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cabal (3) Versions 0.1.1

lwrp for cabal

cookbook 'cabal', '= 0.1.1', :supermarket
cookbook 'cabal', '= 0.1.1'
knife supermarket install cabal
knife supermarket download cabal
Quality -%

cabal Cookbook

A cookbook that provides a lwrp for interacting with
cabal, a
dependency managent tool for haskell.



No specific version requirements. There are no external
dependencies. Tested on 11.4.0.


The following platforms have been tested with this cookbook, meaning that the
recipes run on these platforms without error:

  • FreeBSD
  • Arch Linux
  • Ubuntu


There are several ways you can install this cookbook.

<a name="installation-platform"></a> From the Opscode Community Platform

To install this cookbook from the Opscode platform, use the knife command:

knife cookbook site install cabal

<a name="installation-librarian"></a> Using Librarian-Chef

is a bundler for your Chef cookbooks. Include a reference to the
cookbook in a Cheffile and run librarian-chef install.

To reference the latest published version:

cookbook 'cabal', '>= 0.1.0'

To reference the github version:

cookbook 'cookbook'
  :github => 'apiengine/chef-cabal'

Then run:

librarian-chef install



Install a package from hackage, a path, a git repo or a github repo.


  • package_name - This is the name of the package to install from hackage. Ignored if :path, :git or :github are set. This is the name attribute.
  • path - Specify path to a cabal project to install from file system. Ignored if :git or :github are set.
  • git - Specify git repository containing cabal project to clone and install. Ignored if :github is set.
  • github - Specify github repository containing cabal project to clone and install. This is shorthand for git "{github}.git
  • reference - Specify git reference to checkout if using :git or :github. See git lwrp for more details.
  • only_dependencies - Pass --only-dependencies flag to cabal. Off by default.
  • reinstall - Pass --reinstall flag to cabal. Off by default.
  • force_reinstalls - Pass --force-reinstalls flag to cabal. Off by default.
  • avoid_reinstalls - Pass --avoid-reinstalls flag to cabal. Off by default.
  • upgrade_dependencies - Pass --upgrade-dependencies flag to cabal. Off by default.
  • user_install - Pass --user flag to cabal. Off by default.
  • global_install - Pass --global flag to cabal. Off by default.
  • solver - Pass --solver #{solver} flag to cabal. Off by default.
  • user - User to run cabal and git checkouts as.
  • group - Group to run git checkouts as.
  • cabal_dev - Use cabal-dev to the package in isolation. Only used if :path, :git or :github are used. Most useful in conjunction with :install_binary to install the isolated binary to some system location. Default is false.
  • install_binary - Upon completion of cabal install, copy file to target. The hash must contain :from and :to attributes. The hash can contain :user and :group for setting owner after copy. Paths are relative to the root of the cabal project.
  • cabal_update - Run cabal update before install.
  • cache_for - See cabal_update resource. This is minutes to cache current cabal index for.



Run cabal install the yesod package for fred.

cabal_install 'yesod' do
  user 'fred'

Run cabal-dev install the angel binary from github and install to /usr/bin.

cabal_install 'angel' do
  github 'jamwt/Angel'
  reference '3ee0a190b354f143273dcf2fe9bfa5b730dc5fe5'
  install_binary :from => 'angel/dest/build/angel/angel', :to => '/usr/bin/angel'
  cabal_dev true
  user username
  group username


Run cabal update to get latest package index from hackage.


  • user - Specify the user to run cabal update as. This is the name attribute.
  • cache_for - The time (in minutes) that must have elapsed since last cabal update. If the cabal index has been updated in the last cache_for minutes, it will not be updated again. Default is 24 hours.


Run cabal update for fred (if it has not been run in last 24 hours)

cabal_update 'fred'

Run cabal update for barney if it has not been run in last 30 minutes.

cabal_update 'barney' do
  cache_for 30


To get access to the cabal resource, include the default cabal recipe.

include_recipe 'cabal'

License and Author

Author:: Mark Hibberd

Copyright:: 2013, Mark Hibberd

All code is copyright 2013 Mark Hibberd

All code is licensed under a 3-point BSD style license.


Dependent cookbooks

This cookbook has no specified dependencies.

Contingent cookbooks

There are no cookbooks that are contingent upon this one.

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