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apache_zookeeper (22) Versions 0.5.0

Installs/Configures Apache Zookeeper

cookbook 'apache_zookeeper', '= 0.5.0', :supermarket
cookbook 'apache_zookeeper', '= 0.5.0'
knife supermarket install apache_zookeeper
knife supermarket download apache_zookeeper
Quality 100%

Apache Zookeeper Cookbook

Cookbook Version

Installs and configures Apache Zookeeper.

View the Change Log to see what has changed.


  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu


Using the default attributes will setup a single Zookeeper server in standalone mode.

If you are wanting to setup Zookeeper in a multi-server cluster make sure to fill out the
node["zookeeper"]["servers"] like this,

node["zookeeper"]["servers"] = ["", "","]

The array should include a value per server and can be any of the following values,

  • FQDN - node['fqdn']
  • Host Name - node['hostname']
  • Machine Name - node['machinename']
  • Any network interface - node["network"]["interfaces"][..]
  • EC2 Host Name - node['ec2']['public_hostname']
  • EC2 IP Address - node['ec2']['public_ipv4']

This array is used to configure/calculate the server ids for each zookeeper.

You can also provide the server ids yourself by including values for the attributes
node["zookeeper"]["zoo.cfg"]["server.[ID]"]. If this is done you don't have to provide the
node["zookeeper"]["servers"] attribute.

What does the installation look like

By default the installation will look like,

zkCli | /usr/bin/zkCli  - The Zookeeper cli binary command
/opt/zookeeper/*        - All of Zookeeper's files (config, binaries, logs...)
/etc/init.d/zookeeper   - An init.d script to start/stop zookeeper. You can use service
                        zookeeper [start|stop|restart|status] instead

Unique Quorum and Leader Election Ports

It is possible to provide unique quorum and leader election ports in a few different ways.

node["zookeeper"]["servers"] = ["host1", "host2", "host3"]
node["zookeeper"]["follower_port"] = 2888
node["zookeeper"]["election_port"] = 3888


node["zookeeper"]["servers"] = ["host1:2888:3888", "host2:2888:3888", "host3:2888:3888"]


node["zookeeper"]["zoo.cfg"]["server.1"] = "host1:2888:3888"
node["zookeeper"]["zoo.cfg"]["server.2"] = "host2:2888:3888"
node["zookeeper"]["zoo.cfg"]["server.3"] = "host3:2888:3888"

Environment Variables

Should note that the and other various scripts provided by zookeeper taken in various environment variables to tweak
runtime settings. Here are some,

  • ZOO_LOG_DIR : Overwrites log4j zookeeper.log.file. Defaults to . if not set which is why we provide a default value for it to the node["zookeeper"]["log_directory"] value.
  • ZOO_LOG4J_PROP : Overwrites log4j zookeeper.root.logger. Defaults to 'INFO, CONSOLE' if not set which is why we provide a default value for it 'INFO,CONSOLE,ROLLINGFILE'
  • JMXDISABLE : Disables jmx. Defaults to enabling JMX. To disable set to any value
  • SERVER_JVMFLAGS : JVM flags for the server process


  • node["zookeeper"]["install_java"] : If you want to use the java cookbook to install java (default=true)
  • node["zookeeper"]["user"] : The user that owns the Zookeeper installation (default="zookeeper")
  • node["zookeeper"]["group"] : The group that owns the Zookeeper installation (default="zookeeper")
  • node["zookeeper"]["env_vars"] : The environment variables set for the zookeeper user (default={"ZOO_LOG_DIR" => node["zookeeper"]["log_directory"], "ZOO_LOG4J_PROP" => "'INFO, CONSOLE, ROLLINGFILE'"})
  • node["zookeeper"]["servers"] : The array of fqdn/hostnames/ips for the zookeeper servers in the cluster (default=[])
  • node["zookeeper"]["follower_port"] : The port used by zookeeper followers (default=2888)
  • node["zookeeper"]["election_port"] : The port used for zookeeper elections (default=3888)
  • node["zookeeper"]["version"] : The version of the Serf agent to install (default="3.4.5")
  • node["zookeeper"]["mirror"] : The URL to the mirror that hosts the zookeeper binary (default=
  • node["zookeeper"]["binary_url"] : The full binary url of Zookeeper. If you override this value make sure to provide a valid and up to date value for node["zookeeper"]["version"] (default=File.join node["zookeeper"]["mirror"], "zookeeper-#{node["zookeeper"]["version"]}", "zookeeper-#{node["zookeeper"]["version"]}.tar.gz")
  • node["zookeeper"]["base_directory"] : The base directory Zookeeper should be installed into (default="/opt/zookeeper")
  • node["zookeeper"]["log_directory"] : The log directory for Zookeeper (default="#{node["zookeeper"]["base_directory"]}/logs")
  • node["zookeeper"]["zoo.cfg"][*] : The key/values set for the zoo.cfg config file (see attributes file for defaults)
  • node["zookeeper"][""][*] : The key/values set for the config file (see attributes file for defaults)

Dependent cookbooks

java >= 0.0.0
ulimit >= 0.0.0

Contingent cookbooks

There are no cookbooks that are contingent upon this one.

Change Log

0.5.0 - 06-23-2015

  • [Enhancement] Issue-24 : Fix up tests
  • [Enhancement] Issue-23 : Recipe downgrades java to 1.6
  • [Enhancement] Issue-20 : Add test zkcli works
  • [Enhancement] Issue-13 : Use ulimit cookbook

0.4.0 - 10-20-2014

  • [Enhancement] Issue-19 : Documentation update for default ports
  • [Enhancement] Issue-18 : Match any IP address, not just the default

0.3.2 - 09-09-2014

0.3.1 - 09-09-2014

  • [Bug] Issue-14 : attributes? not a method -- affects ec2 provisioning

0.3.0 - 08-21-2014

  • [Enhancement] Issue-10 : Additional attribute tweaks

0.2.2 - 08-21-2014

  • [Bug] Issue-11 : Release without PaxHeaders

0.2.1 - 07-24-2014

  • [Enhancement] Issue-9 : Set zookeeper log directory by default
  • [Bug] Issue-8 : Client port is always appended to hosts
  • [Enhancement] Issue-2 : Add tests

0.2.0 - 07-15-2014

  • [Feature] Issue-7 : Additional attributes

0.1.3 - 07-12-2014

0.1.2 - 06-30-2014

  • [Bug] Issue-5 : Init script does not support chkconfig

0.1.1 - 06-21-2014

  • [Bug] Issue-4 : Metadata does not include java depends

0.1.0 - 06-21-2014

  • [Feature] Issue-1 : Initial Cookbook

Foodcritic Metric

0.5.0 passed this metric