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rundeck-server (18) Versions 1.3.3

Installs rundeck and configure as needed

cookbook 'rundeck-server', '= 1.3.3', :supermarket
cookbook 'rundeck-server', '= 1.3.3'
knife supermarket install rundeck-server
knife supermarket download rundeck-server
Quality 50%


Installs rundeck and configure as needed



  • Chef >= 12.1.0
  • Centos


  • yum
  • java
  • rundeck-bridge (Suggested but not required)
  • rundeck-node (Suggested but not required)


Name Description Default
* node['rundeck_server']['install_java'] Installs Java Defaults to true.
* node['rundeck_server']['packages'] A hash of package name and version to install Defaults to 2.5.3-1.10.GA.
* node['rundeck_server']['confdir'] Defaults to "/etc/rundeck".
* node['rundeck_server']['basedir'] Defaults to "/var/lib/rundeck".
* node['rundeck_server']['logdir'] Defaults to "/var/log/rundeck".
* node['rundeck_server']['datadir'] Defaults to "/var/rundeck".
* node['rundeck_server']['rolename'] Default security-role/role-name allowed to authenticate. Defaults to "user".
* node['rundeck_server']['session_timeout'] session timeout in the UI (in minutes). Defaults to "30".
* node['rundeck_server']['repo'] Repository containing the rundeck package. Defaults to "".
* node['rundeck_server']['plugins']['winrm']['url'] Plugin list to install. Type is { 'pluginname' => { 'url' => URL } }. Defaults to "".
* node['rundeck_server']['jvm'][''] Defaults to "RDpropertyfilelogin".
* node['rundeck_server']['jvm']['Drdeck.config'] Defaults to "node['rundeck_server']['confdir']".
* node['rundeck_server']['jvm']['Drundeck.server.configDir'] Defaults to "node['rundeck_server']['confdir']".
* node['rundeck_server']['jvm']['Drundeck.server.serverDir'] Defaults to "node['rundeck_server']['basedir']".
* node['rundeck_server']['jvm']['Drdeck.base'] Defaults to "node['rundeck_server']['basedir']".
* node['rundeck_server']['jvm'][''] Address/hostname to listen on. Defaults to "".
* node['rundeck_server']['jvm']['Dserver.http.port'] The HTTP port to use for the server. Defaults to "4440".
* node['rundeck_server']['jvm']['Dserver.https.port'] The HTTPS port to use or the server. Defaults to "4443".
* node['rundeck_server']['jvm'][''] Defaults to "::File.join('tmp', 'rundeck')".
* node['rundeck_server']['jvm']['Dserver.datastore.path'] Path to server datastore dir. Defaults to "::File.join(node['rundeck_server']['basedir'], 'data')".
* node['rundeck_server']['jvm'][''] Defaults to "::File.join(node['rundeck_server']['confdir'], 'jaas-loginmodule.conf')".
* node['rundeck_server']['jvm']['Drdeck.projects'] Defaults to "::File.join(node['rundeck_server']['datadir'], 'projects')".
* node['rundeck_server']['jvm']['Drdeck.runlogs'] Defaults to "::File.join(node['rundeck_server']['basedir'], 'logs')".
* node['rundeck_server']['jvm']['Drundeck.config.location'] Defaults to "::File.join(node['rundeck_server']['confdir'], '')".
* node['rundeck_server']['jvm']['XX:MaxPermSize'] Defaults to "256m".
* node['rundeck_server']['jvm']['Xmx1024m'] Defaults to "true".
* node['rundeck_server']['jvm']['Xms256m'] Defaults to "true".
* node['rundeck_server']['jvm']['server'] Defaults to "true".
* node['rundeck_server']['threadcount'] Quartz job threadCount. Defaults to "10".
* node['rundeck_server']['']['loglevel.default'] Defaults to "INFO".
* node['rundeck_server']['']['dataSource.url'] Default database URL Defaults to jdbc:h2:file:~/grailsh2.
* node['rundeck_server']['']['rdeck.base'] Defaults to "node['rundeck_server']['basedir']".
* node['rundeck_server']['']['rss.enabled'] Defaults to "false".
* node['rundeck_server']['']['grails.serverURL'] Defaults to "http://localhost:4440".
* node['rundeck_server']['rundeck-config.framework'][''] Defaults to "localhost".
* node['rundeck_server']['rundeck-config.framework']['framework.server.hostname'] Defaults to "localhost".
* node['rundeck_server']['rundeck-config.framework']['framework.server.port'] Defaults to "4440".
* node['rundeck_server']['rundeck-config.framework']['framework.server.url'] Defaults to "http://localhost:4440".
* node['rundeck_server']['rundeck-config.framework']['framework.server.username'] Defaults to "admin".
* node['rundeck_server']['rundeck-config.framework']['framework.server.password'] Defaults to "admin".
* node['rundeck_server']['rundeck-config.framework']['rdeck.base'] Defaults to "/var/lib/rundeck".
* node['rundeck_server']['rundeck-config.framework']['framework.projects.dir'] Defaults to "/var/rundeck/projects".
* node['rundeck_server']['rundeck-config.framework']['framework.etc.dir'] Defaults to "/etc/rundeck".
* node['rundeck_server']['rundeck-config.framework']['framework.var.dir'] Defaults to "/var/lib/rundeck/var".
* node['rundeck_server']['rundeck-config.framework']['framework.tmp.dir'] Defaults to "/var/lib/rundeck/var/tmp".
* node['rundeck_server']['rundeck-config.framework']['framework.logs.dir'] Defaults to "/var/lib/rundeck/logs".
* node['rundeck_server']['rundeck-config.framework']['framework.libext.dir'] Defaults to "/var/lib/rundeck/libext".
* node['rundeck_server']['rundeck-config.framework']['framework.ssh.keypath'] Defaults to "/var/lib/rundeck/.ssh/id_rsa".
* node['rundeck_server']['rundeck-config.framework']['framework.ssh.user'] Defaults to "rundeck".
* node['rundeck_server']['rundeck-config.framework']['framework.ssh.timeout'] Defaults to "0".
* node['rundeck_server']['']['admin'] Admin User Password, Roles Defaults to "admin,user,admin,architect,deploy,build".
* node['rundeck_server']['jaas'] The JAAS login configuration file with one entry and multiple modules may be generated from this attribute. Defaults to "[ ... ]".
* node['rundeck_server']['aclpolicy']['admin'] The admin ACL policy in YAML is generated from this attribute. Defaults to "[ ... ]".
* node['rundeck_server']['yum']['description'] Rundeck yum resource parameter Defaults to "Rundeck Official Repo"
* node['rundeck_server']['yum']['gpgcheck'] Rundeck yum resource parameter Defaults to true
* node['rundeck_server']['yum']['enabled'] Rundeck yum resource parameter Defaults to true
* node['rundeck_server']['yum']['baseurl'] Rundeck yum resource parameter Defaults to ""
* node['rundeck_server']['yum']['gpgkey'] Rundeck yum resource parameter Defaults to ""
* node['rundeck_server']['yum']['action'] Rundeck yum resource parameter Defaults to :create
* node['rundeck_server']['cli']['config'] Parameters to configure Rundeck CLI for Rundeck 2.7.x . See documentation Defaults to { RD_URL: 'http://localhost:4440' }
* node['rundeck_server']['cli']['version'] Allows to dictate version of Rundeck CLI to install Defaults to 1.0.4-1



This recipe call config recipe and setup rundeck-server service
It also install rundeck gem to allow to configure rundeck via ruby



Manage rundeck jobs through rundeck api


  • create: Create and update rundeck job Default action.
  • delete: Delete the job

Attribute Parameters

  • name: Name of the job, will be used to identify the job when interacting with rundeck.
  • project: Project in which the job will be defined
  • config: Job configuration, it is a hash version of yaml output from rundeck api Defaults to <code>{}</code>.
  • endpoint: Defaults to <code>"https://localhost"</code>.
  • api_token: Token used to interact with the api. See rundeck documentation to generate a token.


rundeck_server_job 'uname_job' do
  project 'linux_servers'
    description: 'A simple job running uname on all servers',
    sequence: {
      keepgoing: false,
      strategy: 'node-first',
      commands: [
        { exec: 'uname -a', description: 'Display uname command output' }
    nodefilters: { dispatch: { threadcount: 10 } },
    filter: '.*'


project provider configures a rundeck project


  • create: Create a rundeck project. Default action.
  • delete: Delete a rundeck project.

Attribute Parameters

  • name: Name of the project
  • executor: Executor name + configuration. Could be a plain string (ssh) or complex hash configuration. Defaults to <code>:ssh</code>.
  • sources: List of node sources
  • cookbook: Defaults to <code>"rundeck-server"</code>.


 # winrm example
 rundeck_server_project 'windows_servers' do
     provider: 'overthere-winrm',
     config: {
      'winrm-auth-type'      => 'certificate',
      'winrm-protocol'       => 'https',
      'winrm-cert-trust'     => 'all',
      'winrm-hostname-trust' => 'all',
      'winrm-cert'           =>  [PKCS#12 key for Java]
    'type'            => 'url',
    'config.url'      => "http://url,
    'config.timeout'  => 30,
    'config.cache'    => true,

 # ssh example
 rundeck_server_project 'linux_servers' do
   executor 'ssh'
    'type'            => 'url',
    'config.url'      => "http://chef-bridge/linux,
    'config.timeout'  => 30,
    'config.cache'    => true,

Mysql conf example

If you need to connect rundeck to a mysql example, you simply have to put:

  • default['rundeck_server']['']['dataSource.url'] = 'jdbc:mysql://localhost/rundeckdb?autoReconnect=true'
  • default['rundeck_server']['']['dataSource.username'] = 'rundeck'
  • default['rundeck_server']['']['dataSource.password'] = 'secret'

See rundeck doc for more information.

License and Maintainer

Maintainer:: Robert Veznaver (

License:: Apache License 2.0


* Bump the Rundeck CLI versioning to 1.0.5-1. 1.0.4-1 had a bug in it which
  would not allow file-based configuration


* Update to allow installation of Rundeck 2.7.x
* Add CLI installation recipe
* Fix a lot of rubocop warnings/cautions
* Update documentation


1.1.2 (2015-12-10)

* Manage Log4J properties file
* Enforce a specific version of Rundeck packages

1.1.1 (2015-10-01)

* Support non encoded job definitions

1.1.0 (2015-05-12)

* Change job provider to go through YAML

1.0.1 (2015-03-16)

* Fix travis deploy encrypted client.pem

1.0.0 (2015-03-10)

* First release

Foodcritic Metric

1.3.3 failed this metric

FC052: Metadata uses the deprecated "suggests" keyword: rundeck-server/metadata.rb:13
FC052: Metadata uses the deprecated "suggests" keyword: rundeck-server/metadata.rb:14
FC066: Ensure chef_version is set in metadata: rundeck-server/metadata.rb:1
FC069: Ensure standardized license defined in metadata: rundeck-server/metadata.rb:1
Run with Foodcritic Version 11.1.0 with tags metadata,correctness ~FC031 ~FC045 and failure tags any

License Metric

1.3.3 failed this metric

rundeck-server does not have a valid open source license.
Acceptable licenses include Apache-2.0, apachev2, Apache 2.0, MIT, mit, GPL-2.0, gplv2, GNU Public License 2.0, GPL-3.0, gplv3, GNU Public License 3.0.

No Binaries Metric

1.3.3 passed this metric

Version Tag Metric

1.3.3 passed this metric