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apache_spark (15) Versions 1.0.4

A cookbook to install and configure Apache Spark

cookbook 'apache_spark', '= 1.0.4'
cookbook 'apache_spark', '= 1.0.4', :supermarket
knife supermarket install apache_spark
knife supermarket download apache_spark
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This cookbook installs and configures Apache Spark.


This cookbook installs and configures Apache Spark. Currently, only the standalone deployment mode is supported. Future work:

  • YARN and Mesos deployment modes
  • Support more OS flavors (CentOS)
  • Support installing from Cloudera and HDP Spark packages.


  • node['apache_spark']['install_mode']: tarball to install from a downloaded tarball, or package to install from an OS-specific package.
  • node['apache_spark']['download_url']: the URL to download Apache Spark binary distribution tarball in the tarball installation mode.
  • node['apache_spark']['checksum']: SHA256 checksum for the Apache Spark binary distribution tarball.
  • node['apache_spark']['pkg_name']: package name to install in the package installation mode.
  • node['apache_spark']['pkg_version']: package version to install in the package installation mode.
  • node['apache_spark']['install_dir']: target directory to install Spark to in the tarball installation mode. In the package mode, this must be set to the directory that the package installs Spark into.
  • node['apache_spark']['install_base_dir']: in the tarball installation mode, this is where the tarball is actually extracted, and a symlink pointing to the subdirectory containing a specific Spark version is created at node['apache_spark']['install_dir'].
  • node['apache_spark']['user']: UNIX user to create for running Spark.
  • node['apache_spark']['group']: UNIX group to create for running Spark.
  • node['apache_spark']['standalone']['master_host']: Spark standalone-mode workers will connect to this host.
  • node['apache_spark']['standalone']['master_bind_ip']: the IP the master should bind to. This should be set in such a way that workers will be able to connect to the master.
  • node['apache_spark']['standalone']['master_port']: the port for the Spark standalone master to listen on.
  • node['apache_spark']['standalone']['master_webui_port']: Spark standalone master web UI port.
  • node['apache_spark']['standalone']['worker_bind_ip']: the IP address workers bind to. They bind to all network interfaces by default.
  • node['apache_spark']['standalone']['worker_webui_port']: the port for the Spark worker web UI to listen on.
  • node['apache_spark']['standalone']['job_dir_days_retained']: app-... subdirectories of node['apache_spark']['standalone']['worker_work_dir'] older than this number of days will be deleted periodically on worker nodes to prevent unbounded accumulation. These directories contain Spark executor stdout/stderr logs. The directories will still be retained to honor node['apache_spark']['standalone']['job_dir_num_retained'].
  • node['apache_spark']['standalone']['job_dir_num_retained']: the minimum number of Spark executor log directories (app-...) to retain, regardless of creation time.
  • node['apache_spark']['standalone']['worker_dir_cleanup_log']: log file path for the Spark executor log directories cleanup script.
  • node['apache_spark']['standalone']['worker_cores']: the number of "cores" (threads) to allocate on each worker node.
  • node['apache_spark']['standalone']['worker_work_dir']: the directory to store Spark executor logs and Spark job jars.
  • node['apache_spark']['standalone']['worker_memory_mb']: the amount of memory in MB to allocate to each worker (i.e. the maximum total memory used by different applications' executors running on a worker node).
  • node['apache_spark']['standalone']['default_executor_mem_mb']: the default amount of memory to be allocated to a Spark application's executor on each node.
  • node['apache_spark']['standalone']['log_dir']: the log directory for Spark masters and workers.
  • node['apache_spark']['standalone']['daemon_root_logger']: the spark.root.logger property is set to this.
  • node['apache_spark']['standalone']['max_num_open_files']: the maximum number of open files to set using ulimit before launching a worker.
  • node['apache_spark']['standalone']['java_debug_enabled']: whether Java debugging options are to be enabled for Spark processes. Note: currently, this option is not working as intended.
  • node['apache_spark']['standalone']['default_debug_port']: default Java debug port to use. A free port is chosen if this port is unavailable.
  • node['apache_spark']['standalone']['master_debug_port']: default Java debug port to use for Spark masters. A free port is chosen if this port is unavailable.
  • node['apache_spark']['standalone']['worker_debug_port']: default Java debug port to use for Spark workers. A free port is chosen if this port is unavailable.
  • node['apache_spark']['standalone']['executor_debug_port']: default Java debug port to use for Spark standalone executors. A free port is chosen if this port is unavailable.
  • node['apache_spark']['common_extra_classpath_items']: common classpath items to add to Spark application driver and executors (but not Spark master and worker processes).
  • node['apache_spark']['conf']['...']: Spark configuration options that go into the default Spark configuration file. See for details.



bundle install
bundle exec rspec

Test Kitchen

bundle install
bundle exec kitchen test


If you would like to contribute this cookbook's development, please follow the steps below:

  • Fork this repository on GitHub
  • Make your changes
  • Run tests
  • Submit a pull request


Apache License 2.0

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