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monit (8) Versions 0.7.5

Configures monit. Originally based off the 37 Signals Cookbook.

cookbook 'monit', '~> 0.7.5'
cookbook 'monit', '~> 0.7.5'
knife cookbook site install monit
knife cookbook site download monit


Chef cookbook for the monit monitoring and management tool.

Build Status

Submitting a change

  • Make sure your code follows existing conventions
  • Squash your PR into a single commit
  • Rebase onto master if needed
  • Add Chefspec test
  • Make sure foodcritic is happy
  • Make sure your PR is marked as "safe to merge"



How to add to your cookbook repository

Download the tarball

It's up on the opscode cookbook community site.

Vendor via knife

$ knife cookbook site download monit

Track upstream changes via git

I use git submodules for my chef repos so I can push/pull changes with minimal hassle.

For more info, check out the Pro Git book.

Add the monit repo

$ git submodule add git:// cookbooks/monit
FC015: Consider converting definition to a LWRP: /tmp/cook/613f0fad4256a66227de9402/monit/definitions/monitrc.rb:1