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pathogen (11) Versions 0.3.2

Installs/Configures pathogen vim plugin manager

cookbook 'pathogen', '= 0.3.2', :supermarket
cookbook 'pathogen', '= 0.3.2'
knife supermarket install pathogen
knife supermarket download pathogen
Quality 50%

pathogen Cookbook

Use this cookbook to install the Pathogen vim plugin manager.


This cookbook has been tested with the following platforms:

  • Ubuntu 14.04
  • Centos 7.2


The focus of this cookbook is on installing Pathogen and plugins, so it doesn't provide sophisticated recipes for git and vim itself, for which excellent and detailed cookbooks are already available. With that said, you can include barebones package-based recipes from within this cookbook if you don't need anything special:

include_recipe 'pathogen[git]'
include_recipe 'pathogen[vim]'


  • node['pathogen']['install_path'] - Specify the directory where pathogen should be installed. Defaults to '/root/.vim.
  • node['pathogen']['vimrc_path'] - Specify the location of your user's .vimrc file. Defaults to '/root/.vimrc'.


  • pathogen_plugin - This resource wraps git and can be used to install plugins to node['pathogen']['install_path']/bundle. To use it, pass the name of the plugin as the name attribute and the GitHub user/organization as the github_org attribute:

    pathogen_plugin 'ctrlp.vim' do
      github_org 'ctrlpvim'


To install Pathogen, add recipe[pathogen] to your run list or include the default recipe in recipe that is in your run list. If you aren't using some other source to install git and vim, add those recipes before the default pathogen recipe.

To install plugins, use the above-mentioned pathogen_plugin LWRP in a recipe that is in your run list.


Please open an issue if you find a bug. Pull requests are also welcome. When submitting pull requests, please try to abide by the following guidelines:

  1. Keep changes as small as possible
  2. Rebase and squash extraneous commits whenever possible
  3. Use detailed commit messages
  4. Don't modify version information

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