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ephemeral_lvm (18) Versions 1.0.9

Configures available ephemeral devices on a cloud server

cookbook 'ephemeral_lvm', '= 1.0.9', :supermarket
cookbook 'ephemeral_lvm', '= 1.0.9'
knife supermarket install ephemeral_lvm
knife supermarket download ephemeral_lvm
Quality 100%

ephemeral_lvm cookbook

Build Status

This cookbook will identify the ephemeral devices available on the instance based on Ohai data. If no ephemeral devices
are found, it will gracefully exit with a log message. If ephemeral devices are found, they will be setup to
use LVM and a logical volume will be created, formatted, and mounted. If multiple ephemeral devices are found
(e.g. m1.large on EC2 has 2 ephemeral devices with 420 GB each), they will be striped to create the LVM.

Github Repository:


  • Chef 11 or higher
  • A cloud that supports ephemeral devices. Currently supported clouds: EC2, Openstack, and Google.
  • Cookbook requirements
  • Platforms
    • Ubuntu 12.04
    • CentOS 6


Place the ephemeral_lvm::default in the runlist and the ephemeral devices will be setup.


  • node['ephemeral_lvm']['filesystem'] - the filesystem to be used on the ephemeral volume. Default: 'ext4'
  • node['ephemeral_lvm']['mount_point'] - the mount point for the ephemeral volume. Default: '/mnt/ephemeral'
  • node['ephemeral_lvm']['volume_group_name'] - the volume group name for the ephemeral LVM. Default: 'vg-data'
  • node['ephemeral_lvm']['logical_volume_size'] - the size to be used for the ephemeral LVM. Default: '100%VG' - This will use all available space in the volume group.
  • node['ephemeral_lvm']['logical_volume_name'] - the name of the logical volume for ephemeral LVM. Default: 'ephemeral0'
  • node['ephemeral_lvm']['stripe_size'] - the stripe size to be used for the ephemeral logical volume. Default: 512



This recipe sets up available ephemeral devices to be an LVM device, formats it, and mounts it.


Author:: RightScale, Inc. (

Dependent cookbooks

lvm ~> 1.1.0

Contingent cookbooks

There are no cookbooks that are contingent upon this one.

ephemeral_lvm Cookbook CHANGELOG

This file is used to list changes made in each version of the ephemeral_lvm cookbook.


  • Run 'wipefs' on each ephemeral disk erasing any filesystem signatures, avoiding user interaction during lvm commands.


  • Add testing for support of Ubuntu 14.04, CentOS 7.0, and RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.0.


  • Set the fs_passno field to 0 in /etc/fstab to inform fsck that the filesystem used by the ephemeral volumes should not be checked after stop/start.


  • #19: Do not automatically mount the ephemeral LVM since ephemeral volumes are actually ephemeral and will not come back after stop/start.


  • Changed a misleading error message where no ephemeral disks were found.
  • Update lvm cookbook dependency to 1.1.x.


  • Pull Request #13: Fixed a bug where fix_device_mapping was returning the output of Chef::Log.warn instead of nil if it could not find the ephemeral device (@autrejacoupa)


  • Pull Request #9: Debian is now added as a supported platform (@drywheat)
  • Make sure cloud specific node area is available before accessing it
  • Pull Request #11: Added support for all EC2 instance types (@drywheat)


  • Updated README


  • Pull Request #3: Fixed a bug where log resource was used inline in a library (@juliandunn)


  • Initial release

Foodcritic Metric

1.0.9 passed this metric