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amazon_s3cmd (8) Versions 0.1.37

Installs/Configures amazon_s3cmd

cookbook 'amazon_s3cmd', '= 0.1.37'
cookbook 'amazon_s3cmd', '= 0.1.37', :supermarket
knife supermarket install amazon_s3cmd
knife supermarket download amazon_s3cmd
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Travis-ci status: Build Status

amazon_s3cmd Cookbook

This cookbook will install s3tools which gives you access to the s3cmd command which you can use to transfer files to/from Amazon's Simple Storage Service S3.



  • Debian: python-magic, s3cmd.
  • Redhat: s3cmd.
  • Arch: s3cmd.
  • Gentoo: s3cmd.
  • SUSE: There is no s3cmd package.


User using s3cmd.

<pre><code> node.set['amazon_s3cmd']['user'] = 'root' </pre></code>

Group using s3cmd.

<pre><code> node.set['amazon_s3cmd']['group'] = 'root' </pre></code>

Location of s3cmd config.

<pre><code> node.set['amazon_s3cmd']['s3cfg'] = "#{node['amazon_s3cmd']['user']}/.s3cfg" </pre></code>

Amazon S3 Key. You MUST override this!

<pre><code> node.set['amazon_s3cmd']['amazon_key'] = '' </pre></code>

Amazon secret. You MUST override this!

<pre><code> node.set['amazon_s3cmd']['amazon_secret'] = '' </pre></code>

Encrypted data bag secret file.

<pre><code> node.set['amazon_s3cmd']['data_bag_secret'] = '/etc/chef/encrypted_data_bag_secret' </pre></code>

Encrypted data bag name.

<pre><code> node.set['amazonZ_s3cmd']['encrypted_data_bag_name'] = 's3cmd' </pre></code>

Encrypted data bag item.

<pre><code> node.set['amazonZ_s3cmd']['encrypted_data_bag_item'] = 's3cfg' </pre></code>


You'll need to create a secret key for your data bag.

<pre><code> skywalker@alderaan:~$ openssl rand -base64 512 > data_bag_secret_key </pre></code>

Create new data bag item to be used with S3.

<pre><code> skywalker@alderaan:~/your/chef-repo$ knife data bag create --secret-file ~/data_bag_secret_key s3cmd s3cfg Created data_bag[s3cmd] Created data_bag_item[s3cfg]

{ "id": "s3cfg", "s3_access_key": "YOUR_S3_ACCESS_KEY_HERE", "s3_secret_key": "YOUR_S3_SECRET_KEY_HERE" } </pre></code>

If you get the following error below...

<pre><code> ERROR: RuntimeError: Please set EDITOR environment variable </pre></code>

...make sure you export your editor as EDITOR

<pre><code> export EDITOR=vim </pre></code>

Verify your encrypted data bag items.

<pre><code> skywaler@alderaan:~/your/chef-repo$ knife data bag show s3cmd s3cfg id: s3cfg s3_access_key: cipher: aes-256-cbc encrypted_data: BUNCH_OF_RANDOM_CHARS_HERE


version: 1 s3_secret_key: cipher: aes-256-cbc encrypted_data: BUNCH_OF_RANDOM_CHARS_HERE


version: 1 skywaler@alderaan:~/your/chef-repo$ </pre></code>

Now check your decrypted data bag items

<pre><code> skywaler@alderaan:~/your/chef-repo$ knife data bag show –secret-file=/home/you/data_bag_secret_key s3cmd s3cfg id: s3cfg s3_access_key: YOUR_ACCESS_KEY_HERE s3_secret_key: YOUR_SECRET_KEY_HERE </pre></code>

Copy your secret key to your node.

<pre><code> skywalker@alderaan:~ $ scp -P 6565 /home/you/data_bag_secret_key skywalker@alderaan: skywalker@alderaan's password: data_bag_secret_key 100% 695 0.7KB/s 00:00

Move your key to /etc/chef

<pre><code> skywalker@alderaan:~ $ sudo mv /home/skywalker/data_bag_secret_key /etc/chef/ </pre></code>

Just include amazon_s3cmd in your node's run_list:

<pre><code> { "name":"my_node", "run_list": [ "recipe[amazon_s3cmd]" ] } </pre></code>

Future TODO list.

  1. Add an amazon_s3cmd::source recipe to install latest via source.
  2. Add some Chefspec tests.


  1. Fork the repository on Github by clicking here.
  2. Create a topic branch (like yourname-add-awesomeness).
  3. Write you change.
  4. Write tests for your change (if applicable).
  5. Run the tests, ensuring they all pass.
  6. Submit a Pull Request using Github here.

License and Authors

Licensed under the Apache 2.0 "The License". For questions regarding the license of this software please see the actual license located here Gerald L. Hevener Jr., Jackl0phty LLC.

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