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consul-template (8) Versions 0.8.0

Installs/Configures consul-template

cookbook 'consul-template', '= 0.8.0', :supermarket
cookbook 'consul-template', '= 0.8.0'
knife supermarket install consul-template
knife supermarket download consul-template
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Installs and configures consul-template.

Supported Platforms

  • Ubuntu 14.04, 12.04
  • Debian 7.7, 6.0.10
  • Centos 6.5


  • node['consul_template']['base_url'] - Base URL for consul-template binary files
  • node['consul_template']['version'] - Version of consul-template to install. Used to determine which binary to grab from the base_url.
  • node['consul_template']['install_method'] - How consul-template should be installed. Supports 'binary' or 'source'.
  • 'node['consul_template']['install_dir'] - Directory where consul-template should be installed.
  • node['consul_template']['checksums'] - Contains a hash of checksums where the key is the file for a given OS/architecture, and the value is the associated checksum. For example, consul-template_0.3.1_linux_amd64.
  • node['consul_template']['source_revision'] - When installing from source, this determines the revision it should use.
  • node['consul_template']['config_dir'] - The directory that contains the configuration files for consul-template.
  • node['consul_template']['init_style'] - Defines the init system that the consul-template service should use. Supports 'init', 'runit', or 'systemd'.
  • node['consul_template']['service_user'] - Defines the user that should be used for the consul-template service.
  • node['consul_template']['service_group'] - Defines the group that should be used for the consul-template service.
  • node['consul_template']['template_mode'] - File permissions mode for all consul-template configuration files.



Installs and configures consul-template using the install method specified in


Installs consul-template using one of the binaries provided by Hashicorp. It
will also verify the checksum. The default attributes includes the latest
version's binaries for all supported OS/architectures, including their


Installs consul-template from source.


Installs and configures the consul-template service.



Creates configuration files in node['consul_template']['config_dir'], and
reloads the configuration.

For example, if you want to generate HAProxy's config using consul-template,
you may include something like this in your recipe:

consul_template_config 'haproxy' do
  templates [{
    source: '/etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg.ctmpl',
    destination: '/etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg',
    command: 'service haproxy restart'
  notifies :reload, 'service[consul-template]', :delayed


  1. Fork it
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Added some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Create new Pull Request

Consul Template Cookbook Changelog

v0.8.0 (May 18th, 2015)


  • Adds support for systemd (GH-21)


  • Updates default version of consul-template to 0.7.0 and adds new checksums (GH-15)
  • Moves checksums to their own attribute file (GH-16)
  • Ensures config directory exists in LWRP (GH-18)
  • Fixes config directory permissions in LWRP (GH-19)

v0.7.0 (February 6th, 2015)


  • Adds recipe and support information to metadata.rb
  • Released to Chef Supermarket
  • Switching to true SemVer. To this point we were matching the version of the consul-template project, regardless of the changes to the cookbook itself.

v0.6.5 (February 5th, 2015)


  • Assigns ownership of config files to the service user when using runit (GH-10)


  • Redirect stderr to stdout in the consul-template runner so that the runit logger gets the log data (GH-11)
  • Allow the consul_template.log_level attribute to control the log level used by consul when managed by runit (GH-11)
  • Dramatically improves ChefSpec test speed by switching to SoloRunner
  • Switch to JSON dump for default.json config file (GH-12)
  • Updates default version of consul-template to 0.6.5 and adds new checksums (GH-13)

v0.6.0 (January 23, 2015)


  • consul_template_config no longer notifies consul-template to reload from inside the LWRP (GH-8)


  • Updates default version to 0.6.0 and adds checksums (GH-9)
  • Adds usage message to generate-checksums script when no version is specified (GH-9)

Foodcritic Metric

0.8.0 failed this metric

FC031: Cookbook without metadata file: /tmp/cook/154acd3c6d0a5ac2a42cf8bb/consul-template/metadata.rb:1
FC045: Consider setting cookbook name in metadata: /tmp/cook/154acd3c6d0a5ac2a42cf8bb/consul-template/metadata.rb:1