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unix_shells (2) Versions 0.2.2

Installs/Configures unix_shells

cookbook 'unix_shells', '= 0.2.2', :supermarket
cookbook 'unix_shells', '= 0.2.2'
knife supermarket install unix_shells
knife supermarket download unix_shells
Quality -%

Travis-ci status: Build Status


A cookbook that can install multiple UNIX shells.

Supported Platforms

  • Debian & derivatives.
  • Redhat & derivatives. ( Note: Not all shells supported )

Supported SHELLS

  • CSH - A shell with C-like syntax on Debian & derivatives.
  • BASH - The GNU Bourne Again SHell.
  • TCSH - The TENEX C Shell, an enhanced version of Berkeley csh.
  • KORN - A shell Written by David Korn, while at Bell Labs.
  • PDKSH - A Public domain version of the Korn shel. Requires attribute override.
  • MKSH - The MirBSD Korn Shell. Requires attribute override.


  • attributes/korn.rb - Korn shell related attributes.

Install public domain Korn shell
Set attribute ['unix_shells']['install_pdksh'] to 'yes'.

Install MirBSD Korn Shell
Set attribute ['unix_shells']['install_mksh'] to 'yes'.


  • BASH - Apply recipe unix_shells::bash to your node to install the BASH shell.

  • CSH - Apply recipe unix_shells::csh to your node to install the CSH shell.

  • RC - Apply recipe unix_shells::rc to your node to install the RC shell.

  • SCSH - Apply recipe unix_shells::scsh to your node to install the SCSH shell.

  • TCSH - Apply recipe unix_shells::tcsh to your node to install the TCSH shell.

  • ZSH - Apply recipe unix_shells::zsh to your node to install the ZSH shell.

  • KORN - Apply recipe unix_shells::korn to your node to install the KORN shell.

  • PDKSH - Apply recipe unix_shells::korn AND set/override attribute ['unix_shells']['install_pdksh'] to yes.

  • MKSH - Apply recipe unix_shells::korn AND set/override attribute ['unix_shells']['install_mksh'] to yes.

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