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The webdeploymenttoolkit cookbook has been deprecated

Author provided reason for deprecation:

The webdeploymenttoolkit cookbook has been deprecated and is no longer being maintained by its authors. Use of the webdeploymenttoolkit cookbook is no longer recommended.


webdeploymenttoolkit (11) Versions 0.1.7

Installs/Configures webdeploymenttoolkit

cookbook 'webdeploymenttoolkit', '= 0.1.7', :supermarket
cookbook 'webdeploymenttoolkit', '= 0.1.7'
knife supermarket install webdeploymenttoolkit
knife supermarket download webdeploymenttoolkit
Quality 100%

Windows Web Deployment Toolkit Cookbook

Provides a set of Windows-specific primitives (Chef resources) meant to aid in the creation of cookbooks/recipes for .net applications targeting the Windows platform.


Tested Platforms

  • Windows Server 2012 (R2)


The following cookbooks provided by Chef Software are required as noted:

  • webpi (webdeploymenttoolkit::default leverages the webpi_product LWRP)


  • node['webdeploymenttoolkit']['WebDeployExe'] - used to execute the msdeploy.exe. default is %programfiles%\IIS\Microsoft Web Deploy V3\msdeploy.exe or %programfiles%\IIS\Microsoft Web Deploy V2\msdeploy.exe.



Not idempotent. Executes MsDeploy to sync packages, change settings, load packages into the IIS Server from a file, and performs any operations specified by the package.

See the following links for MSDN Documentation on it's use.

Web Deploy Operations:

Web Deploy Providers:


  • :sync: Default. Syncs a deployment package to a target.
  • :delete: Deletes components targeted in the dest parameter
  • :dump: Runs the dump command with the xml flag. The dest is used to dump the output content
  • :getDependencies: Dumps application dependencies
  • :getSystemInfo: Dumps System information

Attribute Parameters

  • source: name attribute. The source string as defined to a to the web deploy command line.
  • dest: the destination string as defined to a to the web deploy command line.
  • parameters: hash table of parameters and values that should be passed to msdeploy.


# Restore a Web Deploy Package
web_deploy "package=c:\" do
    dest  'apphostconfig="Default Web Site"'
    action  :sync
# Backup a Website to Web Deploy Package
web_deploy 'apphostconfig="Default Web Site"' do
    store_name  "package=c:\"
    action  :sync
# Deploy a Packaged Application with parameters
web_deploy 'package=c:\' do
    dest  'auto'
    parameters  { "IIS Web Application Name" => "Default Web Site/app", "connectionString" => "Database=stuff;user=me;pass=thing" }
    action  :sync
# Remove OldApp1 application
web_deploy "DeleteOldApp1" do
    dest  'apphostconfig="MySite/OldApp1"'
    action :delete
# Remove OldApp1 application
web_deploy "appPoolConfig" do
    dest  'C:/output/dump.xml'
    action :dump
# Export Server Dependencies
web_deploy "webServer" do
    dest  'C:/output/WebServerDependencies.xml'
    action :getDependencies
# Export System Info
web_deploy "webServerSystemInfo" do
    source  'webServer'
    dest  'C:/output/SystemInfo.xml'
    action :getSystemInfo

Dependent cookbooks

webpi ~> 1.2.8

Contingent cookbooks

There are no cookbooks that are contingent upon this one.

Foodcritic Metric

0.1.7 passed this metric