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amoeba_basenode (4) Versions 0.0.2

Configures basic system-level stuff for use woth Amoeba Deploy Tools.

cookbook 'amoeba_basenode', '= 0.0.2'
cookbook 'amoeba_basenode', '= 0.0.2', :supermarket
knife supermarket install amoeba_basenode
knife supermarket download amoeba_basenode
Quality -%

Amoeba "Basenode" Cookbook

For usage of this cookbook, see Amoeba Deploy Tools (ADT)'s readme at:


If you use this cookbook, you must be sure to include monit, locale, and rvm from Githubg by adding the following to your Cheffile:

cookbook 'locale',  github: 'fnordfish/chef-locale'
cookbook 'monit',   github: 'phlipper/chef-monit'

Detailed Information

This is a special "basenode" Cookbook for use with amoeba-deploy-tools. It configures minimalist information about a server, and most importantly creates the deployment user, and disables root login. It also dumps node information to a JSON file in the deployment user's home, which is used to cache node information in the data_bags folder of the local machine running deployments (ADT is based around server-less deployments). Every node in your ADT kitchen should include the basenode::default cookbook to provide this functionality.

The only thing that should need to be configured is the swapfile and provider. Swap files are easy:

  1. Set the swapfile_size attribute on the node

  2. Include basenode::swap in the runlist (or a role)

Providers are specified in your node's deployment/provider attribute, which is a string name of the provider. Available providers should be located in your kitchen's provider's databag, which is built from the data_bags/providers/<name.json> files.

Dependent cookbooks

monit >= 1.5.0
sudo >= 0.0.0
git >= 0.0.0
build-essential >= 0.0.0
hostname >= 0.0.0
timezone-ii >= 0.0.0
locale >= 0.1.0
ohai >= 0.0.0
openssh >= 0.0.0
swap >= 0.0.0

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