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splunk (2) Versions 0.0.4

Installs/Configures a Splunk Server, Forwarders, and Apps

cookbook 'splunk', '= 0.0.4', :supermarket
cookbook 'splunk', '= 0.0.4'
knife supermarket install splunk
knife supermarket download splunk
Quality -%


This Chef cookbook provides recipes for installing Splunk Server, Splunk Forwarders, and a few sample Splunk Apps (DeploymentMonitor, PDF Server, *nix) in Amazon EC2. It also includes a provider for installing other Splunk Apps.

This is project is hosted on github and contributions are welcome:


  • v0.0.4 - Added a splunk app: Pulse for AWS Cloudwatch. This app will pull back metrics from AWS Cloudwatch and provides sample dashboards to display the information. Read the SETUP.txt located in the root directory of the app file for installation requirements.
  • v0.0.3 - Changing version of Splunk to 4.3
  • v0.0.2 - Revamp
  • v0.0.1 - Initial Release

Current Bugs

  • The name of the app file, minus the .tar.gz, needs to be the same name as the directory in which it extracts. If it is named incorrectly, the app install will fail.



  • Ubuntu, Debian, RedHat, CentOS, Fedora

  • The cookbook is currently setup to run being named "splunk". If you rename the cookbook from the original name of "splunk", be sure to modify the following:

    • attributes/default.rb: node['splunk']['cookbook_name']
    • recipes/*-app.rb: splunk_app_install -> {NEW_NAME}_app_install (e.g., splunk_app_install)
  • This cookbook has only been tested thoroughly with Ubuntu


See attributes/default.rb for default values.

  • node['splunk']['cookbook_name'] - The name of the directory in which the cookbook runs.

  • node['splunk']['indexer_name'] - The name to use for the forwarder outputs.conf defaultGroup. (templates/forwarder/outputs.conf.erb)

  • node['splunk']['forwarder_home'] - The directory in which to install the Splunk Forwarder

  • node['splunk']['server_home'] - The directory in which to install the Splunk Server

  • node['splunk']['db_directory'] - The directory to use for the Splunk Server Database. (templates/server/splunk-launch.conf.erb)

  • node['splunk']['web_server_port'] - The port number to assign the web server (httpport). (templates/server/web.conf.erb)

  • node['splunk']['browser_timeout'] - The inactivity timeout (ui_inactivity_timeout). (templates/server/web.conf.erb)

  • node['splunk']['minify_js'] - Indicates whether the static JS files for modules are consolidated and minified. (templates/server/web.conf.erb)

  • node['splunk']['minify_css'] - Indicates whether the static CSS files for modules are consolidated and minified. (templates/server/web.conf.erb)

  • node['splunk']['use_ssl'] - Toggles between http or https (enableSplunkWebSSL). (templates/server/web.conf.erb)

  • node['splunk']['ssl_crt'] - The cert file. (files/default/ssl)

  • node['splunk']['ssl_key'] - The private key File. (files/default/ssl)

  • node['splunk']['deploy_dashboards'] - Toggles deploying dashboards or not

  • node['splunk']['dashboards_to_deploy'] - An array of xml dashboards to copy over. These are the filenames minus the .xml suffix (files/default/dashboards)

  • node['splunk']['static_server_configs'] - An array of static server configs that are not specific to an environment (Dev, QA, PL, Prod, etc). These are the primary names without the .conf.erb suffix. (templates/server)

  • node['splunk']['dynamic_server_configs'] - An array of dynamic server configs that are specific to an environment. These are the primary names without the .conf.erb suffix. (templates/server/#{node['splunk']['server_config_folder]})

  • node['splunk']['receiver_port'] - The default port in which to receive data from the forwarders.

  • node['splunk']['limits_thruput'] - The max amount of bandwidth, in KBps, the forwarders will use when sending data. (templates/forawrder/limits.conf.erb)

  • node['splunk']['auth'] - The default admin password to use instead of splunks "changeme"

  • node['splunk']['server_role'] - The name of the splunk indexer. Forwarders will search for this role in order to identify the server in which to send the data.

  • node['splunk']['forwarder_role'] - The name of the splunk forwarder role. It is best to override this attribute per role. This is the inputs file that will be moved over on the forwarding server. (templates/forwarder/#{node['splunk']['forwarder_config_folder']}/#{node['splunk']['forwarder_role']}.inputs.conf.erb)

  • node['splunk']['forwarder_config_folder'] - The folder which contains the inputs file for the environment. It is best to override this attribute per chef role. (templates/forwarder/#{node['splunk']['forwarder_config_folder]})

  • node['splunk']['server_config_folder'] - The folder which contains the environment specific server config files. It is best to override this attribute per chef role. (templates/server/#{node['splunk']['server_config_folder']})

  • node['splunk']['server_root'] - The base URL that splunk uses to download release files for Splunk Server

  • node['splunk']['server_version'] - The specific version of Splunk Server to download

  • node['splunk']['server_build] - The specific build number of Splunk Server to download

  • node['splunk']['forwarder_root'] - The base URL that splunk uses to download release files for Splunk Forwarder

  • node['splunk']['forwarder_version'] - The specific version of Splunk Forwarder to download

  • node['splunk']['forwarder_build] - The specific build number of Splunk Forwarder to download

  • node['splunk']['unix_app_file'] - The name of the unix app file. (files/default/apps)

  • node['splunk']['unix_app_version'] - The version number associated with this file.

  • node['splunk']['pdf_server_file'] - The name of the pdf server app file. (files/default/apps)

  • node['splunk']['pdf_server_version'] - The version number associated with this file.

  • node['splunk']['deployment_mon_file'] - The name of the deployment monitor app file. (files/default/apps)

  • node['splunk']['deployment_mon_version'] - The version number associated with this file.

  • node['splunk']['splunk_sos_file] - The name of the Splunk on Splunk app file. (files/default/apps)

  • node['splunk']['splunk_sos_version] - The version number associated with this file.

  • node['splunk']['sideview_utils_file] - The name of the sideview utils app file. (files/default/apps)

  • node['splunk']['sideview_utils_version'] - The version number associated with this file.

  • node['splunk']['pulse_app_file'] - The name of the Pulse for AWS Cloudwatch app file. (files/default/apps)

  • node['splunk']['pulse_app_version'] - The version number associated with this file.

  • node['splunk']['boto_remote_location] - The base URL for downloading the Python boto library

  • node['splunk']['boto_verison] - The version of boto to download

  • node['splunk']['dateutil_remote_location] - The base URL for downloading the Python dateutil library

  • node['splunk']['dateutil_version] - The version of python-dateutil to download



Installs Splunk Server


Installs Splunk Forwarder


Installs the Deployment Monitor App
- Download the app from and place it under files/default/apps/SplunkDeploymentMonitor.tar.gz


Installs the PDF Server App
- Download the app from and place it under files/default/apps/pdfserver.tar.gz


Installs the *nix App
- Download the app from and place it under files/default/apps/unix.tar.gz


Installs the Splunk on Splunk App and the required dependency app of Sideview Utils.

- Download Splunk on Splunk from and place it under files/default/apps/sos.tar.gz
- Download Sideview Utils from and place it under files/default/apps/sideview_utils.tar.gz


Installs the Pulse for AWS Cloudwatch App and the required Python libraries.


Forwarder Install:

This will install the Splunk Forwarder and shows an example of an attribute override to move a specific splunk inputs.conf file for this server.


This will tell the forwarder to look for a splunk_chef_server.inputs.conf.erb file located in templates/default/forwarder/FORWARDER_CONFIG_FOLDER

    "splunk" => {
        "forwarder_config_folder" => "prod",
        "forwarder_role" => "splunk_chef_server"

Server Install:


This will tell the splunk server to use the dynamic config files located in templates/default/server/SERVER_CONFIG_FOLDER

    "splunk" => {
        "server_config_folder" => "prod"

Deployment Monitor App Install:


Resources and Providers


A default provider to install Splunk Apps. This will install any required dependencies, install or upgrade the application, and move any local templates that are required.


  • create_if_missing - Creates and installs the app if the specific version number specified is not installed.

Attribute Parameters:

  • app_file - The file that needs to be extracted and installed. (required)
  • app_version - The version of the app. (required)
  • required_dependencies - An array of required package dependencies. (optional)
  • local_templates - An array of local templates in .erb format to move over to the applications local config directory. These files are stored in templates/apps/#{local_templates_directory}.
  • local_templates_directory - The directory in which the local templates are stored. (required if defining local_templates) - (templates/default/apps/NAME)
  • remove_dir_on_upgrade - Remove the app directory before extracting the new app. (required)


This will install or upgrade the *nix app:

splunk_app_install "Installing #{node[:splunk][:unix_app_file]} -- Version: #{node[:splunk][:unix_app_version]}" do
    action                  [:create_if_missing]
    app_file                "#{node[:splunk][:unix_app_file]}"
    app_version             "#{node[:splunk][:unix_app_version]}"
    local_templates_directory "unix-app"
    local_templates         ["app.conf.erb","inputs.conf.erb"]
    remove_dir_on_upgrade   "true"

License and Author

Author:: Bryan Brandau (
Author:: Andrew Painter (
Author:: Aaron Peterson (

Copyright 2011-2012, BBY Solutions, Inc.
Copyright 2011-2012, Opscode, Inc.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.

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