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The omnibus_updater cookbook has been deprecated

Author provided reason for deprecation:

The omnibus_updater cookbook has been deprecated and is no longer being maintained by its authors. Use of the omnibus_updater cookbook is no longer recommended.

You may find that the chef_client_updater cookbook is a suitable alternative.


omnibus_updater (23) Versions 0.2.8

Chef omnibus package updater and installer

cookbook 'omnibus_updater', '= 0.2.8', :supermarket
cookbook 'omnibus_updater', '= 0.2.8'
knife supermarket install omnibus_updater
knife supermarket download omnibus_updater
Quality -%


Update your omnibus! This cookbook can install the omnibus
Chef package into your system if you are currently running
via gem install, and it can keep your omnibus install up
to date.


Add the recipe to your run list and specify what version should
be installed on the node:

knife node run_list add recipe[omnibus_updater]

In your role you'll likely want to set the version. It defaults
to nothing, and will install the latest..

  :omnibus_updater => {
    :version => '11.4.0'

It can also uninstall Chef from the system Ruby installation
if you tell it to:

  :omnibus_updater => {
    :remove_chef_system_gem => true


Latest Version

Force installation of the latest version regardless of value stored in version
attribute by setting the force_latest attribute.

Chef Killing

By default the omnibus updater will kill the chef instance by raising an exception.
You can turn this off using the kill_chef_on_upgrade attribute. It is not
recommended to turn this off. Internal chef libraries may change, move, or no
longer exist. The currently running instance can encounter unexpected states because
of this. To prevent this, the updater will attempt to kill the Chef instance so
that it can be restarted in a normal state.

Restart chef-client Service

Use the restart_chef_service attribute to restart chef-client if you have it running as a service.


Prereleases can be installed via the auto-installation using prerelease attribute.


If you want to disable the updater you can set the disabled
attribute to true. This might be useful if the cookbook is added
to a role but should then be skipped for example on a Chef server.

Prevent Downgrade

If you want to prevent the updater from downgrading chef on a node, you
can set the prevent_downgrade attribute to true. This can be useful
for testing new versions manually. Note that the always_download
attribute takes precedence if set.


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