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Supermarket Belongs to the Community

Supermarket belongs to the community. While Chef has the responsibility to keep it running and be stewards of its functionality, what it does and how it works is driven by the community. The chef/supermarket repository will continue to be where development of the Supermarket application takes place. Come be part of shaping the direction of Supermarket by opening issues and pull requests or by joining us on the Chef Mailing List.

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github (25) Versions 0.3.0

A Library Cookbook for interacting with the Github API

cookbook 'github', '= 0.3.0', :supermarket
cookbook 'github', '= 0.3.0'
knife supermarket install github
knife supermarket download github
Quality -%


A Library Cookbook for interacting with the Github API

Supported Platforms

  • Ubuntu

github_asset Resource/Provider

Downloads an asset from a Github release


  • download - downloads the asset from the Github releaseto disk. (default)

Parameter Attributes

  • name - name of the asset to download (name attribute)
  • release - name of the release the asset is a part of
  • repo - repository the release is a part of (required for private repositories)
  • github_token - Github token to perform the download with (required for private repositories)
  • owner - owner of the downloaded asset on disk
  • group - group of the downloaded asset on disk
  • force - force downloading even if the asset already exists on disk

HTTP proxy support

Ensure the HTTPS_PROXY environment variable is set for the shell executing chef-client or chef-solo. The value should be a fully qualified URL containing the host, port, username, and password for your proxy.


Author:: Jamie Winsor (

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