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skyline (7) Versions 0.1.0

Installs/Configures Skyline

cookbook 'skyline', '= 0.1.0', :supermarket
cookbook 'skyline', '= 0.1.0'
knife supermarket install skyline
knife supermarket download skyline
Quality -%

chef-skyline Build Status


Installs/configures Skyline.



  • CentOS 6
  • Fedora 17, 18, 19
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
  • Ubuntu 12.04, 12.10, 13.04


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These attributes are under the node['skyline'] namespace.

Attribute Description Type Default
full_duration See templates/default/ Fixnum 86400
full_namespace See templates/default/ String "metrics."
graphite_host See templates/default/ String
group Skyline group String node['skyline']['user']
log_path See templates/default/ String /var/log/skyline
mini_duration See templates/default/ Fixnum 3600
mini_namespace See templates/default/ String "mini."
oculus_host See templates/default/ String
pid_path See templates/default/ String /var/run/skyline
pip_packages PIP packages for installation Array of Strings See attributes/default.rb
redis_socket_path See templates/default/ String /tmp/redis.sock
user Skyline user String skyline

Analyzer Attributes

These attributes are under the node['skyline']['analyzer'] namespace.

Attribute Description Type Default
algorithms See templates/default/ Array of Strings See attributes/default.rb
analyzer_processes See templates/default/ Fixnum 5
anomaly_dump See templates/default/ String webapp/static/dump/anomalies.json
canary_metric See templates/default/ String statsd.numStats
consensus See templates/default/ Fixnum 5
min_tolerable_length See templates/default/ Fixnum 1
max_tolerable_boredom See templates/default/ Fixnum 100
stale_period See templates/default/ Fixnum 500

Horizon Attributes

These attributes are under the node['skyline']['horizon'] namespace.

Attribute Description Type Default
chunk_size See templates/default/ Fixnum 10
max_queue_size See templates/default/ Fixnum 500
max_resolution See templates/default/ Fixnum 1000
pickle_port See templates/default/ Fixnum 2024
roomba_processes See templates/default/ Fixnum 1
skip_list See templates/default/ Array of Strings []
udp_port See templates/default/ Fixnum 2025
worker_processes See templates/default/ Fixnum 2

Webapp Attributes

These attributes are under the node['skyline']['webapp'] namespace.

Attribute Description Type Default
webapp_ip See templates/default/ String
webapp_port See templates/default/ Fixnum 1500


  • recipe[skyline] default installation/configuration of Skyline
  • recipe[skyline::init] symlinks Skyline init scripts and starts/enables services
  • recipe[skyline::redis] configures Redis for Skyline from template
  • recipe[skyline::source] installs Skyline via source


Skyline Installation

  • Add recipe[skyline] to your node's run list.

Testing and Development

Here's how you can quickly get testing or developing against the cookbook thanks to Vagrant and Berkshelf.

git clone git://
cd chef-skyline
vagrant plugin install vagrant-berkshelf
vagrant plugin install vagrant-omnibus
vagrant up BOX # BOX being centos6, ubuntu1204, ubuntu1210, or ubuntu1304

You can then SSH into the running VM using the vagrant ssh command.
The VM can easily be stopped and deleted with the vagrant destroy
command. Please see the official Vagrant documentation
for a more in depth explanation of available commands.


Please use standard Github issues/pull requests and if possible, in combination with testing on the Vagrant boxes.

License and Authors

See [LICENSE](LICENSE) file for more information.

Dependent cookbooks

git >= 0.0.0
python >= 0.0.0
redis >= 0.0.0
scipy >= 0.0.0

Contingent cookbooks

There are no cookbooks that are contingent upon this one.

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