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confluent-cookbook (5) Versions 0.2.0

Installs/Configures platform from rpm/deb packages

cookbook 'confluent-cookbook', '= 0.2.0'
cookbook 'confluent-cookbook', '= 0.2.0', :supermarket
knife supermarket install confluent-cookbook
knife supermarket download confluent-cookbook
Quality -% Cookbook

This cookbook is using the confluent rpm and deb repositories to install the confluent-platform package. It will create a user confluent and init scripts for kafka and zookeeper.


It comes with two recipes: confluent-cookbook::default and confluent-cookbook::schema-registry.


Instead of maintaining configuration templates, chef configuration properties will be added as, and files.

Example Kafka: ruby default["confluent"]["kafka"][""][""] = "0" default["confluent"]["kafka"][""]["port"] = "9092" ... will look like this in the /etc/kafka/ port=9092 ...

Example ZooKeeper: ruby default["confluent"]["kafka"][""]["dataDir"] = "/tmp/zookeeper" default["confluent"]["kafka"][""]["clientPort"] = "2181" ...

will look like this in the /etc/kafka/ dataDir=/tmp/zookeeper clientPort=2181 ...

Other confluent-platform configurations

Right now only Kafka, ZooKeeper and the Schema-Registry can be configured. This will probably change since it is "work in progress".


In order to be able to run vagrant you need to run berks init and you have to install vagrant-berkshelf via vagrant plugin install vagrant-berkshelf. Afterwards run vagrant up.

Supported OS Distributions

Right now it has been tested with: - CentOS 6.5 - Ubuntu 14.04 (where it seems to hang sometimes during installation)


You need to install your desired JRE yourself, see Vagrantfile as an example.


At some point this project might have a travis build job.

Dependent cookbooks

yum >= 0.0.0
apt >= 0.0.0
java >= 0.0.0

Contingent cookbooks

There are no cookbooks that are contingent upon this one.


Initial release of confluent-cookbook


fixed some renaming


Added Schema-Registry service and configuration.

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