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remote_syslog2 (4) Versions 0.2.3

Installs/Configures remote_syslog2

cookbook 'remote_syslog2', '= 0.2.3', :supermarket
cookbook 'remote_syslog2', '= 0.2.3'
knife supermarket install remote_syslog2
knife supermarket download remote_syslog2
Quality 0%

remote_syslog2 cookbook

Installs and configures remote_syslog2



  • Ubuntu (tested using 14.04)


remote_syslog2 runtime configuration

The main configuration of remote_syslog2 is done using a hash which mirrors the structure of the remote_syslog2 config yaml file...

node['remote_syslog2']['config'] = {
  files: [],
  exclude_files: [],
  exclude_patterns: [],
  hostname: node['hostname'],
  destination: {
    host: '',
    port: 12345

Since this is rendered directly to YAML, you can theoretically configure any value which is normally configurable. For more information please reference the remote_syslog2 examples

Note that for the sake of clarity this cookbook saves the config file to /etc/remote_syslog2.yml rather than /etc/log_files.yml by default



Include the default recipe in a run list to have remote_syslog2 installed and configured


Installs remote_syslog2


Generates config file for remote_syslog2


Installs remote_syslog2 as an init.d service and starts/enables it


Generally all you have to do to use this cookbook is add the default recipe to your run_list and configure the node['remote_syslog2']['config'] hash.

License and Authors

Author:: Jeff Way (

Dependent cookbooks

This cookbook has no specified dependencies.

Contingent cookbooks

There are no cookbooks that are contingent upon this one.

remote_syslog2 Cookbook CHANGELOG

This file is used to list changes made in each version of the remote_syslog2 cookbook.

v0.2.3 (2014-11-13)

  • Fix service management not deleting pid file when stop is called

v0.2.2 (2014-11-13)

  • Fixed more places where "remote_syslog" was used rather than "remote_syslog2"

v0.2.1 (2014-11-10)

  • Change name of extract resource to be less generic
  • Have extract resource clean up temp files
  • Fix up some language in tests
  • Use direct file tests rather than ls in tests
  • Add tests for file cleanup

v0.2.0 (2014-11-09)

  • Update the project to more closely follow community standards
  • Install process now downloads/extracts a release directly from here
  • Configuration is now completely procedural
  • Renamed to remote_syslog2 for clarity since that's what Papertrail calls their repository even though they still call their binaries "remote_syslog"
  • Added BATS tests
  • Added better documentation
  • Changed init script to be a template so that some values in it can be dynamic


  • Initial release of remote_syslog2

Foodcritic Metric

0.2.3 failed this metric

FC031: Cookbook without metadata file: /tmp/cook/fe685a670de5823dc81d1b31/remote_syslog2/metadata.rb:1
FC045: Consider setting cookbook name in metadata: /tmp/cook/fe685a670de5823dc81d1b31/remote_syslog2/metadata.rb:1