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vsts_agent (16) Versions 1.1.0

Installs/Configures visualstudio team services build agents

cookbook 'vsts_agent', '= 1.1.0', :supermarket
cookbook 'vsts_agent', '= 1.1.0'
knife supermarket install vsts_agent
knife supermarket download vsts_agent
Quality 50%

Visual Studio Team Services Build and Release Agent Cookbook

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Cookbook Version

Installs and configures Visual Studio Team Services Build and Release Agent

Please check Wiki for more examples


  • Chef 12 or higher


The following platforms are tested and supported:
- Debian 8 x64 (Jessie)
- Ubuntu 16.04
- Windows 10
- Mac OS X 10.11.4


  • node['vsts_agent']['binary']['version'] - set version of package to install
  • node['vsts_agent']['prerequisites']['osx']['install'] - control osx dependencies installation. Default true
  • node['vsts_agent']['prerequisites']['debian']['install'] - control debian dependencies installation. Default true



This resource installs and configures the vsts build and release agent


  • :install: Install and configure the agent
  • :remove: Remove the agent and unregister it from VSTS
  • :restart: Restart the agent service


  • agent_name: Name attribute. The name of the vsts agent
  • version: an agent version to install. Default version from an attribute
  • install_dir: A target directory to install the vsts agent
  • path: Overwrite system PATH environment variable values. Linux and Mac OS X only
  • env: Additional environment variables. Linux and Mac OS X only
  • user: Set a local user to run the vsts agent
  • group: Set a local group to run the vsts agent
  • runasservice: run agent as a service. Default 'true'
  • windowslogonaccount: Set a user name to run a windows service. Possible values are "NT AUTHORITY\NetworkService", "NT AUTHORITY\LocalService" or any system valid username
  • windowslogonpassword: Set password for windowslogonaccount unless it is equal to NetworkService or LocalService
  • vsts_url: url to VSTS instance
  • vsts_pool: A pool to connect an agent
  • vsts_auth: Authentication type. Valid options are PAT (Personal Access Token), Negotiate (Kerberos or NTLM), Integrated (Windows default credentials) and ALT (Alternate Credentials). Default PAT auth
  • vsts_token: A personal access token for VSTS. Used with PAT auth type. See
  • vsts_username: A user to connect to VSTS. Used with Negotiate and ALT auth
  • vsts_password: A user to connect to VSTS. Used with Negotiate and ALT auth
  • work_folder: Set different workspace location. Default is "install_dir/_work"


Install, configure, restart and remove an agent.
Check [windows](test/cookbooks/windows-basic/recipes/default.rb), [debian](test/cookbooks/debian-basic/recipes/default.rb) or [osx](test/cookbooks/osx-basic/recipes/default.rb) tests for more examples.

include_recipe 'vsts_agent::default'

if platform_family?('windows')
  dir = 'c:\\agents'
  dir = '/tmp/agents'

vsts_agent 'agent_01' do
  install_dir dir
  user 'vagrant'
  group 'vagrant'
  path '/usr/local/bin/:/usr/bin:/opt/bin/' # only works on nix systems
  env('M2_HOME' => '/opt/maven', 'JAVA_HOME' => '/opt/java') # only works on nix systems
  vsts_url ''
  vsts_pool 'default'
  vsts_token 'my_secret_token_from_vsts'
  windowslogonaccount 'builder' # will be used only on windows
  windowslogonpassword 'Pas$w0r_d' # will be used only on windows
  action :install

vsts_agent 'agent_01' do
  action :restart

vsts_agent 'agent_01' do
  vsts_token 'my_secret_token_from_vsts'
  action :remove

How to contribute

Check [Contribution Guide]( and [Testing Guide](

Dependent cookbooks

windows >= 0.0.0
ark >= 0.0.0
seven_zip ~> 2.0.0

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