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zonefile (2) Versions 0.9.1

Some Chef LWRP to manage and edit SOA from bind zonefiles

cookbook 'zonefile', '= 0.9.1', :supermarket
cookbook 'zonefile', '= 0.9.1'
knife supermarket install zonefile
knife supermarket download zonefile
Quality -%

zonefile LWRP cookbook


A cookbook to manage bind zonefile SOA and global records.

All records included in zonefile are not modified at all. Only SOA record, ORIGIN and global TTL are managed by this cookbook.


This recipe depends on Chef 0.10.10 features, such as chef_gem.


Just add this cookbook in your project metadata file to install zonefile gem dependency and bring LWRP to life :-).

include_recipe 'zonefile'


  • zonefile_soa - configure SOA and global record for a specified zonefile. Can also create zonefile file. It keeps existing records.


  • :create (default): create or modify bind zonefile, set SOA and global variables to specified values. No changes on other records are applied.
  • :force: not implemented yet
  • :delete: delete zonefile

Attribute Parameters for :create

File parameters

  • :file (name attribute): Required zonefile absolute path
  • :user: file owner
    • root by default
  • :group: file group
    • root by default
  • :mode: file mode
    • 0644 by default

Global zonefile parameters

  • :origin: zonefile global $ORIGIN option (Default is using nameserver value or node['fqdn'] if nameserver is not specified)
  • :globalttl: zonefile global $TTL option (Default is 4h)

SOA parameters

  • :nameserver: Required SOA nameserver option
    • Default is node['fqdn'].
  • :contact: Required SOA mail option
    • Default is root.#{node['fqdn']}
  • :soattl: specific TTL option for SOA record
    • Default is empty
  • :refresh: SOA refresh option
    • Default is 2h
  • :retrydelay: SOA retry option
    • Default is 30m
  • :expire: SOA expire option
    • Default is 1w
  • :neg_cache_ttl: SOA minimum TTL option
    • Default is 1d


  • :no_serial_udpdate: block all automatic serial update action
    • Default to false


zonefile_soa '/tmp/' do
  nameserver ''
  contact ''
  soattl '77777' # override default value
  refresh '124212' # no change from template
  globalttl '1234567890' #override
  origin ''

Test recipe

zonefile::test : this recipe creates a zonefile in /tmp/ and modify it according to the example LWRP, it also creates another zonefile from scratch using default values.

License and Author

Author:: Barth.V ( )

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