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dotnetconfig (15) Versions 0.2.2

Installs/Configures dotnetconfig

cookbook 'dotnetconfig', '= 0.2.2', :supermarket
cookbook 'dotnetconfig', '= 0.2.2'
knife supermarket install dotnetconfig
knife supermarket download dotnetconfig
Quality 33%

<h1>dotnetconfig Cookbook</h1>
<h2>.NET configuration file editor. Provides functionality to update a .NET app / web configuration file with values from a chef run.</h2>

<p>WORK IN PROGRESS - Currently in Alpha, feel free to test it out but don't use in production until this message is removed or we have hit V1.0.0.</p>

<h3>Open the file for editing, non locking</h3>
documentPath = 'C:\\Config\\' + 'app.config'
document = config_getxml(documentPath)

<h3>Set app settings within the config file</h3>
<p> Document: Pass document which was fetched from config_getxml</p>
<p> SettingName: The setting to update</p>
<p> SettingValue: The new value to apply to the configuration</p>

config_set_app_setting(document, 'fix-gateways', 'Replaced')
config_set_app_setting(document, 'service-installer-service-name', 'Edit2')
config_set_app_setting(document, 'service-installer-service-description', 'Edit3')
config_set_app_setting(document, 'log-fixmessage-to-db', 'Edit4')
config_set_app_setting(document, 'default-version', 'Edit5')
config_set_app_setting(document, 'fix-service-test-file-name', 'Edit6')

<h3>Setting custom elements</h3>
<p>Set an element's content using an xPath query, Example:</p>


<p>This block would find the first occurrence of the 'custom' element and set the content of each of its elements to a new value.</p>
config_set_element_content(document, '//configuration/custom/user', 'Edit8')
config_set_element_content(document, '//configuration/custom/password', 'Edit9')
config_set_element_content(document, '//configuration/custom/host', 'Edit10')
config_set_element_content(document, '//configuration/custom/port', 'Edit11')

<h3>Setting the content of a specific element using xPath</h3>
<p>This would find the first log4net appender called MyAppender</p>
config_set_element_content(document, '//configuration/log4net/appender[@name="MyAppender"]/hostName', 'NewValue1')
config_set_element_content(document, '//configuration/log4net/appender[@name="MyAppender"]/userName', 'NewValue2')
config_set_element_content(document, '//configuration/log4net/appender[@name="MyAppender"]/password', 'NewValue3')

<h3>Set the the entire content of a connection string</h3>
config_set_connection_string(document, 'Database1', 'Database=Partial;User Id=Replacement;Password=PasswordChanged;CommandTimeout=30;MinPoolSize=0')

<h3>Set an individual property within a connection string</h3>
config_set_connection_string_property(document, 'Database2', 'password', 'NewValue123654')

<h3>Saving changes made to the file</h3>
config_writexml(document, outputPath)

Dependent cookbooks

nokogiri >= 0.0.0

Contingent cookbooks

There are no cookbooks that are contingent upon this one.

dotnetconfig CHANGELOG

This file is used to list changes made in each version of the dotnetconfig cookbook.

0.1.0 - 0.1.x

  • jerseyfoxcom - Initial release of dotnetconfig, contains structural pre-release uploads to test functionality of the Supermarket before checking in any working code.

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