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remote_install (14) Versions 2.1.1

Provides an opinionated way to download and install remote software

cookbook 'remote_install', '= 2.1.1', :supermarket
cookbook 'remote_install', '= 2.1.1'
knife supermarket install remote_install
knife supermarket download remote_install
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remote_install Cookbook

Cookbook Version
CI State

Provides a highly-opinionated way to download, extract, and compile software from a remote source.


This cookbook is maintained by the Sous Chefs. The Sous Chefs are a community of Chef cookbook maintainers working together to maintain important cookbooks. If you’d like to know more please visit or come chat with us on the Chef Community Slack in #sous-chefs.



  • Debian/Ubuntu
  • RHEL/CentOS/Scientific/Amazon/Oracle


  • Chef 12.7+


  • none


Install bash:

remote_install 'bash' do
  source ''
  version '4.3'
  checksum 'afc687a28e0e24dc21b988fa159ff9dbcf6b7caa92ade8645cc6d5605cd024d4'
  build_command './configure'
  compile_command 'make'
  install_command 'make install'

The remote_install resource has the following attributes:

Attribute Description
source the URL to download
checksum the SHA256 checksum for the downlaoded asset from source
build_command the command to "build"
compile_command the command to "compile"
install_command the command to "install"
environment the environment to set while building


This cookbook is maintained by Chef's Community Cookbook Engineering team. Our goal is to improve cookbook quality and to aid the community in contributing to cookbooks. To learn more about our team, process, and design goals see our team documentation. To learn more about contributing to cookbooks like this see our contributing documentation, or if you have general questions about this cookbook come chat with us in #cookbok-engineering on the Chef Community Slack


This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute.


Thank you to all our backers!


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remote_install Cookbook CHANGELOG

This file is used to list changes made in each version of the remote_install cookbook.

2.1.1 - 2021-03-25

  • resolved cookstyle error: resources/remote_install.rb:53:28 convention: Style/RedundantBegin
  • resolved cookstyle error: resources/remote_install.rb:54:9 convention: Layout/IndentationWidth
  • resolved cookstyle error: resources/remote_install.rb:55:7 convention: Layout/ElseAlignment
  • resolved cookstyle error: resources/remote_install.rb:56:9 convention: Layout/IndentationWidth
  • resolved cookstyle error: resources/remote_install.rb:57:7 warning: Layout/EndAlignment
  • resolved cookstyle error: resources/remote_install.rb:58:1 convention: Layout/EmptyLinesAroundMethodBody
  • resolved cookstyle error: resources/remote_install.rb:58:1 convention: Layout/TrailingWhitespace

    2.1.0 - 2021-03-15

  • Sous Chefs Adoption

  • Fix inspec tests

  • Various CookStyle fixes

  • Initial public release

2.0.0 (2017-08-25)

  • Enable full linting and unit/integration testing in Travis
  • Minimal RHEL installs don’t ship with tar so make sure we install it
  • Silence deprecation warnings about ChefSpec.define_matcher
  • Use SPDX standard license string in the metadata
  • Remove the Rakefile and replace it with Delivery Local Mode
  • Add requirements section to the readme
  • Fix how specs set the platform and remove report at end
  • Convert to a custom resource and require Chef 12.7+


  • the -v flag for tar is unsupported on older and bsd versions of tar, which is an issue on older platforms


  • Compute extract path basename based on tarball name. Add md5 support.
  • Allow the basename of extracted directory to be specified.


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