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solrcloud (21) Versions 0.3.8

Installs/Configures Apache Solr

cookbook 'solrcloud', '= 0.3.8', :supermarket
cookbook 'solrcloud', '= 0.3.8'
knife supermarket install solrcloud
knife supermarket download solrcloud
Quality 100%

solrcloud Cookbook

This is a Chef cookbook for Apache Solr.

It was primarily developed for Testing SolrCloud against Solr Master/Slave setup and its features.

Currently it supports only in built Jetty based SolrCloud deployment, more
features and attributes will be added over time, feel free to contribute
what you find missing!

SolrCloud is the default deployment and Solr Master/Slave setup is not supported
by this cookbook.


Supported Apache Solr Version

This cookbook was tested for Apache Solr 4.9.0. Minimum 4.10.0 setup was tested.

Supported Apache Solr Runtime

Currently this cookbook supports only Apache Solr in built Jetty based deployment.

Supported Apache Solr Package Deployment

Currently this cookbook only supports Apache Solr Tarball based deployment.

Supported Apache Solr Cluster Deployment

Currently this cookbook only support SolrCloud Cluster deployment. It does not
support Apache Solr Master/Slave Cluster deployment.

Supported JDK Versions

Check Apache Solr Documentation for JDK Version requirement for current Solr version, Oracle JDK 7 is recommended.


  • solrcloud::tarball - install solr package, directories and service

  • solrcloud::config - manages solr base configuration files

  • solrcloud::jetty - manages jetty base configuration files and directories

  • solrcloud::zkcli - setup zookeeper package for zookeeper client binary (

    zkcli recipe does not manage zookeeper server and its only purpose
    is to have zookeeper client on all solr nodes
  • solrcloud::user - create solr service user

    solr user is better to be managed by a User management cookbook
    instead of solrcloud for Production environment.
  • solrcloud::zkconfigsets - create/delete solrcloud configSet in zookeeper via LWRP

  • solrcloud::collections - create/delete solrcloud collection on solrcloud node via LWRP

solrcloud::tarball is the main recipe which includes all other recipe. For run_list use solrcloud::tarball.

SolrCloud configSet (Zookeeper Configs) LWRP

LWRP - solrcloud_zkconfigset

SolrCloud Zookeeper configSet is managed via LWRP - solrcloud_zkconfigset.

SolrCloud Zookeeper configSets management is enabled by default for all nodes.
It means all nodes will get the configSets and will try to manage it against
one of the configured zookeeper server via attribute node[:solrcloud][:solr_config][:solrcloud][:zk_host].

All the nodes communicate to a zookeeper cluster, hence attribute
`node[:solrcloud][:manage_zkconfigsets]` & `node[:solrcloud][:manage_zkconfigsets_source]`
does not require to be enabled on all the nodes.

Check Cookbook Advanced Attributes section for attribute details.

zookeeper configSet config changes

LWRP handles config changes by itself. When any change is made to configSet content, configSet will re-upload configSet to zookeeper.

LWRP example

Create a configSet using LWRP:

solrcloud_zkconfigset configset_name
  option option_name

Delete a configSet using LWRP:

solrcloud_zkconfigset configset_name do
  action :delete

configSet via node attribute:

"default_attributes": {
  "solrcloud": {
    "zkconfigsets": {
      "abc": {
        "action": "delete"
      "xyz": {
        "option name": "option value"

configSets can either be configured in recipe using LWRP or using node attribute node[:solrcloud][:zkconfigsets].

configSets defined using attribute node[:solrcloud][:zkconfigsets] does not require LWRP.

LWRP Options

SolrCloud Zookeeper cmd Reference:


  • configset_name (required) - solrcloud zookeeper configSet name
  • action (optional) - default :create
  • user (optional) - configSet directory user permission, default value node[:solrcloud][:user]
  • group (optional) - configSet directory group permission, default value node[:solrcloud][:group]
  • solr_zkcli (optional) - solr in built for configSet upconfig, default value node[:solrcloud][:zookeeper][:solr_zkcli]
  • zkcli (optional) - zookeeper client, default value node[:solrcloud][:zookeeper][:zkcli]
  • zkhost (optional) - zookeeper server, default value node[:solrcloud][:solr_config][:solrcloud][:zk_host].first
  • zkconfigsets_home (optional) - configSet directory to sore on solrcloud node, default value node[:solrcloud][:zkconfigsets_home]
  • zkconfigsets_cookbook (optional) - configSet cookbook name, default value node[:solrcloud][:zkconfigsets_cookbook]
  • manage_zkconfigsets (optional) - manage configset, default value node[:solrcloud][:manage_zkconfigsets]

LWRP configSet source cookbook/location

All configSet content must be stored under node[:solrcloud][:zkconfigsets_cookbook]/files/default/config set name/conf/`.

configSets source cookbook is default set to solrcloud and can be changed via attribute node[:solrcloud][:zkconfigsets_cookbook].

SolrCloud Collection LWRP

LWRP - solrcloud_collection

SolrCloud collection is managed via LWRP - solrcloud_collection.

Create/Delete Collection API does not require to run on all solrcloud cluster nodes, hence attribute

node[:solrcloud][:manage_collections] does not require to be enabled on all the nodes.

Check Cookbook Advanced Attributes section for attribute details.

collection Update/Change

collection LWRP only perform collection action=CREATE|DELETE and does not manage any UPDATE/change in the collection.

To make a change to a collection, first make the change in the LWRP or node attribute node[:solrcloud][:collections][:collection_nam][:attribute_name]
for respective attribute.

Once changes are made in Chef cookbook, perform collection UPDATE or respective action call to one of the solrcloud node.

UPDATE call could be tricky and is not managed by Chef to avoid any unexpected behavior.

Re-issuing same command could hinder solrcloud cluster setup and must be re-issued carefully.

LWRP example

Create a collection using LWRP:

solrcloud_collection collection_name
  option option_name

Delete a collection using LWRP:

solrcloud_collection collection_name do
  action :delete

collection via node attribute:

"default_attributes": {
  "solrcloud": {
    "collections": {
      "abc": {
        "action": "delete"
      "xyz": {
        "num_shards": "1",
        "name": "xyz",
        "replication_factor": "1",
        "collection_config_name": "xyz",
        "option name": "value"

collections can either be configured in recipe using LWRP or using node attribute node[:solrcloud][:collections].

collections defined using attribute node[:solrcloud][:collections] does not require LWRP.

LWRP Options

Collection API Reference:


  • collection_config_name (required) - solrcloud zookeeper configSet name
  • action (optional) - default :create
  • num_shards (optional) - collection API parameter numShards, default value 1
  • shards (optional) - collection API parameter shards, default value nil
  • router_field (optional) - collection API parameter router.field, default value nil
  • async (optional) - collection API parameter async, default value nil
  • router_name (optional) - collection API parameter, default value nil
  • router_field (optional) - collection API parameter router.field, default value nil
  • host (optional) - collection API host, solrcloud node (self), default value node[:ipaddress]
  • use_ssl (optional) - collection API, use https, default value false
  • port (optional) - collection API host port, solrcloud port, default value node[:solrcloud][:port]
  • ssl_port_ (optional) - collection API host ssl port, default value node[:solrcloud][:ssl_port]
  • create_node_set (optional) - collection API parameter createNodeSet, default value nil
  • replication_factor (optional) - collection API parameter replicationFactor, default value 1
  • max_shards_per_node (optional) - collection API parameter maxShardsPerNode, default value nil

Cookbook Advanced Attributes

  • default[:solrcloud][:manage_zkconfigsets] (default: true): manages solrcloud configSets in zookeeper

    This attribute should be enabled for limited nodes in solrcloud cluster if possible.

  • default[:solrcloud][:manage_zkconfigsets_source] (default: true): manages solrcloud collections configSets source content directory

    This attribute should be enabled for limited nodes in solrcloud cluster if possible.

  • default[:solrcloud][:notify_zkconfigsets_upload] (default: true): notify/triggers configSet upload to zookeeper upon create/update

    This attribute should be enabled for limited nodes in solrcloud cluster if possible.

  • default[:solrcloud][:manage_collections] (default: true): if set true, manages solrcloud cluster collections

    This attribute should be enabled for limited nodes in solrcloud cluster if possible.

  • default[:solrcloud][:notify_restart] (default: false): notify solr service on a solrcloud resource change like config file/template etc.

  • default[:solrcloud][:zk_run] (default: false): if true solr will start up with embedded zookeeper

    Note: Setting option node[:solrcloud][:zk_run] will remove solrcloud config zk_host from solr.xml, mainly meant for testing purpose

  • default[:solrcloud][:enable_jmx] (default: true): enable jmx

  • default[:solrcloud][:port] (default: 8983): solr service port, must be (>1024 for non root user)

  • default[:solrcloud][:ssl_port] (default: 8984): solr ssl service port (>1024 for non root user)

  • default[:solrcloud][:enable_ssl] (default: true): enable solr ssl connector

  • default[:solrcloud][:enable_request_log] (default: true): enable request log

  • default[:solrcloud][:solr_config][:solrcloud][:zk_host] (default: []): zookeeper servers, e.g. ["server:port", "server:port"]

    With attribute default[:solrcloud][:zk_run], this attribute will get local zookeeper server.

  • default[:solrcloud][:java_options] (default: []): java options

  • default[:solrcloud][:auto_java_memory] (default: true): enable auto java memory allocation, sets java attribute -Xmx for node[:solrcloud][:java_options]

    This option calculates maximum allowed memory (multiple of 1024) for java
    process with minimum system memory reservation defined by attribute
  • default[:solrcloud][:auto_system_memory] (default: 768): memory to preserve for OS, required when attribute default[:solrcloud][:auto_java_memory] is set

  • default[:solrcloud][:install_java] (default: true): setup java, disable to manage java outside of this cookbook

Cookbook Core Attributes

  • default[:solrcloud][:user] (default: solr): solr service user
  • default[:solrcloud][:group] (default: solr): solr service group
  • default[:solrcloud][:user_home] (default: nil): solr service user home

  • default[:solrcloud][:setup_user] (default: true): manage solr user for solr service using solrcloud::user cookbook

  • default[:solrcloud][:version] (default: 4.9.0): solr package version

  • default[:solrcloud][:zk_run_data_dir] (default: node[:solrcloud][:install_dir]/zookeeperdata): embedded zookeeper data directory

  • default[:solrcloud][:zk_run_port] (default: 2181): embedded zookeeper port

  • default[:solrcloud][:install_dir] (default: /usr/local/solr): jetty home directory - jetty.home

  • default[:solrcloud][:data_dir] (default: /opt/solr): solr collection data directory -

    solrconfig.xml for each configSet needs to set dataDir for this location usage, like:
    <dataDir>${}/collection name</dataDir>

  • default[:solrcloud][:solr_home] (default: node[:solrcloud][:install_dir]/solr): solr home

  • default[:solrcloud][:cores_home] (default: node[:solrcloud][:solr_home]/cores): solr collection/core home

  • default[:solrcloud][:shared_lib] (default: node[:solrcloud][:install_dir]/lib): solr default lib directory

  • default[:solrcloud][:config_sets] (default: node[:solrcloud][:solr_home]/configsets): solr cores configSets directory

  • default[:solrcloud][:service_name] (default: solr): solr service name

  • default[:solrcloud][:service_start_wait] (default: 15): solr server after start up wait time

  • default[:solrcloud][:dir_mode] (default: 0755): solr resource default directory

  • default[:solrcloud][:pid_dir] (default: /var/run/solr): solr pid directory

  • default[:solrcloud][:log_dir] (default: /var/log/solr): solr log directory

  • default[:solrcloud][:template_cookbook] (default: solrcloud): solr template resources cookbook

  • default[:solrcloud][:zkconfigsets_cookbook] (default: solrcloud): zookeeper configSet cookbook

  • default[:solrcloud][:zkconfigsets_home] (default: node[:solrcloud][:install_dir]/zkconfigs): configs location for zookeeper configSet upconfig

  • default[:solrcloud][:zookeeper][:version] (default: 3.4.6): zookeeper package setup for

Cookbook Ulimit Attributes

  • default[:solrcloud][:limits][:memlock] (default: unlimited): solr service user memory limit
  • default[:solrcloud][:limits][:nofile] (default: 48000): solr service user file limit
  • default[:solrcloud][:limits][:nproc] (default: unlimited): solr service user process limit

Cookbook Config Attributes

  • default[:solrcloud][:log4j][:level] (default: 10MB): solr log threshold
  • default[:solrcloud][:log4j][:console] (default: false): enable/disable CONSOLE log
  • default[:solrcloud][:log4j][:max_file_size] (default: 10MB): maximum log file size
  • default[:solrcloud][:log4j][:max_backup_index] (default: 10): log files retention
  • default[:solrcloud][:log4j][:conversion_pattern] (default: '%d{ISO8601} [%t] %-5p %c{3} %x - %m%n'): log conversion pattern

Cookbook Request Log Config Attributes

  • default[:solrcloud][:request_log][:retain_days] (default: 10): request log files retention
  • default[:solrcloud][:request_log][:log_cookies] (default: false): enable log cookies
  • default[:solrcloud][:request_log][:time_zone] (default: UTC): request log time zone

Cookbook Jetty Core Server Attributes

  • default[:solrcloud][:jetty_config][:server][:min_threads] (default: 10): minimum jetty threads
  • default[:solrcloud][:jetty_config][:server][:max_threads] (default: 10000): maximum jetty threads
  • default[:solrcloud][:jetty_config][:server][:detailed_dump] (default: false): enable jetty detailed dump

Cookbook Jetty Default Connector Attributes (

  • default[:solrcloud][:jetty_config][:connector][:stats_on] (default: true): enable statistics
  • default[:solrcloud][:jetty_config][:connector][:max_idle_time] (default: 50000): max idle time for connector (http)
  • default[:solrcloud][:jetty_config][:connector][:low_resource_max_idle_time] (default: 1500):

Cookbook Jetty SSL Connector Attributes

  • default[:solrcloud][:jetty_config][:ssl_connector][:need_client_auth] (default: false): enable client ssl authentication, this feature is not tested yet
  • default[:solrcloud][:jetty_config][:ssl_connector][:max_idle_time] (default: 30000): jetty ssl maximum idle time

Cookbook Jetty SSL Key Store Attributes

  • default[:solrcloud][:key_store][:manage] (default: true): generate key store for node key store attribute (enabled for testing purpose)
  • default[:solrcloud][:key_store][:key_store_file] (default: solr.keystore): key store file name, file location - node.solrcloud.install_dir/resources/etc/
  • default[:solrcloud][:key_store][:key_store_password] (default: ``): key store password
  • default[:solrcloud][:key_store][:cookbook] (default: solrcloud): jetty ssl key store source cookbook, required is cookbook filekey store file management is disabled. Typical for Production environment.
  • default[:solrcloud][:key_store][:key_algo] (default: RSA): key store Algorithm
  • default[:solrcloud][:key_store][:cn] (default: localhost): key store CN
  • default[:solrcloud][:key_store][:ou] (default: ApacheSolrCloudTest): key store OU
  • default[:solrcloud][:key_store][:o] (default: key store O
  • default[:solrcloud][:key_store][:c] (default: US): key store C
  • default[:solrcloud][:key_store][:ext] (default: san=ip: key store ext params
  • default[:solrcloud][:key_store][:validity] (default: 999999): key store validity

Cookbook Jetty JMX Attributes

  • default[:solrcloud][:jmx][:port] (default: 1099): jmx port
  • <del>default[:solrcloud][:jmx][:ssl] (default: false): this feature is not available yet and disabled</del>
  • <del>default[:solrcloud][:jmx][:authenticate] (default: false): enable jmx authentication and authorization, this feature is not tested yet</del>
  • default[:solrcloud][:jmx][:users] (default: users - solrmonitor solrconfig): jmx defaults users and roles, this feature is not tested yet

Cookbook solr.xml Config Attributes

solr.xml Reference:

  • default[:solrcloud][:solr_config][:admin_handler] (default: org.apache.solr.handler.admin.CoreAdminHandler): solr.xml solr param adminHandler
  • default[:solrcloud][:solr_config][:admin_path] (default: /solr/admin): solr.xml param adminPath
  • default[:solrcloud][:solr_config][:core_load_threads] (default: 3): solr.xml solr param coreLoadThreads
  • default[:solrcloud][:solr_config][:core_root_directory] (default: node[:solrcloud][:cores_home]): solr.xml solr param coreRootDirectory
  • default[:solrcloud][:solr_config][:shared_lib] (default: node[:solrcloud][:shared_lib]): solr.xml solr param sharedLib
  • default[:solrcloud][:solr_config][:management_path] (default: nil): solr.xml solr param managementPath
  • default[:solrcloud][:solr_config][:share_schema] (default: false): solr.xml solr param shareSchema
  • default[:solrcloud][:solr_config][:transient_cache_size] (default: 1000000): solr.xml solr param transientCacheSize
  • default[:solrcloud][:solr_config][:solrcloud][:host_context] (default: solr): solr.xml param solrcloud hostContext
  • default[:solrcloud][:solr_config][:solrcloud][:distrib_update_conn_timeout] (default: 1000000): solr.xml param solrcloud distribUpdateConnTimeout
  • default[:solrcloud][:solr_config][:solrcloud][:distrib_update_so_timeout] (default: 1000000): solr.xml param solrcloud distribUpdateSoTimeout
  • default[:solrcloud][:solr_config][:solrcloud][:leader_vote_wait] (default: 1000000): solr.xml param solrcloud leaderVoteWait
  • default[:solrcloud][:solr_config][:solrcloud][:zk_client_timeout] (default: 15000): solr.xml param solrcloud zkClientTimeout
  • default[:solrcloud][:solr_config][:solrcloud][:zk_host] (default: []): zookeeper servers, e.g. ["server:port", "server:port"]
  • default[:solrcloud][:solr_config][:solrcloud][:generic_core_node_names] (default: true): solr.xml param solrcloud genericCoreNodeNames
  • default[:solrcloud][:solr_config][:shard_handler_factory][:socket_timeout] (default: 0): solr.xml param shardHandlerFactory socketTimeout
  • default[:solrcloud][:solr_config][:shard_handler_factory][:conn_timeout] (default: 0): solr.xml param shardHandlerFactory connTimeout
  • </del>default[:solrcloud][:solr_config][:logging][:enabled] (default: false): solr.xml param logging enabled, not required</del>
  • </del>default[:solrcloud][:solr_config][:logging][:logging_class] (default: nil): solr.xml param logging class, not required </del>
  • </del>default[:solrcloud][:solr_config][:logging][:watcher][:logging_size] (default: 1000): solr.xml param logging size, not required</del>
  • </del>default[:solrcloud][:solr_config][:logging][:watcher][:threshold] (default: INFO): solr.xml param logging threshold, no required</del>

Cookbook SolrCloud on HDFS Config Attributes

  • default[:solrcloud][:hdfs][:enable] (default: false): to run solrcloud on hdfs, set it to true
  • default[:solrcloud][:hdfs][:directory_factory] (default: HdfsDirectoryFactory):
  • default[:solrcloud][:hdfs][:lock_type] (default: hdfs):
  • default[:solrcloud][:hdfs][:hdfs_home] (default: nil): syntax: 'hdfs://host:port/path'

Note: SolrCloud on HDFS Deployment using this cookbook is not yet tested, check online solr on hdfs for more info

Cookbook Dependencies

  • ulimit cookbook
  • java cookbook

SolrCloud Deployment Requirement

To deploy solrcloud using this cookbook, below items are required:

  • a zookeeper server or cluster
  • configSet(s) to upload to zookeeper for collection/core
  • collection(s) name to deploy in solrcloud

SolrCloud configSet Cookbook / Environments / Versioning

Directory Structure

SorlCloud configSet stored in zookeeper are configured as file resources.

Each configSet is stored under node[:solrcloud][:zkconfigsets_cookbook]/files/default/configSet name.

configSet folder follows the standard of having a conf folder with all the configuration files.

So, the directory structure will look like - node[:solrcloud][:zkconfigsets_cookbook]/files/default/configSet name/conf.

Managing same configSet for Multiple Environments

Managing configSet configuration across environments can be achieved in different ways, like

  • maintain different node[:solrcloud][:zkconfigsets_cookbook] per environment OR
  • maintain a single cookbook with versioning

Simply, update node[:solrcloud][:zkconfigsets_cookbook] attribute with your configSet cookbook and update metadata.rb
file with line:

'depends node[:solrcloud][:zkconfigsets_cookbook]'.

Single Node SolrCloud Test Cluster Deployment

Adjust the attributes according to your requirement. Below mentioned attributes
will work just fine for a single node solrcloud cluster.

"default_attributes": {
  "solrcloud": {
    "zk_run": true,
    "port": "8080",
    "setup_user": true,
    "manager": true,
    "zkconfigsets": {
      "samplecollection": {}
    "collections": {
      "samplecollection": {
        "collection_config_name": "samplecollection"

Multi Node Manager Attributes

Below attributes are crucial for Multi Node Cluster. It is not advised to enable below solrcloud attributes on all
the nodes in the cluster. Like, each new node will trigger a zookeeper configset re-upload. Creating new collection
is better off maanged by one node to prevent a false collection state in the cluster.

"default_attributes": {
  "solrcloud": {
    "manage_collections": true,
    "manage_zkconfigsets": true,

Multi Node SolrCloud Test Cluster Deployment with zookeeper Cluster

Adjust the attributes according to your requirement. Below mentioned attributes
will work just fine for a single node solrcloud cluster.

"default_attributes": {
  "solrcloud": {
    "solr_config": {
      "solrcloud": {
        "zk_host": [
    "port": "8080",
    "setup_user": true,
    "manage_collections": true,
    "manage_zkconfigsets": true,
    "zkconfigsets": {
      "samplecollection": {}
    "collections": {
      "samplecollection": {
        "collection_config_name": "samplecollection"

Note: You might want to enable attribute "manager": true on limited cluster nodes. In a large
cluster, enabling this value on limited nodes would create less overhead for zookeeper.

Multi Node SolrCloud Test Cluster Deployment with embedded zookeeper

Adjust the attributes according to your requirement. Below mentioned attributes
will work just fine for a single node solrcloud cluster.

On any one of the cluster node, enable attribute node[:solrcloud][:zk_run] and use its ip address as zookeeper server.

"default_attributes": {
  "solrcloud": {
    "solr_config": {
      "solrcloud": {
        "zk_host": [
    "port": "8080",
    "setup_user": true,
    "zkconfigsets": {
      "samplecollection": {}
    "collections": {
      "samplecollection": {
        "collection_config_name": "samplecollection"

Multiple SolrCloud Cluster Deployment

To deploy multiple clusters, simply create multiple roles with different zookeeper server or update
node attribute with respective cluster zookeeper server(s).

Zookeeper server attribute - node[:solrcloud][:solr_config][:solrcloud][:zk_host]

SolrCloud on HDFS Cluster Deployment

SolrCloud on HDFS has not been tested yet, but configuration from Apache Solr documentation has been
added to the cookbook.


  1. Fork the repository on Github
  2. Create a named feature branch (like add_component_x)
  3. Write your change
  4. Write tests for your change (if applicable)
  5. Run the tests, ensuring they all pass
  6. Write description about changes
  7. Submit a Pull Request using Github

Authors:: Virender Khatri and Contributors

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.

Dependent cookbooks

java >= 0.0.0
ulimit >= 0.0.0

Contingent cookbooks

There are no cookbooks that are contingent upon this one.

solrcloud CHANGELOG

This file is used to list changes made in each version of the solrcloud cookbook.


  • vkhatri - fixed cookbook for foodcritic test passed ok

  • vkhatri - added all zkconfig lwrp options to recipe

  • vkhatri - added gcc dep for zk gem

  • vkhatri - fixed zkconfigset lwrp to upload missing zk configs

  • timoschmidt - removed Gem.clear_path


  • vkhatri - fixed zk gem install patch package dependency error


  • vkhatri - added java dependency


  • vkhatri - bumped solr version to 4.10.0

  • vkhatri - removed attribute adminPath for v4.10.0, caused startup failure

  • vkhatri - updated

  • vkhatri - fix for foodcrtic


  • vkhatri - made lwrp a bit better using ruby gem zk, fix #1

  • vkhatri - added another attribute for zookeeper configSet upload

  • vkhatri - changed failure to raise an Exception instead of Chef::Application.fatal!

  • vkhatri - java Options attribute is now an Array

  • vkhatri - added Auto Java Memory attribute file

  • vkhatri - disabled default Node zkConfigSets and collections manage attribute

  • vkhatri - added zkConfigSets source management attribute - zkconfigsets_source

  • vkhatri - disabled CONSOLE logging in and added more template attributes


  • vkhatri - Added node java_options attribute

  • vkhatri - Fixed Collection LWRP for stopped solr service and in why run mode

  • Updated README content with correct attributes

  • Updated collection LWRP to work with solr ssl, for future cases where only ssl service port is available.


  • vkhatri - Fixed Typo Changes in README examples


  • vkhatri - Renamed solr.xml node attributes convention to generic

  • vkhatri - Added Request Log attributes

  • vkhatri - Added Jetty JMX

  • vkhatri - Added JMX Authentication & Authorization

  • vkhatri - Added Jetty SSL

  • vkhatri - Added Solr Service Startup Wait Time attribute

  • vkhatri - Updated configSet now will notify zookeeper upconfig

  • vkhatri - Added Jetty Server Core attributes

  • vkhatri - Added Jetty default connector attributes

  • vkhatri - Added Jetty SSL connector attributes

  • vkhatri - Added SSL key store file

  • vkhatri - Added Default key store file generation and management

  • vkhatri - Added User defined key store file SSL

  • vkhatri - Separated manager attribute to collection manager, zkconfigSet managet and zkconfigSet source manager

  • vkhatri - Fixed collection first time run failure due to solr service down, now logs a message when solr service is down

  • vkhatri - Updated collection LWRP, now if manage_collections is disabled, LWRP would not create collection resource

  • vkhatri - Updated zkconfigsets LWRP, now if manage_zkconfigsets is disabled, LWRP would not create zkconfigsets zookeeper upconfig resource

  • vkhatri - Updated zkconfigsets LWRP, now if manage_zkconfigsets_source is disabled, LWRP would not create zkconfigsets source resource


  • vkhatri - Updated README and CHANGELOG


  • vkhatri - Initial release of solrcloud

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