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bind9-easy (5) Versions 0.5.0

Installs and autoconfigures bind9 nameserver

cookbook 'bind9-easy', '= 0.5.0'
cookbook 'bind9-easy', '= 0.5.0', :supermarket
knife supermarket install bind9-easy
knife supermarket download bind9-easy
Quality -%


Autoconfigures bind9 Server the easy way.

Never update your ID again!

Implements a Zone LWRP searching chef and using user input to find all clients.

Supports - Forwarders - Transfer servers - Custom zone entries - Reverse zones


I am running on an ubuntu server - please report other platforms!


List of forwarders where requests should be forwarded to. ruby default['bind']['forward'] =

List of servers where zone updates should be transferred to. ruby default['bind']['transfer'] =

List of trusted servers allowed to query ruby default['bind']['trusted_server'] =


Most complex setup: ```ruby nameservers = ["", "", "", "" ]

Configures a automatic zone - all chef clients in this domain will be added magically

bind9_easy_zone "" do email "" nameserver nameservers hosts ({ "@" => "", #Generate an A Record "not-a-chef-client" => "", #results in a A record "my-hot-box" => "not-a-chef-client" #results in a CNAME record }) mailserver ({ "@" => "", "" => ""}) # another mailserver for subdomain spf true xmpp "" #Assuming xmpp is provided by automagic configuration subzones ({ "" => "", "" => "",}) end

generate a Subdomain-Zone for v6 Network

bind9_easy_zone "" do email "" nameserver nameservers end

generate a Subdomain-Zone for internal nat

bind9_easy_zone "" do email "" nameserver nameservers hosts ({ "@" => "", }) end ```

Make sure to set up all zones, before calling the recipe. Recipe writes named.conf.local and makes zones known to bind.

See resources/zone.rb for more zone-file attributes for bind9_easy_zone


  • Add NS slave recipe
  • Add ipv6


see metadata.rb

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