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openldap-server (3) Versions 0.9.1

Installs/Configures ldap

cookbook 'openldap-server', '= 0.9.1', :supermarket
cookbook 'openldap-server', '= 0.9.1'
knife supermarket install openldap-server
knife supermarket download openldap-server
Quality -%

openldap-server cookbook


Ubuntu >= 10.04 or Debian >= 7.0.0

Requirement is based on slapd package minimum requirement of 2.4.

OpenLDAP 2.4 included the dynamic config option, which is what this cookbook uses


  • include_recipe 'openldap-server::default'

    • Installs OpenLDAP from the package repo
    • Configures a basic ldap database
    • Includes People, Groups, and Services OU containers
    • Includes the memberOf overlay
    • Includes ppolicy overlay
    • Sets up access controls/no unauthenticated access
  • Setup attributes listed below

  • You can optionally supply your own ldif instead of using the provided


Main Options

Domain name to use which creates the suffix

node[:ldap][:domain] = ''

Root password for the LDAP database

This can and should be hashed and salted, use slappasswd to generate

node[:ldap][:rootpw] = 'default'

User attribute to use for root user

This ends up as "cn=admin,dc=example,dc=com"

node[:ldap][:root_user_attr] = "cn=admin"

Where do you want the ldap DB to be stored

node[:ldap][:db_dir] = '/var/lib/ldap'

You can use these options in your own template if you like
To supply your own ldif template/file to use

node[:ldap[:db_ldif] = 'db.ldif.erb'

Default Config Options (/etc/default/slapd)

default[:ldap][:default_config][:slapd_conf] = nil # SLAPD_CONF  
default[:ldap][:default_config][:slapd_user] = 'openldap' # SLAPD_USER  
default[:ldap][:default_config][:slapd_group] = 'openldap' # SLAPD_GROUP  
default[:ldap][:default_config][:slapd_pidfile] = nil # SLAPD_PIDFILE  
default[:ldap][:default_config][:slapd_services] = "ldap:/// ldapi:///" # SLAPD_SERVICES  
default[:ldap][:default_config][:slapd_nostart] = false # SLAPD_NO_START  
default[:ldap][:default_config][:slapd_sentinel_file] = '/etc/ldap/noslapd' # SLAPD_SENTINEL_FILE  
default[:ldap][:default_config][:slapd_kerb_file] = '/etc/krb5.keytab' # KRB_KTNAME  
default[:ldap][:default_config][:slapd_options] = nil # SLAPD_OPTIONS  


openldap-server::install - Installs OpenLDAP

openldap-server::createdb - Creates basic DB

openldap-server::default - includes both install and createdb reciepes


Author:: cpuguy83 (

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