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stunnel (25) Versions 2.0.0

Provides resources to help install and configure stunnel

cookbook 'stunnel', '= 2.0.0', :supermarket
cookbook 'stunnel', '= 2.0.0'
knife supermarket install stunnel
knife supermarket download stunnel
Quality -%


Chef cookbook to install and configure stunnel


An LWRP is provided for defining stunnel connections. As a client:
include_recipe 'stunnel'

stunnel_connection 'random_service' do
connect "#{rnd_srv_node[:ipaddress]}:#{rnd_srv_node[:random_service][:port]}"
accept node[:random_service][:local_accept_port]
notifies :restart, 'service[stunnel]'

As a server:
include_recipe 'stunnel::server'

stunnel_connection 'random_service' do
accept node[:random_service][:tunnel_port]
connect node[:random_service][:port]
notifies :restart, 'service[stunnel]'


Lots of configurable attributes:

default[:stunnel][:packages] = %w(stunnel4)
default[:stunnel][:service_name] = 'stunnel4'

default[:stunnel][:ssl_dir] = '/etc/ssl'
default[:stunnel][:server_ssl_req]  = "/C=US/ST=Several/L=Locality/O=Example/OU=Operations/CN=#{node.fqdn}/emailAddress=root@#{node.fqdn}"
default[:stunnel][:cert_fqdn] = node[:fqdn]

default[:stunnel][:use_chroot] = false
default[:stunnel][:chroot_path] = "/usr/var/lib/stunnel"
default[:stunnel][:pidfile] = "/tmp/"
default[:stunnel][:user] = "root"
default[:stunnel][:group] = "root"

default[:stunnel][:https][:enabled] = false
default[:stunnel][:https][:accept_port] = "443"
default[:stunnel][:https][:connect_port] = "81"

default[:stunnel][:client_mode] = true

default[:stunnel][:ssl_version] = 'all'
default[:stunnel][:ssl_options] = 'NO_SSLv2'
default[:stunnel][:socket_tunings] = %w(l:TCP_NODELAY=1 r:TCP_NODELAY=1)
default[:stunnel][:compression] = nil # zlib
default[:stunnel][:debug] = nil # 3
default[:stunnel][:output] = '/var/log/stunnel.log'

# key value pair mapping for default var file
default[:stunnel][:default][:enabled] = 1
default[:stunnel][:default][:files] = '/etc/stunnel/*.conf'
default[:stunnel][:default][:options] = ''


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