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nrpe (47) Versions 1.0.4

Installs and configures Nagios NRPE client

cookbook 'nrpe', '= 1.0.4', :supermarket
cookbook 'nrpe', '= 1.0.4'
knife supermarket install nrpe
knife supermarket download nrpe
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nrpe cookbook

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Chef cookbook to install Nagios NRPE client (was previously part of the Nagios cookbook)



Chef version 0.10.10+ and Ohai 0.6.12+ are required.


  • Debian 6.X, 7.X
  • FreeBSD 9.X
  • Ubuntu 10.04, 12.04, 13.04
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (CentOS/Amazon/Scientific/Oracle) 5.X, 6.X

Notes: This cookbook has been tested on the listed platforms. It may work on other platforms with or without modification.


  • build-essential
  • yum-epel (note: this requires yum cookbook v3.0, which breaks compatibility with many other cookbooks)



Installs the NRPE client via packages or source depending on platform and attributes set


platform specific attributes (auto set based on platform)

  • node['nrpe']['install_method'] - whether to install from package or source. Default chosen by platform based on known packages available for NRPE: debian/ubuntu 'package', Redhat/CentOS/Fedora/Scientific: source
  • node['nrpe']['home'] - home directory of NRPE
  • node['nrpe']['conf_dir'] - location of the nrpe configuration
  • node['nrpe']['ssl_lib_dir'] - ssl directory used by NRPE
  • node['nrpe']['pidfile'] - location to store the NRPE pid file
  • node['nrpe']['conf_dir'] - location of the nrpe configuration, default /etc/nagios
  • node['nrpe']['packages'] - nrpe / plugin packages to install. The default attribute for RHEL/Fedora platforms contains a bare minimum set of packages. The full list of available packages is available at:
  • node['nrpe']['log_facility'] - log facility for nrpe configuration, default nil (not set)
  • node['nrpe']['plugin_dir'] - location where Monitoring plugins (aka Nagios plugins) go, default '/usr/lib/nagios/plugins'.

nrpe.conf attributes

  • node['nrpe']['debug'] - debug level nrpe configuration, default 0
  • node['nrpe']['connection_timeout'] - connection timeout for nrpe configuration, default nil (not set)
  • node['nrpe']['dont_blame_nrpe'] - allows the server to send additional values to NRPE via arguments. this needs to be enabled for most checks to function
  • node['nrpe']['command_timeout'] - the amount of time NRPE will wait for a command to execute before timing out

urls for source installations

  • node['nrpe']['url'] - url to retrieve NRPE source
  • node['nrpe']['version'] - version of NRPE source to download
  • node['nrpe']['checksum'] - checksum of the NRPE source tarball
  • node['nrpe']['plugins']['url'] - url to retrieve the plugins source from
  • node['nrpe']['plugins']['version'] - version of the plugins source to download
  • node['nrpe']['plugins']['checksum'] - checksum of the plugins source tarball

authorization and server discovery

  • node['nrpe']['server_role'] - the role that the Nagios server will have in its run list that the clients can search for.
  • node['nrpe']['allowed_hosts'] - additional hosts that are allowed to connect to this client. Must be an array of strings (i.e. %w( These hosts are added in addition to and IPs that are found via search.
  • node['nrpe']['using_solo_search'] - discover server information in node data_bags even with chef solo through the use of solo-search (
  • node['nrpe']['multi_environment_monitoring'] - Chef server will monitor hosts in all environments, not just its own, default 'false'

user and group attributes

  • node['nrpe']['user'] - NRPE user, default 'nagios'.
  • node['nrpe']['group'] - NRPE group, default 'nagios'.



The check LWRP provides an easy way to add and remove NRPE checks from within cookbooks.


  • :add creates a NRPE configuration file and restart the NRPE process. Default action.
  • :remove removes the configuration file and restart the NRPE process

Attribute Parameters

  • command_name The name of the check. This is the command that you will call from your nagios_service data bag check
  • warning_condition String that you will pass to the command with the -w flag
  • critical_condition String that you will pass to the command with the -c flag
  • command The actual command to execute (including the path). If this is not specified, this will use #{node['nrpe']['plugin_dir']}/command_name as the path to the command.
  • parameters Any additional parameters you wish to pass to the plugin.


# Use LWRP to define check_load
nrpe_check "check_load" do
  command "#{node['nrpe']['plugin_dir']}/check_load"
  warning_condition "#{node['nrpe']['checks']['load']['warning']"
  critical_condition "#{node['nrpe']['checks']['load']['critical']"
  action :add
# Remove the check_load definition
nrpe_check "check_load" do
  action :remove

License & Authors

Copyright 2009, 37signals
Copyright 2009-2013, Opscode, Inc
Copyright 2012, Webtrends Inc.
Copyright 2013-2014, Limelight Networks, Inc.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.

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