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Supermarket Belongs to the Community

Supermarket belongs to the community. While Chef has the responsibility to keep it running and be stewards of its functionality, what it does and how it works is driven by the community. The chef/supermarket repository will continue to be where development of the Supermarket application takes place. Come be part of shaping the direction of Supermarket by opening issues and pull requests or by joining us on the Chef Mailing List.

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meteor (5) Versions 0.1.3

Installs Meteor - a radical javascript/node.js web development framework

cookbook 'meteor', '= 0.1.3', :supermarket
cookbook 'meteor', '= 0.1.3'
knife supermarket install meteor
knife supermarket download meteor
Quality -%


Installs Meteor, an open-source platform for building top-quality, real-time web apps in a fraction of the time.

See for more information.


Requires nodejs, apt, and build-essential cookbooks. This is currently only tested on Ubuntu 12.04.

Note If you are using Vagrant, the base vagrant images currently use chef version 10.14.2. This mean we need apt cookbook ver 1.7.0. For more info, see


"Should" work on Debian 5+, Ubuntu 9.10+, OpenBSD and FreeBSD.

This is currently only tested on Ubuntu 12.04.


  • apt
  • build-essential
  • nodejs


  • default['meteor']['install_url'] - STRING The install URL for Meteor. This is the URL in the Meteor documentation to the installer shell script.
  • default['meteor']['install_mongodb'] - BOOLEAN Set to true to install mongodb.
  • default['meteor']['create_meteor_user'] - BOOLEAN Set to true to create the meteor user (the default password is meteor)
  • default['meteor']['meteor_homedir'] - STRING If create_meteor_user is true, this will be the users home directory
  • default['meteor']['meteor_uid'] - INTEGER The uid for the meteor user
  • default['meteor']['meteor_gid'] - INTEGER The gid for the meteor user

If you set default['meteor']['create_meteor_user'] to true, you can switch to the meteor user like so:
sudo su -l meteor



Installs Meteor by using the shell script found at the install_url attribute.


Installs mongodb by using adding the 10gen apt repository and then using apt-get to install (currently no yum support).

Dependent cookbooks

apt >= 0.0.0
build-essential >= 0.0.0
nodejs >= 0.0.0

Contingent cookbooks

There are no cookbooks that are contingent upon this one.

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