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java_se (64) Versions 8.51.1

Installs Oracle's Java SE JDK

cookbook 'java_se', '= 8.51.1', :supermarket
cookbook 'java_se', '= 8.51.1'
knife supermarket install java_se
knife supermarket download java_se
Quality 100%

Java SE Cookbook

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Installs Oracle's Java SE JDK.

The next scheduled critical patch update:

  • 20 October 2015

How is this different from Java cookbook?

  • Only supports Oracle's Java SE JDK
  • Allows for downloads directly from Oracle on all supported platforms
  • Can specify one URL directory to download from
  • Easily lock version to Java release '~> 8.0' or critical patch update '~> 8.51.0'

Linux support coming soon.


  • Chef 11 or higher


  • Mac OS X
  • Windows


By adding java_se to a run_list or as a dependency you are accepting the
Oracle Binary Code License Agreement for Java SE.

Windows platform requires a reboot for JAVA_HOME and PATH to be set.


  • node['java_se']['url'] - The URL to fetch the Java SE JDKs. This can be a URL to a directory or file. If a directory is provided, then it will download the JDK that best matches platform criteria. Note that the JDK file names must be the same as that found on Oracle's download page. Leave nil to fetch directly from Oracle. Default is nil.
  • node['java_se']['file'] - File path to local Java SE JDK. Use this if you downloaded Java SE JDK outside of this cookbook. This will skip fetching Java SE JDK remotely. Default is nil.
  • node['java_se']['force_i586'] - Install i586 Java on x64 machine if true. For Linux and Windows only. Default is false.
  • node['java_se']['java_home'] - Alternative java_home location. Leave nil to use default location. For Linux and Windows only. Default is nil.


Example role to download JDK from alternative location:

name "java_se"
description "Install Java SE"
  "java_se": {
    "url": ""

This will download the JDK that best matches platform criteria e.g., Windows 64-bit with force_i586 flag set to true
will match
Note that the JDK file names must be the same as that found on Oracle's download page.


This cookbook does NOT use SemVer for versioning.

The versioning scheme is RELEASE.UPDATE.MINOR where:

  1. RELEASE is the release of Java e.g. 8
  2. UPDATE is the Java critical patch update e.g. 51
  3. MINOR is the *cookbook release for an enhancement or bugfix e.g. 0

*All cookbook releases will strive to be backwards-compatible.

Getting Help


Please refer to CONTRIBUTING.


MIT - see the accompanying LICENSE file
for details.



  • Support Mac OS X install


  • Initial release

Foodcritic Metric

8.51.1 passed this metric