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Knife Infoblox Knife Plugin

A knife plugin for interacting with Infoblox DNS/IPAM servers.

Install & Usage Instructions


knife infoblox dns [cname HOSTNAME CANONICAL ] | [arecord HOSTNAME IP ] | [ptr HOSTNAME TARGET IPADDR]
knife infoblox host [create HOSTNAME1 [ HOSTNAME2...][-N NETWORK][-i IPADDRESS][-n SUGGEST][-m MACADDR]]
[edit HOSTNAME [-m MACADDR][-i IP]
[delete HOSTNAME [-i IP]]
knife infoblox ip [NETWORK [ --next-available|-n #COUNT ]]
knife infoblox network [NETWORK [ --next-available|-n [--exclude|-N LIST ] #COUNT ]]


If you are running Chef-DK you can install it by running:

$ chef gem install knife-infoblox

Otherwise, this plugin is distributed as a Ruby Gem. To install it, run:

$ gem install knife-infoblox

Depending on your system's configuration, you may need to run this command with root privileges.


In addition to the command-specific options, the plugin supports a common set

Most options can be passed to the knife subcommands explicitly but this
quickly becomes tiring, repetitive, and error-prone. A better solution is to
add some of the common configuration to your ~/.chef/knife.rb or your
projects .chef/knife.rb file like so:

knife[:infoblox_username] = 'joetester'
knife[:infoblox_password] = 'hootytooty'
knife[:infoblox_hostname] = ''


The subcommands work the same way they work for knife bootstrap. Please see for more information on the subcommands.