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zshell (8) Versions 0.2.2

Installs/Configures zsh

cookbook 'zshell', '= 0.2.2', :supermarket
cookbook 'zshell', '= 0.2.2'
knife supermarket install zshell
knife supermarket download zshell
Quality 100%

Build Status

zshell cookbook

This is a Chef cookbook to install and configure zshell.

There are 2 LWRPs present, one for arbitrary commands to be added to the shell initialisation (zshell_rcfile) and the other to install and configure antigen (zshell_antigen).


In order to install zsh you just need to include the default recipe in your node's run_list:

In a recipe:

include 'zshell::default'

In a role:

  "run_list": [


<a id="zshell_rcfile"></a>zshell_rcfile

This LWRP supports two actions:

  • :create (default)
  • :delete

Defining the file's content inline with content

This snippet creates a file called ~/.zshrc.d/10-java_home.zsh for user username.

zshell_rcfile 'java_home' do
  user 'username'
  content 'JAVA_HOME=/usr/java'
  order '10'
  action :create

Passing a template to be rendered

This creates a file called ~/.zshrc.d/20-complex_setup.zsh.

zshell_rcfile 'complex_setup' do
  user 'username'
  source 'rcfile.erb'
  cookbook 'my_wrapper_cookbook'
    :my_template_variable => 'some value'
  order '20'
  action :create

<a id="zshell_antigen"></a>zshell_antigen

This LWRP supports two actions:

  • :enable (default)
  • :disable
zshell_antigen 'username' do
  completion_waiting_dots true
  use [ 'oh-my-zsh' ]
  theme 'agnoster'
  bundle [ 'git', 'bundler' ]
  action :enable

Alternate provider: Zgen

Version 0.2.0 adds an alternative provider for this resource that uses zgen. To use it, set the provider attribute to Chef::Provider::ZshellZgen. All regular antigen options are supported, and a new zgen_load parameter was added to support the zgen load function:

zshell_antigen 'username' do
  provider Chef::Provider::ZshellZgen
  completion_waiting_dots true
  use [ 'oh-my-zsh' ]
  theme 'agnoster'
  bundle [ 'git', 'bundler' ]
  zgen_load [ 'zsh-users/zsh-syntax-highlighting', 'supercrabtree/k', 'zsh-users/zsh-completions src' ]
  action :enable


Cassiano Leal ( email | twitter | github )

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