 12/17/2017). nil by default and isn't necessary if you're running a regular interval.
  • node['chef_client']['task']['user'] - The user the scheduled task will run as, defaults to 'SYSTEM'.
  • node['chef_client']['task']['password'] - The password for the user the scheduled task will run as, defaults to nil because the default user, 'SYSTEM', does not need a password.
  • node['chef_client']['task']['name'] - The name of the scheduled task, defaults to chef-client.

The following attributes are set on a per-platform basis, see the attributes/default.rb file for default values.

  • node['chef_client']['init_style'] - Sets up the client service based on the style of init system to use. Default is based on platform and falls back to 'none'. See service recipes.
  • node['chef_client']['run_path'] - Directory location where chef-client should write the PID file. Default based on platform, falls back to "/var/run".
  • node['chef_client']['cache_path'] - Directory location for
  • Chef::Config[:file_cache_path] where chef-client will cache various files. Default is based on platform, falls back to "/var/chef/cache".
  • node['chef_client']['backup_path'] - Directory location for Chef::Config[:file_backup_path] where chef-client will backup templates and cookbook files. Default is based on platform, falls back to "/var/chef/backup".
  • node['chef_client']['launchd_mode'] - (Only for Mac OS X) if set to 'daemon', runs chef-client with -d and -s options; defaults to 'interval'.
  • When chef_client['log_file'] is set and running on a logrotate supported platform (debian, rhel, fedora family), use the following attributes to tune log rotation.

    • node['chef_client']['logrotate']['rotate'] - Number of rotated logs to keep on disk, default 12.
    • node['chef_client']['logrotate']['frequency'] - How often to rotate chef client logs, default weekly.

This cookbook makes use of attribute-driven configuration with this attribute. See USAGE for examples.

  • node['chef_client']['config'] - A hash of Chef::Config keys and their values, rendered dynamically in /etc/chef/client.rb.
  • node['chef_client']['load_gems'] - Hash of gems to load into chef via the client.rb file
  • node['ohai']['disabled_plugins'] - An array of ohai plugins to disable, empty by default, and must be an array if specified. Ohai 6 plugins should be specified as a string (ie. "dmi"). Ohai 7+ plugins should be specified as a symbol within quotation marks (ie. ":Passwd").
  • node['ohai']['plugin_path'] - An additional path to load Ohai plugins from. Necessary if you use the ohai_plugin resource in the Ohai cookbook to install your own ohai plugins.

Chef Client Config

For the most current information about Chef Client configuration, read the documentation..

  • node['chef_client']['config']['chef_server_url'] - The URL for the Chef server.
  • node['chef_client']['config']['validation_client_name'] - The name of the chef-validator key that is used by the chef-client to access the Chef server during the initial chef-client run.
  • node['chef_client']['config']['verbose_logging'] - Set the log level. Options: true, nil, and false. When this is set to false, notifications about individual resources being processed are suppressed (and are output at the :info logging level). Setting this to false can be useful when a chef-client is run as a daemon. Default value: nil.
  • node['chef_client']['config']['rubygems_url'] - The location to source rubygems. It can be set to a string or array of strings for URIs to set as rubygems sources. This allows individuals to setup an internal mirror of rubygems for "airgapped" environments. Default value:

  • See USAGE for how to set handlers with the config attribute.


This section describes the recipes in the cookbook and how to use them in your environment.


Sets up the /etc/chef/client.rb config file from a template and reloads the configuration for the current chef-client run.

See USAGE for more information on how the configuration is rendered with attributes.

service recipes

The chef-client::service recipe includes one of the chef-client::INIT_STYLE_service recipes based on the attribute, node['chef_client']['init_style']. The individual service recipes can be included directly, too. For example, to use the init scripts, on a node or role's run list:


Use this recipe on systems that should have a chef-client daemon running, such as when Knife bootstrap was used to install Chef on a new system.

  • init - uses the init script included in this cookbook, supported on debian and redhat family distributions.
  • upstart - uses the upstart job included in this cookbook, supported on ubuntu.
  • launchd - sets up the service under launchd, supported on Mac OS X & Mac OS X Server.
  • bsd - prints a message about how to update BSD systems to enable the chef-client service.
  • systemd - sets up the service under systemd. Supported on systemd based distros.


Includes the chef-client::service recipe by default on *nix platforms and the task recipe for Windows hosts.


Use this recipe to delete the validation certificate (default /etc/chef/validation.pem) when using a chef-client after the client has been validated and authorized to connect to the server.


Use this recipe to run chef-client as a cron job rather than as a service. The cron job runs after random delay that is between 0 and 90 seconds to ensure that the chef-clients don't attempt to connect to the chef-server at the exact same time. You should set node['chef_client']['init_style'] = 'none' when you use this mode but it is not required.


Use this recipe to run chef-client on Windows nodes as a scheduled task. Without modifying attributes the scheduled task will run 30 minutes after the recipe runs, with each chef run rescheduling the run 30 minutes in the future. By default the job runs as the system user. The time period between runs can be modified with the default['chef_client']['task']['frequency_modifier'] attribute and the user can be changed with the default['chef_client']['task']['user'] and default['chef_client']['task']['password'] attributes.


Use the recipes as described above to configure your systems to run Chef as a service via cron / scheduled task or one of the service management systems supported by the recipes.

The chef-client::config recipe is only required with init style init (default setting for the attribute on debian/redhat family platforms, because the init script doesn't include the pid_file option which is set in the config.

The config recipe is used to dynamically generate the /etc/chef/client.rb config file. The template walks all attributes in node['chef_client']['config'] and writes them out as key:value pairs. The key should be the configuration directive. For example, the following attributes (in a role):

  "chef_client" => {
    "config" => {
      "ssl_verify_mode" => ":verify_peer",
      "client_fork" => true

will render the following configuration (/etc/chef/client.rb):

chef_server_url ""
validation_client_name "MYORG-validator"
ssl_verify_mode :verify_peer
node_name "config-ubuntu-1204"
client_fork true

The chef_server_url, node_name and validation_client_name are set by default in the attributes file from Chef::Config. They are presumed to come from the knife bootstrap command when setting up a new node for Chef. To set the node name to the default value (the node['fqdn'] attribute), it can be set false. Be careful when setting this or the Server URL, as those values may already exist.

As another example, to set HTTP proxy configuration settings. By default Chef will not use a proxy.

  "chef_client" => {
    "config" => {
      "http_proxy" => "",
      "https_proxy" => "",
      "http_proxy_user" => "my_username",
      "http_proxy_pass" => "Awe_some_Pass_Word!",
      "no_proxy" => "*,10.*"

Configuration Includes

The /etc/chef/client.rb file will include all the configuration files in /etc/chef/client.d/*.rb. To create custom configuration, simply render a file resource with file (and the content parameter), template, remote_file, or cookbook_file. For example, in your own cookbook that requires custom Chef client configuration, create the following cookbook_file resource:

chef_gem 'syslog-logger'

cookbook_file "/etc/chef/client.d/myconfig.rb" do
  source "myconfig.rb"
  mode '0644'
  notifies :create, "ruby_block[reload_client_config]"

include_recipe 'chef-client::config'

Then create files/default/myconfig.rb with the configuration content you want. For example, if you wish to create a configuration to log to syslog:

require 'syslog-logger'
require 'syslog'

Logger::Syslog.class_eval do
  attr_accessor :sync, :formatter

log_location'chef-client', ::Syslog::LOG_DAEMON)

On Windows:


Requiring Gems

Use the load_gems attribute to install gems that need to be required in the client.rb. This attribute should be a hash. The gem will also be installed with chef_gem. For example, suppose we want to use a Chef Handler Gem, chef-handler-updated-resources, which is used in the next heading. Set the attributes, e.g., in a role:

  "chef_client" => {
    "load_gems" => {
      "chef-handler-updated-resources" => {
        "require_name" => "chef/handler/updated_resources",
        "version" => "0.1"

Each key in load_gems is the name of a gem. Each gem hash can have two keys, the require_name which is the string that will be require'd in /etc/chef/client.rb, and version which is the version of the gem to install. If the version is not specified, the latest version will be installed.

The above example will render the following in /etc/chef/client.rb:

["chef/handler/updated_resources"].each do |lib|
    require lib
  rescue LoadError
    Chef::Log.warn "Failed to load #{lib}. This should be resolved after a chef run."

Start, Report, Exception Handlers

To dynamically render configuration for Start, Report, or Exception handlers, set the following attributes in the config attributes:

  • start_handlers
  • report_handlers
  • exception_handlers

This is an alternative to using the chef_handler cookbook.

Each of these attributes must be an array of hashes. The hash has two keys, class (a string), and arguments (an array). For example, to use the report handler in the Requiring Gems section:

  "chef_client" => {
    "config" => {
      "report_handlers" => [
        {"class" => "SimpleReport::UpdatedResources", "arguments" => []}

If the handler you're using has an initialize method that takes arguments, then pass each one as a member of the array. Otherwise, leave it blank as above.

This will render the following in /etc/chef/client.rb.

report_handlers <<


On Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server, the default service implementation is "launchd".

Since launchd can run a service in interval mode, by default chef-client is not started in daemon mode like on Debian or Ubuntu. Keep this in mind when you look at your process list and check for a running chef process! If you wish to run chef-client in daemon mode, set attribute chef_client.launchd_mode to "daemon".

Installing and updating chef-client

This cookbook does not handle updating the chef-client, as that's out of the cookbook's current scope. To sensibly manage updates of the chef-client's install, we refer you to:



The chef_client_scheduled_task setups up chef-client to run as a scheduled task. This resource is what the task recipe calls under the hood. You can use this recipe directly when writing a wrapper cookbook. Additionally using this resource directly allows you to control where you store the user credentials instead of storing them as node attributes. This is useful if you want to store these credentials in an encrypted databag.


  • :add
  • :remove


  • user - The username to run the task as. default: 'System'
  • password, The password of the user to run the task as if not using the System user
  • frequency - Frequency with which to run the task (e.g., 'hourly', 'daily', etc.) Default is 'minute'
  • frequency_modifier Numeric value to go with the scheduled task frequency - default: '30'
  • start_time The start time for the task in HH:mm format (ex: 14:00). If the frequency is minute default start time will be plus the frequency_modifier number of minutes.
  • start_date - The start date for the task in m:d:Y format (ex: 12/17/2017). nil by default and isn't necessary if you're running a regular interval.
  • splay - A random number of seconds between 0 and X to add to interval. default: '300'
  • config_directory - The path to the Chef config directory. default: 'C:/chef'
  • log_directory - The path to the Chef log directory. default: 'CONFIG_DIRECTORY/log'
  • chef_binary_path - The path to the chef-client binary. default: 'C:/opscode/chef/bin/chef-client'
  • daemon_options - An optional array of extra options to pass to the chef-client
  • task_name - The name of the scheduled task. This allows for multiple chef_client_scheduled_task resources when it is used directly like in a wrapper cookbook. default: 'chef-client'


This cookbook is maintained by Chef's Community Cookbook Engineering team. Our goal is to improve cookbook quality and to aid the community in contributing to cookbooks. To learn more about our team, process, and design goals see our team documentation. To learn more about contributing to cookbooks like this see our contributing documentation, or if you have general questions about this cookbook come chat with us in #cookbok-engineering on the Chef Community Slack


Copyright: 2010-2017, Chef Software, Inc.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.

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logrotate >= 1.9.0
windows >= 2.0.0

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chef-client Cookbook CHANGELOG

This file is used to list changes made in each version of the chef-client cookbook.

10.1.2 (2018-07-23)

  • scheduled task user and password should be marked as sensitive
  • Renames helper method.

10.1.1 (2018-07-13)

  • Renames the env helper method to env_vars to address a Windows bug introduced in 10.1.0.
  • Addresses issue #579.

10.1.0 (2018-07-03)

  • Adds support for prioritizing chef-client via nice.

10.0.5 (2018-05-10)

  • fix issues with a new instance where chef-client service is not found on Upstart systems (Ubuntu 14.04)

10.0.4 (2018-04-24)

  • [GH-558] Add chef_client_scheduled_task name property
  • Fix FC108: Resource should not define a property named 'name'

10.0.3 (2018-04-13)

  • Fix the handling of log_locations that aren't strings
  • Use RandomizedDelaySec as it is better suited in systemd
  • Fix failures on Windows with Chef 14

10.0.2 (2018-03-18)

  • Fix systemd ignoring ca_cert_path on rhel

10.0.1 (2018-03-09)

  • Update the debug message for the chef-client binary
  • Update the recipe to state we require Chef 12.11 not 12.1
  • Add some specs for the SLES 11 init file
  • Add more specs for SLES 11 init script
  • Fail hard if the specified service type is not valid
  • handle mixed lines if log_location is nil in the config
  • handle empty (but not nil) handlers block in the config

10.0.0 (2018-02-14)

  • The behavior of when to include the node name in the client.rb has been changed and the node name will now always be included to avoid various errors if we skip it. This is the correct behavior, but the cookbook has received a major version bump so users can properly test the new behavior.
  • Fix a frozen string warning when passing daemon options to a cron job
  • Don't include the daemon options if they don't exist.
  • Chefspec matchers have been removed since Chefspec now autogenerates these

9.0.5 (2018-02-05)

  • Swap Debian 7 testing for Amazon Linux 2
  • Remove unused windows service helper method
  • Prevent using -L option if no location of log file is provided.
  • update start_date format attribute

9.0.4 (2018-01-23)

  • Fixes to allow the windows_task resource to work on chef 13.7 while still working on < 13.7

9.0.3 (2018-01-22)

  • Do not require start, report, or exception handlers to manage client.rb. Only write them out if we actually have them
  • remove the rendering of the begin rescue block when no handlers are defined.
  • Fix wrong daemon options at systemd config
  • Fix the SUSE init template to use the correct run_path node attribute
  • in the task resource escape the chef-client path with single quotes since you sometimes end up with double-quote escaped attributes
  • Improve log messages in the path helper
  • Remove code used to support Chef < 12.8, which already wasn't supported by this cookbook
  • Remove test kitchen configs for platforms Chef no longer officially supports
  • Make sure task doesn't fail on chef-client >= 13.7

9.0.2 (2017-11-14)

  • Resolve foodcritic warning in notification of ruby_block
  • Fix start_date functionality

9.0.1 (2017-11-14)

  • Require cron cookbook 4.2 which works on SLES 11
  • Use a single log resource to warn in FreeBSD instead of two
  • Add respond_to to the chef_version in metadata for older clients
  • Add a regex to validate start_time passed into the task resource
  • Add ability to specify the start_date in task resource

9.0.0 (2017-10-23)

Breaking changes

We have removed the previously deprecated support for running chef-client as a Windows service and running under the runit init system on Linux. Windows hosts should run chef-client as a scheduled task which resolves many issues with long running chef-client processes as a service. For Linux users we highly recommend using the native init systems within your distribution as they provide a higher level of platform support, reliability, and logging integration. For both of these changes we will not be including an automatic migration solution as doing so can prove to be problematic for many users. We recommend stopping the existing chef client and then manually running chef client to create the new service or scheduled task. That may be accomplished using knife ssh, push-jobs, or other tooling within your environment.

Other Changes

  • Add ability to set daemonized SSL trust store
  • Add attributes for setting chkconfig start and stop time values in sys-v scripts
  • Setup log rotate on any Linux release not just Amazon, RHEL, Debian and Fedora platform families
  • In the cron recipe make sure we cleanup the sys-v script and and stop the service on any Linux platform not just Amazon, RHEL, Debian and Fedora platform families
  • Add ability to set daemonized SSL trust store.
  • Fix exception when log_level is already a symbol when building the client.rb file
  • Initialize handler attributes to empty arrays
  • Add Clear Linux support
  • Fix loading of the solaris service config
  • Provide better error messages if the wrong frequency is provided to the scheduled task resource or recipe
  • Use full file modes in all recipes
  • Add ability to set frequency modifier on the chef-client Windows task as a string instead of just an integer
  • Add Travis CI testing of both Chef 12 and 13
  • Add Windows 2016 and SLES 11 testing to local Test Kitchen

8.1.8 (2017-08-06)

  • Add testing for Amazon Linux and Debian 9 in Travis and switch all testing to the dokken images
  • Consolidate duplicate attributes to simplify the attributes file
  • Remove leftover template file for Arch Linux
  • Don't use deprecated Ruby exists? method
  • Move testing to a test recipe that looks more like how a user would write a wrapper cookbook
  • Move the resource cloning spec recipe into the test recipe so we don't ship it to clients
  • Remove the metadata for the deprecated windows service
  • Simplify the platform logic in the init service recipe and expand the specs for this logic
  • Use resource_name not provides in the scheduled task resource
  • Remove docs for the pre-Chef 12.4 syslog functionality
  • Point users to chef_client_updater not omnibus_updater in the docs

8.1.7 (2017-07-13)

  • Add find_chef_client use to the task recipe so that chef_binary_path is defined.
  • Update documentation to reflect the rubygems_url usage.

8.1.6 (2017-06-27)

  • Use node['chef_client']['log_file'] in all recipes and templates
  • Add new attribute for timing out systemd timer to kill off hung chef-client runs

8.1.5 (2017-06-27)

  • Multiple improvements to systemd unit behavior of chef-client

    • stop the timer if timer is disabled
    • de-dupe env-file path referencing
    • ensure env file exists before service that references it
    • restart timer if timer changed

8.1.4 (2017-06-21)

  • Fix removing the chef-client schedule task

8.1.3 (2017-06-21)

  • Lazily eval the frequency so an update to interval attribute is respected when setting up a windows scheduled task

8.1.2 (2017-05-30)

  • convert timer unit to hash syntax for readability,
  • use systemd_unit for chef-client.service

8.1.1 (2017-05-10)

  • Default the systemd restart behavior to always

8.1.0 (2017-05-09)

  • Allow controlling systemd restart setting through an attribute
  • Do not enable the service if systemd timer is used
  • Add an example of setting up logging to the Event Viewer on Windows
  • Resolve Chef 13 failures when setting up Scheduled Tasks on Windows

8.0.2 (2017-05-02)

  • Remove the suggests 'runit' from the metadata
  • Require a more modern windows and cron cookbook
  • Make sure SLES 11 gets the right init system

8.0.1 (2017-04-13)

  • Make chef_client_scheduled_task idempotent
  • Fix case statements to work on Chef 13 with Amazon Linux
  • Switch to a SPDX standard license string to resolve foodcritic warning

8.0.0 (2017-04-04)

  • Allow to use systemd timer instead of chef-client daemon mode
  • Remove compat_resource dependency and require Chef 12.11+
  • Switch from which to shell-out and remove Chef 10 compatibility code

7.2.1 (2017-03-29)

  • Testing updates for Chef 13
  • Test with local delivery and not Rake
  • Disable chef-client service if it exists in the windows schedule task recipe
  • Update cron recipe to use shard_seed when available, and when not.

7.2.0 (2017-02-24)

  • Add a chef_client_scheduled_task custom resource. This is is used by the 'task' recipe, but can also be used directly in a wrapper cookbook. Why would I want to use this? Well when used in a wrapper cookbook you can directly pass the username/password to the resource, thus avoiding node attributes. This means you can store your credentials in any secure method you want.

7.1.0 (2017-01-16)

  • Fix some poor wording in the readme due to split lines
  • Remove a debug message in the windows task recipe
  • Add deprecation warning when using the Runit init system

7.0.3 (2016-12-06)

  • Fix invalid shell syntax in /etc/init.d script

7.0.2 (2016-12-02)

  • Document / test setting a custom ohai plugin path
  • Make log_perm permissions attribute value a string
  • Avoid warnings during ChefSpec runs

7.0.1 (2016-12-02)

  • Fixed cron attributes documentation
  • Fix file modes to be strings
  • Added SLES support to the readme
  • Use regex instead of position for service status

7.0.0 (2016-10-25)

Breaking Changes

  • Remove support for OpenBSD
  • Remove support for Arch Linux

Other Changes

  • Document 'weekday' in readme
  • Adding exception to 5.11 SMF manifest for SmartOS. SmartOS does not have a config milestone
  • Add chef-client init back for SLES 12

6.0.0 (2016-09-26)

Breaking Changes

  • Support for Chef 11 has been removed. Chef 12.1 or later is now required
  • Running chef-client as a service on Windows has been deprecated. The default.rb recipe will now include the task recipe on Windows hosts. The windows_service recipe will be removed in the next major version of this cookbook.

Other Changes

  • Switch from serverspec to Inspec
  • Add BSDs to bsd_init to fix cron service
  • Simplified attributes for Chef 12 - Chef 12 lets us simplify attributes since we don't have to check to see if we can fork and we can assume we know the init type via Ohai
  • Fix validation recipe to not explode under chef-solo.
  • Change path for rc.d chef-client script in FreeBSD
  • Remove wrong rc.d script created by an older version of cookbook
  • Remove duplication from rc.d script template for FreeBSD
  • Fix escaping in the Windows task recipe
  • Allow STDOUT as a valid log location

v5.0.0 (2016-07-29)

  • This will be the last version of this cookbook that supports Chef 11. If you are still using Chef 11 you will need to pin to < 6.0
  • Support for Bluepill and Daemontools init systems has been removed
  • chef_version metadata has been added
  • client.d config files are now only explicitly added on Chef < 12.8 to prevent double loading configs
  • Rubocop has been replaced by cookstyle for simpler ruby linting
  • A new Rakefile that handles missing gems better has been included
  • Support for daemon options when running as a Windows scheduled task has been added

v4.6.0 (2016-06-01)

  • Add systemd support to Suse platforms and make systemd the default there as systemd is the init system on all supported suse platforms
  • Added a serverspec test for systemd service setup

v4.5.4 (2016-05-31)

  • Updated the systemd unit file to restart on failure and added exit status 3 as a valid successful exit status
  • Added the ability to specify retries, retry_delay, timeout in the chef gem install hash

v4.5.3 (2016-05-27)

  • Fixed idempotency of the windows task recipe

v4.5.2 (2016-05-20)

  • Revert switching to ruby based which as this broke compatibility with older Chef clients
  • Resolved deprecation warnings with chef_gem installs

v4.5.1 (2016-05-19)

  • Switch from command line which to pure Ruby which in the helper for finding chef-client
  • Removed the last bit of Chef 10 compatibility code
  • Updated file modes in resources so we properly set the leading 0s
  • Switched Travis CI testing to kitchen-dokken and expanded the platforms / suites that are tested
  • Added additional service Chefspecs

v4.5.0 (2016-04-26)

  • Updated the client.rb to use ChefConfig::Config.from_file to load config files on Chef 12.4.0. This resolves NameError messages when running Ohai on its own.

v4.4.0 (2016-04-20)

  • Update the required version of logrorate to >= 1.9.0 and cron to 1.7.0 so we bring in the last few years of bug fixes and feature enhancements
  • Removed support for Ubuntu 8.04 - 9.04
  • Removed references to the Chef 10 server from the readme
  • Updated all references to the community site in the readme to be Supermarket instead
  • Documented the scheduled task recipe in the readme
  • Added a Test Kitchen suite for the scheduled task recipe on Windows 2008 R2 and 2012 R2
  • Add IBM zlinux to the metadata
  • Update testing dependencies to the latest
  • Remove a duplicate list of node['chef_client']['interval'] in the readme
  • Remove extra spacing and a comment typo in client.rb

v4.3.3 (2016-02-15)

  • [#349] Fix Ohai syntax for > 8.6.0 to remove deprecation warning
  • [#316] Make chef-client log permissions configurable
  • [#327/#364] Fix chef windows task quoting
  • [#341] Update template to use correct milestone for Solaris 11
  • [#338] Allow starting chef-client in FreeBSD jails
  • Added amazon as a supported platform in the metadata.rb file
  • Updated the minimum required windows cookbook to the latest version to resolve issues with scheduled tasks
  • Replaced Digital Ocean testing with Kitchen-Docker running in Travis CI
  • Expanded platform testing in Test Kitchen and fixed failing ServerSpecs

v4.3.2 (2015-11-05)

  • [#347] windows_service updates client.service.rb with log_location path. This accompanies a change the chef-client that will now honor that configuration for windows_service logging. See
  • [#326] prevent duplicate proxy config properties in client.rb
  • [#345] improved wording around deprecated settings in the readme
  • Added a chefignore file to limit files being uploaded to the chef server
  • Updated contributing and testing docs
  • Adding and maintainers.toml files
  • Added a Rakefile for simplified testing
  • Updated development and testing dependencies to the latest
  • Added cookbook version badge and travis status badge to the readme

v4.3.1 (2015-07-12)

  • [#320] don't crash if handler class isn't available
  • [#318] default value for password for windows task should be nil
  • [#317] properly quote log_location to avoid regex corner case issue
  • [#314] fully replace root_group with node['root_group']
  • [#310] revert #267; prohibit clients from dictating their environments
  • [#307] fix delete_validation recipe under chef-zero
  • [#235] workaround chef/chef#3432

v4.3.0 (2015-04-14)

  • [#303] cron ignores daemon_options
  • [#297] support prerotate options in logrotate
  • [#296] Support adding audit_mode as configuration in client.rb
  • [#295] Add support for specifying gem source for config
  • [#294] Cleanup opscode-named plist and service on OS X
  • [#291] Pass $OPTIONS to systemd service
  • [#289] Use systemd on Debian 8 (jessie)
  • [#286] Remove legacy logic for handling Chef Server
  • [#283] Update plist filename for new company
  • [#278] Fix path on SmartOS
  • [#277] Update contributing documentation
  • [#275] Correct logrotate postrotate command for upstart init_style
  • [#273] Fix punctuation, capitalization and wording in readme
  • [#272] Fix readme quoting
  • [#271] Add internal heading links to documentation
  • [#270] Fix Travis CI build
  • [#262] Allow client.rb to contain environment
  • [#257] Change log directory mode 0755
  • [#254] Remove rbconfig
  • [#156] Allow cron to have a weekday parameter

v4.2.4 (2015-02-18)

  • Ripping out chef_gem compile_time stuff

v4.2.3 (2015-02-18)

  • Fixing chef_gem with Chef::Resource::ChefGem.method_defined?(:compile_time)

v4.2.2 (2015-02-18)

  • Fixing chef_gem for Chef below 12.1.0

v4.2.1 (2015-02-17)

  • Being explicit about usage of the chef_gem's compile_time property.
  • Eliminating future deprecation warnings in Chef 12.1.0.

v4.2.0 (2015-02-08)

  • [#252] Fix ordering problem with logrotate command attribute
  • [#250] Verify API certificates by default in config
  • [#238] Remove proxy ENV variables from config
  • [#234] Move windows service log directory to correct location

v4.1.1 (2015-01-30)

  • Repair syntax error introduced in config recipe

v4.1.0 (2015-01-30)

  • [#247] Switch Arch Linux to use systemd
  • [#243] Improve logrotation configurability
  • [#241] Configure logrotate to use systemd when appropriate
  • [#239] Allow setting splay in upstart configuration
  • [#233] Unbreak unit and integration test harnesses
  • [#231] Allow setting NO_PROXY/no_proxy in client.rb
  • [#219] Configure log location via client.rb only

v4.0.0 (2014-12-10)

  • [#221] Retire the winsw service wrapper in Windows
  • [#227] Add sourcing /etc/default/locale to upstart script
  • [#224] Fix FreeBSD service startup
  • [#223] Add FreeBSD test harness
  • [#217] Fix and modernize systemd configuration

v3.9.0 (2014-10-15)

  • [#208] Add AIX support

v3.8.2 (2014-09-30)

  • [#206] Fixes amazon linux issues introduced in #190

v3.8.1 (2014-09-30)

  • [#202] Avoid resource cloning
  • [#190] Use systemd by default on EL7

v3.8.0 (2014-09-05)

  • [#182] Complete refactor of testing. Now uses chefspec and serverspec
  • [#134] Update of README to reflect there not being an init recipe
  • [#133] Allow windows_task[chef-client] attributes to be overridden
  • [#143] Added rc.d script for FreeBSD
  • [#155] Allow option to not reload current run Chef config
  • [#162] Update cron.rb to work properly for SUSE
  • [#169] Sort config hash
  • [#184] Changelog fixes

v3.7.0 (2014-08-13)

  • remove dependency on ruby-wmi which breaks chef 11.14.2

v3.6.0 (2014-06-07)

  • [COOK-3465] Switch Fedora to using systemd

v3.5.0 (2014-05-07)

  • [COOK-4594] - 'Found chef-client in' log resource
  • Add Windows support to README

v3.4.0 (2014-04-09)

  • [COOK-4521] - support Ohai 7 syntax for disabling plugins
  • [COOK-4505] - kill -9 chef-client when stopping via SMF

v3.3.8 (2014-03-18)

  • [COOK-4430] can't rotate chef-client's logs

v3.3.6 (2014-03-18)

  • [COOK-4432] Use SSL verification by default when talking to HEC

v3.3.4 (2014-03-12)

  • [COOK-4101] - Support ENV['https_proxy']

v3.3.3 (2014-02-27)

[COOK-4338] - chef-client Upstart job starts too early

v3.3.2 (2014-02-25)

Fixing merge conflict in launchd_service

v3.3.0 (2014-02-25)


  • COOK-4286 - Cleanup the Kitchen
  • COOK-4242 - Add Fedora 19 support to chef-client::cron
  • COOK-4151 - Runit should set locale
  • COOK-4127 - add mailto support for cron runs
  • COOK-4038 - Don't define CHEF_SERVER_USER constant if already defined

New Feature

  • COOK-4169 - Add the possibility to specify "options" for the required-gems installation procedure in the chef-client cookbook


  • COOK-4159 - turn down "Found chef-client in #{client_bin}" messages to :debug level
  • COOK-3896 - launchd_service recipe should use Gem::Requirement instead of Chef::VersionConstraint

v3.2.2 (2014-01-26)

[COOK-4092] Add KeepAlive so that launchd will "daemonize" chef-client



  • COOK-3885 - launchd_service template missing client_bin
  • COOK-3874 - COOK-3492 patch breaks server_test.rb
  • COOK-3848 - allow disable splay
  • Fixing up style to pass most rubocops
  • Updating test-kitchen harness



  • COOK-4113 - chef-client::smf_service breaks permissions on /lib/svc/method



  • COOK-3638 - Use standard posix shell /bin/sh instead of /bin/bash
  • COOK-3637 - Fix typo in README
  • COOK-3501 - Notify reload :immediately when client.rb template is changed
  • COOK-3492 - Test upstart on CentOS

New Feature

  • COOK-3500 - Rotate logs on supported platforms if 'log_file' is set


  • COOK-1863 - Install chef-client as a Windows Service



  • COOK-3373 - Provide full syslog custom config example in README
  • COOK-3301 - Fix MiniTest Cron Recipe
  • COOK-3300 - Allow environment variables (not require)
  • COOK-3276 - Use node.default instead of node.set
  • COOK-3227 - Fix misnamed attribute
  • COOK-3104 - Update .kitchen.yml to properly set environment_variables



  • [COOK-3159]: don't skip directory creation on Windows



  • [COOK-3157]: correct root group detection for Windows



  • [COOK-1002]: chef-client service is not started for init_style = init
  • [COOK-1191]: chef-client cookbook doesn't log to /var/log/chef/client.log when using init_style runit
  • [COOK-2319]: The service recipe has too many lines of code
  • [COOK-2344]: chef-client config should preserve log settings
  • [COOK-2651]: The cron task fails to disable and stop service if the init_style is set to upstart
  • [COOK-2709]: chef-client needs explicit dependancy on cron >= 1.2.0
  • [COOK-2856]: Use attribute/data driven configuration for /etc/chef/client.rb
  • [COOK-2857]: Update chef-client to use runit v1.0+
  • [COOK-2858]: support "inclusion" of other Chef Config files in client.rb
  • [COOK-3110]: kitchen.yml missing chef-client::config in cook-2317 runlist
  • [COOK-3112]: chef_client test cook-1951 fails as provided


  • [COOK-2607]: detect if node is a chef-server and set user/group file ownership correctly
  • [COOK-3104]: kitchen.yml file for chef-client doesn't properly set environment_variables


  • [COOK-2637]: Silence expected errors from which based chef-server checks
  • [COOK-2825]: SMF for chef-client should use :kill to stop service



  • [COOK-2687]: chef-client::service doesn't work on SLES 11
  • [COOK-2689]: chef-client service recipe on windows fails to start
  • [COOK-2700]: chef-client cookbook should have more splay
  • [COOK-2952]: chef-client cookbook has foodcritic failures


  • [COOK-2823]: Chef-client SMF manifest should set locale to UTF-8


  • [COOK-2393] - chef-client::delete_validation checks for chef-server in the path, on chef 11, needs to check for chef-server-ctl
  • [COOK-2410] - chef-client::service doesn't always start the chef-client daemon
  • [COOK-2413] - Deprecation warning when using Chef::Mixin::Language in chef-client cookbook under chef 11.x
  • [COOK-2446] - Typo: the chef-client executable has a hyphen
  • [COOK-2492] - Ruby System("") call that includes an '&' on Ubuntu has odd behavior.
  • [COOK-2536] - On Freebsd - chef-client group values in helper library should be set to "wheel" vs [ "wheel" ]


  • [COOK-2317] - Provide the ability to add disabled ohai plugins in a managed chef config
  • [COOK-2255] - Chef-Client Cookbook init.d script under ubuntu


  • [COOK-2316] - Permissions for SMF init type break Solaris 10


  • [COOK-2192] - Add option to use cron_d resource for cron management
  • [COOK-2261] - pin runit dependency


  • [COOK-1978] - make cron output location configurable
  • [COOK-2169] - use helper library to make path permissions consistent
  • [COOK-2170] - test filename cleanup (dev repository only)


  • [COOK-2108] - corrected Chef and Ohai version requirements in README


  • [COOK-2071] - chef-client breaks on value_for_platform_family b/c of unneeded version
  • [COOK-2072] - chef-client on mac should not attempt to create directory nil
  • [COOK-2086] - Allow the passing of an enviornment variables to node['chef-client']['bin']
  • [COOK-2092] - chef-client run fails because quotes in log_path cause File resource to fail


  • [COOK-1755] - Don't delete the validation key on systems that have a 'chef-server' binary in the default $PATH
  • [COOK-1898] - Support Handlers and Cache Options with Attributes
  • [COOK-1923] - support chef-client::cron on Solaris/SmartOS
  • [COOK-1924] - use splay for size of random offset in chef-client::cron
  • [COOK-1927] - unknown node[:fqdn] prevents bootstrap if chef-client::cron is in runlist
  • [COOK-1951] - Add an attribute for additional daemon options to pass to the chef-client service
  • [COOK-2004] - in attributes, "init" style claims to handle fedora, but service.rb missing a clause
  • [COOK-2017] - Support alternate chef-client locations in Mac OS X Launchd service plist
  • [COOK-2052] - Log files are set to insecure default


  • Remove a stray comma that caused syntax error on some versions of Ruby.


This version uses platform_family attribute, making the cookbook incompatible with older versions of Chef/Ohai, hence the major version bump.

  • [COOK-635] - Allow configuration of path to chef-client binary in init script
  • [COOK-985] - set correct permissions on run and log directory for chef-servers using this cookbook
  • [COOK-1379] - Register chef-client as a launchd service on Mac OS X (Server)
  • [COOK-1574] - config recipe doesn't work on Windows
  • [COOK-1586] - add SmartOS support
  • [COOK-1633] - chef-client doesn't recognise Oracle Linux, a Redhat family member
  • [COOK-1634] - chef-client init is missing for Scientific Linux
  • [COOK-1664] - corrected permissions in cron recipe (related to COOK-985)
  • [COOK-1729] - support windows task
  • [COOK-1788] - init_style upstart only works on Ubuntu
  • [COOK-1861] - Minor styling fix for consistency in chef-client
  • [COOK-1862] - add name attribute to metadata.rb


This version of the cookbook also adds minitest and test-kitchen support.

  • [COOK-599] - chef-client::config recipe breaks folder permissions of chef-server::rubygems-install recipe on same node
  • [COOK-1111] - doesn't work out of the box with knife bootstrap windows
  • [COOK-1161] - allow setting log file and environment in client.rb
  • [COOK-1203] - allow PATH setting for cron
  • [COOK-1254] - service silently fails on ubuntu 12.04 with ruby 1.9.3
  • [COOK-1309] - cron recipe expects SANE_PATHS constant
  • [COOK-1345] - preformat log location before sending to template
  • [COOK-1377] - allow client.rb to require gems
  • [COOK-1419] - add init script for SUSE
  • [COOK-1463] - Add verbose_logging knob for config recipe, client.rb template
  • [COOK-1506] - set an attribute for server_url
  • [COOK-1566] - remove random splay for unique sleep number


  • [COOK-599] - don't break folder permissions if chef-server recipe is present


  • [COOK-1039] - support mac_os_x_server


  • [COOK-909] - trigger upstart on correct event
  • [COOK-795] - add windows support with winsw
  • [COOK-798] - added recipe to run chef-client as a cron job
  • [COOK-986] - don't delete the validation.pem if chef-server recipe is detected


  • [COOK-670] - Added Solaris service-installation support for chef-client cookbook.
  • [COOK-781] - chef-client service recipe fails with chef 0.9.x


  • [CHEF-2491] init scripts should implement reload


  • [COOK-204] chef::client pid template doesn't match package expectations
  • [COOK-491] service config/defaults should not be pulled from Chef gem
  • [COOK-525] Tell bluepill to daemonize chef-client command
  • [COOK-554] Typo in backup_path
  • [COOK-609] chef-client cookbook fails if init_type is set to upstart and chef is installed from deb
  • [COOK-635] Allow configuration of path to chef-client binary in init script

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Contributing File Metric

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Foodcritic Metric

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