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ikiwiki (10) Versions 1.2.0

Installs ikiwiki with useful plugins and a nice bootstrap 3 theme

cookbook 'ikiwiki', '= 1.2.0', :supermarket
cookbook 'ikiwiki', '= 1.2.0'
knife supermarket install ikiwiki
knife supermarket download ikiwiki
Quality 0%

ikiwiki chef cookbook

ikiwiki with bootstrap 3 theme

This cookbook deploys ikiwiki (the best wiki ever!) as well as the bootstrap 3 theme based on Twitter's bootstrap CSS framework. Ikiwiki is a wiki backed by a git repository that updates on commits and uses markdown! Ikiwiki also comes with a clean web interface based on Twitter's Bootstrap 3 for graphical administration and editing. This cookbook deploys ikiwiki in a way that is very similar to the Github wiki but with more features.


  • Centos 6+
  • yum-epel


['ikiwiki']['wikiName'] = 'ikiWiki'
['ikiwiki']['wikiNameShort'] = 'ikiWiki'
['ikiwiki']['adminEmail'] = ''
['ikiwiki']['siteUrl'] = ''
['ikiwiki']['wikiAdmin'] = 'ikiwiki'
['ikiwiki']['wikiPass'] = 'ikiwiki'
['ikiwiki']['passworded'] = false


  • Make sure to setup all attributes above before running your cookbook or else it will initialize with the wrong values that wont change!
  • Add to your run_list
  • After execution put your company logo at /var/www/html/logo.png on the wiki server

A user named ikiwiki will be created, apache will be installed and a wiki will be hosted at /var/www/ikiwiki with a git repo at /home/ikiwiki/yourwikiname.git. If you want to clone that directory, you will need to setup an authorized_keys file at /home/ikiwiki/.ssh/authorized_keys with your public keys in it. You will then do your git clone as git clone ikiwiki@ikiwikiServer:wikiNameShort.git.

Ikiwiki has lots of plugins that you can install. Simply edit your /home/ikiwiki/setup.settings file to enable them and then run ikiwiki --setup /home/ikiwiki/ikiwiki.settings to run a rebuild on the wiki.

These plugins are enabled by this cookbook but can be disabled easily via the web UI settings page:
- color
- attachment
- addtag
- hilight
- img
- newpage
- notifyemail
- linkmap
- relativedate
- remove
- heading anchors

If the passworded attribute is set to true, the wiki will require authentication from a user on the system that PAM can auth against. It will not allow system users like root.


Thanks to the author of ikiwiki bootstrap 3 and of course ikiwiki!


Contributions are welcomed. Lets get ikiwiki out there as a more popular wiki!

License and Authors

Authors: Eric Greer (

Dependent cookbooks

yum-epel >= 0.0.0

Contingent cookbooks

There are no cookbooks that are contingent upon this one.



Added support for password auth and made some fixes for packages required by some plugins


Added more default ikiwiki plugins and packages required by them:
- color
- attachment
- addtag
- hilight
- img
- newpage
- notifyemail
- linkmap
- relativedate
- remove
- heading anchors


Adding plugin instructions

1.0.2 typo


Updating readme to work on chef supermarket site


  • Eric Greer - Initial release of ikiwiki

Foodcritic Metric

1.2.0 failed this metric

FC031: Cookbook without metadata file: /tmp/cook/4a48aa9c686dd937bef919e6/ikiwiki/metadata.rb:1
FC039: Node method cannot be accessed with key: /tmp/cook/4a48aa9c686dd937bef919e6/ikiwiki/attributes/default.rb:17
FC045: Consider setting cookbook name in metadata: /tmp/cook/4a48aa9c686dd937bef919e6/ikiwiki/metadata.rb:1