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janitor (6) Versions 0.0.5

A General Cookbook used to cleanup files and directories on nodes

cookbook 'janitor', '= 0.0.5', :supermarket
cookbook 'janitor', '= 0.0.5'
knife supermarket install janitor
knife supermarket download janitor
Quality -%


This cookbook is meant to keep order on a running node to purge files
on the filesystem that are unwanted. You could also apply some criteria to the files
that are targeted such as glob patterns, age, and size.


Chef, Linux



Purge the files in the directory as either the resource name,
or the path attribute to the janitor_directory LWRP
Can also apply criteria such age file age, file size


No attributes are required for the use of this cookbook


An LWRP "janitor_directory" is provided for declaring a directory
for which to search in and purge files in that directory.
Some criteria can also be supplied to include an age and size threshold.




  • path - Resource name or path parameter will pass the path to be examined to the lwrp
  • include_files - Array of glob patterns of files to include in the search criteria
  • exclude_files - Array of glob patterns of files to exclude in the search criteria
  • age - The age in days of files to include in the search criteria
  • size - The size of files to include in the search criteria
  • recursive - enable recursive searching from the path indicated in the resource


Delete all files in /tmp with the .log extension

janitor_directory "/tmp" do
  include_files ["*.log"]
  action        :purge

This will delete all files with the .log extension in /tmp

janitor_directory "/tmp" do
  include_files ["*.log"]
  action        :purge

Delete all files in the /var/log directory recursively that are larger than 1 MegaByte

janitor_directory "/var/log" do
  include_files ["*.log"]
  size          "1M"
  recursive     true
  action        :purge

Delete all files in the /var/log directory recursively that are older than 5 days

janitor_directory "/var/log" do
  include_files ["*.log"]
  age           5
  recursive     true
  action        :purge

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