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f5 (30) Versions 0.2.10

Resources for managing an F5 BigIP load balancer

cookbook 'f5', '= 0.2.10', :supermarket
cookbook 'f5', '= 0.2.10'
knife supermarket install f5
knife supermarket download f5
Quality 75%


A set of resources for managing F5 load balancers. Currently a WIP, but it will create VIPs and pools, and add nodes to pools



  • RHEL/Fedora and derivatives
  • Debian/Ubuntu and derivatives


  • Chef 12.7+


  • none


  • node['f5']['gem_version'] - Sets the version of the gem that will be installed via the resource
  • node['f5']['enabled_status'] - Can take one of three values:

|enabled_status value|meaning|
| :manual | the default, the f5_pool resource does not touch the node's enabled status on load balancer, allowing it to be managed manually on the load balancer |
| :disabled | if a node does not exist or does exist but is enabled, the load balancer will be asked to disable the node |
| :enabled | if a node does not exist or does exist but is disabled, the load balancer will be asked to enable the node |


Your node will also need access to the credentials for the load balancer either in the attributes or a data bag:

If you're using a data bag, call it f5 and the default item is called default.

$ knife data bag show f5 default
Unencrypted data bag detected, ignoring any provided secret options.
id:       default
password: TopSecret
username: chef-api

Or, if no data bag is found, attributes are used

default[:f5][:credentials][:default] = {
  host: "",
  username: "chef-api",
  password: "TopSecret"


In an application's recipe:

# Creates the pool if missing and adds this node to the pool
# (currently using node.ipaddress and node.fqdn for the node)
f5_pool 'mypool' do
  host 'value'
  port 'value'
  lb_method 'method' # LB_METHOD_ROUND_ROBIN default

# Creates the VIP if missing
f5_vip 'myvip' do
  address 'vipaddress'
  port 'vipport'
  protocol 'protocol' # TCP default
  pool 'mypool'

See the documentation for LocalLB::LBMethod and protocol.

Manging node enabled status through node attributes

The f5_pool resource exposes an enabled_status property which allows you to explicitly take control of a node's enabled/disabled status within a pool via chef recipes and attributes.

f5_pool 'mypool' do
  host 'value'
  port 'value'
  enabled_status :disabled

Though more commonly this is delegated to an attribute, which is the default behavior when this property is not specified explicitly:

f5_pool 'mypool' do
  host 'value'
  port 'value'

is equivalent to

f5_pool 'mypool' do
  host 'value'
  port 'value'
  enabled_status node['f5']['enabled_status']

and node['f5']['enabled_status'] defaults to :manual so it won't touch the enabled status of your node in the pool unless you explicitly ask it to.


Run bundle exec rake test to run the chefspec tests.

bundle exec rake guard starts a guard listener which watches files and auto-runs rspec to provide faster feedback

bundle exec rake lint will run rubocop

License and Authors

Author:: Sean Walberg (

Dependent cookbooks

This cookbook has no specified dependencies.

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There are no cookbooks that are contingent upon this one.


Bugfix for the last version


Supporting credentials in a databag


Still rough around the edges and nowhere near feature complete, but
this cookbook will create the pool and VIP and add the node as a member


Initial release of f5

Foodcritic Metric

0.2.10 passed this metric

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0.2.10 passed this metric

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0.2.10 passed this metric

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0.2.10 failed this metric

Failure: To pass this metric, your cookbook metadata must include a source url, the source url must be in the form of, and your repo must include a tag that matches this cookbook version number