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tls (16) Versions 1.0.1

Deploy TLS certificates

cookbook 'tls', '= 1.0.1', :supermarket
cookbook 'tls', '= 1.0.1'
knife supermarket install tls
knife supermarket download tls
Quality 50%


Chef cookbook to deploy SSL/TLS certificates on the system. Data is stored in an encrypted data bag which name is specified in the attribute node['tls']['data_bag_name'] (by default tls). Data bag item name matches node.chef_environent value.

All files will be placed under the directory specified in attribute node['tls']['base_dir'] (by default /etc/chef-tls).

The default recipe tls::default creates base directory to store files. Certificate deployment is made by using tls_certificate resource. For example,

tls_certificate 'www.domain.tld' do
  action :deploy

Encrypted data bag format is as follows:

  "id": "development",
  "certificates": [
      "domains": [ // Domain list
      "chain": [ // Certificate chain (from leaf to root, PEM encoded, new lines should be escaped)
        "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----\nMIIFNjCC........4PcGNXXA\n-----END CERTIFICATE-----",
        "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----\nMIIEkjCC........NFu0Qg==\n-----END CERTIFICATE-----"
      "private_key": "-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----\nMIIEpAIB........8tt8JA==\n-----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----", // Certificate private key (PEM encoded, new lines should be escaped)
      "hpkp_pins": [ // HPKP pins (base64 encoded)
      "scts": { // SCTs (base64 encoded)
        "google_aviator": "AGj2mPgf........3nYNtNU=",
        "google_pilot": "AKS5CZC0........RnySxdE=",
        "google_rocketeer": "AO5Lvbd1........bdC+zlI="

Different software (e.g. Nginx, Postfix) will require paths to deployed certificates, private keys and SCTs. To obtain these paths, you should make use of ChefCookbook::TLS helper in your recipes. Below is an example:

tls_item = 'www.domain.tld'

tls_item.certificate_path  # Get path to the certificate
tls_item.certificate_private_key_path  # Get path to the certificate's private key
tls_item.scts_dir  # Get path to the folder with deployed SCTs
tls_item.hpkp_pins  # Get array of HPKP pins


MIT @ Alexander Pyatkin

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