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sanity (25) Versions 3.8.0

Standardize configuration of various machines (VM, cloud, bare metal, etc.) with a common set of packages and settings

cookbook 'sanity', '= 3.8.0', :supermarket
cookbook 'sanity', '= 3.8.0'
knife supermarket install sanity
knife supermarket download sanity
Quality 33%

Sanity Cookbook

Build Status

This cookbook helps you standardize configuration on various machines.
It applies a common set of packages and settings to any machine (VM, cloud, bare metal, etc.) so you have a solid base to build on.

Here are some highlights of what it does:

  • sets up a basic firewall with nftables or iptables to block incoming connections (IPv4 and IPv6)
  • sets up NTP and set timezone to UTC
  • sets up a reliable DNS resolver
  • sets up automatic package updates
  • hardens sshd config with public key authentication and strong ciphers
  • sets up a local MTA using Postfix to send emails to sysadmin
  • sets up Monit to alert sysadmin when CPU, memory, disk, etc. is overused
  • sets up SMART to monitor hard drive failures
  • installs a few useful packages like tmux, htop, curl, etc.
  • hardens various OS settings for better security


sanity::default is a curated list of recipes that should fit most setups.

You can include extra recipes as you see fit.



Dependent cookbooks

apt ~> 7.5
iptables-ng ~> 4.1
monit-ng ~> 2.4
os-hardening ~> 4.1
postfix ~> 6.0
resolver ~> 4.1
ssh-hardening ~> 2.9

Contingent cookbooks

There are no cookbooks that are contingent upon this one.

Unreleased (changes)

  • TBD

v3.8.0, 2024-01-08 (changes)

  • 267f1bc - Pin Ruby to 3.2 on GitHub Actions
  • 13e422e - Update dependencies
  • 95512b0 - Prefer IPv6 DNS over IPv4
  • 6bdfec2 - Limit GitLab CI to Chef 18
  • d306738 - Guard all kernel settings to support containers
  • 27c66ce - Remove flaky test
  • b4e589f - Don't disable kexec when unavailable
  • 71e16d3 - Remove obsolete Nginx attributes

v3.7.0, 2023-11-18 (changes)

  • 1f35fea - Add some more kernel hardening settings
  • e7886bc - Don't allow failures on GitLab CI
  • a49f1dc - Update dependencies
  • 9384e49 - Prevent flaky build on GitLab

v3.6.1, 2023-10-19 (changes)

  • 1ec62a5 - Don't truncate Telegram messages on special characters

v3.6.0, 2023-10-17 (changes)

  • eb808ce - Simplify Postfix email forwarding using virtual aliases
  • 0921d3b - Add support for Postfix to Telegram forwarding
  • a59cf1f - Make sure to forward all emails to root
  • 427bb03 - Update dependencies

v3.5.0, 2023-09-17 (changes)

  • 35f1249 - Make sure systemd-resolved is installed on Debian 12
  • 584f6c3 - Don't set swappiness in containers
  • 266a0a9 - Update dependencies
  • 86a185b - Fix bad build badge in README

v3.4.1, 2023-08-02 (changes)

  • 35ca276 - Accept proper sshd port in nftables firewall

v3.4.0, 2023-08-02 (changes)

  • 3cc8a75 - Add basic rate limiting to nftables
  • 935ff10 - Add custom nftables chain to easily add extra rules

v3.3.0, 2023-07-27 (changes)

  • f65bd46 - Harden sshd config and disable RSA host key
  • ce11ca3 - Set up GitHub workflow to run Test Kitchen
  • 67e4ff1 - Update dependencies
  • 35cae39 - Fix Rubocop violations
  • 551d602 - Add support for nftables

v3.2.1, 2023-06-22 (changes)

  • bac6693 - Fix coredump detection

v3.2.0, 2023-05-26 (changes)

  • 8dd8eb4 - Drop support for Chef 17 and Debian 10
  • 45a48e0 - Update dependencies
  • 5f14ba9 - Log coredumps with systemd and fail run if any are found

v3.1.1, 2023-05-06 (changes)

  • 85b1a6f - Bump SMART warnings to max temperature to avoid false alerts
  • 29dcb7d - Update dependencies

v3.1.0, 2023-04-22 (changes)

  • 94372d7 - Test against multiple Chef versions
  • 401fe68 - Add missing Gems for GitLab CI
  • efeaf00 - Update documentation for release 3.1.0
  • 4549de8 - Move connectivity checks to an InSpec Profile
  • bac767d - Don't install Chef/Cinc tools via Gemfile

v3.0.0, 2023-04-12 (changes)

  • 35a16e3 - Add preliminary support for Ubuntu LTS
  • 3d299c5 - Fix GitLab CI integration
  • 69d3573 - Update dependencies
  • 3507b17 - Fix Kitchen CI test suite
  • fcf3c4e - Don't remove nfs-common and rpcbind as they are useful in some cases
  • 00eb0af - Update dependencies
  • e6134f6 - Update dependencies
  • d08a99a - Add missing entry for Postfix retry service
  • e5ec977 - Modernize Postfix SSL/TLS config
  • a4cde65 - Fix UTC timezone for Debian 11
  • 09e9d12 - Increase SMART temperature warnings to avoid false positive spam
  • 91e6c6b - Update dependencies
  • 5c970d9 - Increase SMART temperature warnings to avoid false positive spam
  • 2e48b66 - Fix systemctl path for Debian 11
  • a6e1cb0 - Enable automatic SMART checks
  • a4c3988 - Update dependencies
  • 2db3496 - Use systemctl reboot instead of reboot
  • 260b286 - Listen on IPv4 as well when IPv6 is enabled
  • 48cebf6 - Use a more reliable method to check for DNSSEC
  • b66877c - Refactor cookbook for new major version 3

- dropped support for Debian 9
- replaced EULA Chef with Free Software CINC
- renamed node['sanity']['firewall'] to node['sanity']['firewall']['type']
- renamed node['sanity']['iptables']['ssh_authorized_ips_v4'] to node['sanity']['firewall']['ssh_authorized_ips_v4']
- renamed node['sanity']['iptables']['ssh_authorized_ips_v6'] to node['sanity']['firewall']['ssh_authorized_ips_v6']

v2.2.0, 2022-03-07 (changes)

  • cc6b956 Fix the build for new ruby Docker image
  • f62fe38 Extract DNS servers as attributes
  • 7ce7c73 Switch from Vagrant to kitchen-dokken
  • 102b594 Use systemd resolved for DNS
  • ba5784e Drop support for discontinued CentOS
  • a92a0d7 Set up network interfaces automatically
  • a1ea577 Don't log unhandled UDP traffic
  • 62c6685 Update dependencies
  • 8b6f949 Use new Chef resource to set timezone to UTC
  • e9d43b6 Update dependencies
  • a6be455 Make sure ntp package is uninstalled
  • a9f0248 Use ShellOut to comply with
  • da74ae0 Update Gems
  • ba11518 Check free space on all regular filesystems
  • 17dfb8a Forward all unknown local recipients to root

v2.1.0, 2020-06-23 (changes)

  • ffd9a59 Allow to whitelist non-free packages
  • a7be684 Bump rack from 2.2.2 to 2.2.3
  • 5370c31 Update dependencies
  • 0ff3153 Bump activesupport from to
  • 50f5892 Keep old config upon updating package with conflict
  • 26b20d9 Make sure the ping program is installed
  • aa5eb33 Don't run Postfix in backwards-compatible mode
  • 2588893 Set smtpd_relay_restrictions for newer Postfix versions
  • 857feb1 Bump nokogiri from 1.10.7 to 1.10.8
  • f1a0f0e Fix broken NTP detection on Debian 10
  • 643c390 Update dependencies
  • 36272f5 Rename auto_reboot to automatic_reboot
  • e91f8b7 Don't recreate the backports repo on every Chef run
  • 2669d5e Use platform helper to make Cookstyle happy
  • 69e8b40 Bump version to 2.1.0
  • ff6ec90 Use numeric ports for NetBIOS
  • d073819 Enable backports on Debian Buster to get Monit package
  • 4bc1912 Update dependencies
  • e2053d6 Test against Debian 10
  • 5d78c58 Don't log UDP broadcast spam
  • 9d1b48e Update dependencies
  • 6fe120a Make sure apt-transport-https package is installed
  • 3612e01 Update dependencies

v2.0.1, 2019-08-23 (changes)

  • [BUGFIX] Don't email about successful package upgrades
  • [BUGFIX] Update Gems
  • [BUGFIX] Use built-in apt_update resource

v2.0.0, 2019-06-19 (changes)

  • First stable release. Enjoy!

v1.0.0 to v1.3.0, 2018-02-17 to 2019-06-19 (changes)

  • Experimental pre-releases. You should avoid to use these versions.

Collaborator Number Metric

3.8.0 failed this metric

Failure: Cookbook has 0 collaborators. A cookbook must have at least 2 collaborators to pass this metric.

Contributing File Metric

3.8.0 failed this metric

Failure: To pass this metric, your cookbook metadata must include a source url, the source url must be in the form of, and your repo must contain a file

Cookstyle Metric

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No Binaries Metric

3.8.0 passed this metric

Testing File Metric

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Failure: To pass this metric, your cookbook metadata must include a source url, the source url must be in the form of, and your repo must contain a file

Version Tag Metric

3.8.0 failed this metric

Failure: To pass this metric, your cookbook metadata must include a source url, the source url must be in the form of, and your repo must include a tag that matches this cookbook version number