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rackspace-dns (3) Versions 1.0.0

Manages DNS records and zones in Rackspace Cloud DNS

cookbook 'rackspace-dns', '= 1.0.0', :supermarket
cookbook 'rackspace-dns', '= 1.0.0'
knife supermarket install rackspace-dns
knife supermarket download rackspace-dns
Quality -%



Adds resources for managing DNS zones and records in Rackspace DNS


A Rackspace Cloud account is required to use
this cookbook. You will need a valid username and API key to authenticate into
your account.

You can sign up for an account here.


The following dependencies are installed via rsdns::default.


  • libxml2-dev
  • libxslt-dev



Account Credentials

It is highly recommended you store your Rackspace Cloud authentication
credentials in an encrypted data bag. This cookbook looks for an encrypted
data bag rackspace and the cloud data bag item. The item should look like
the following.

      "id": "cloud",
      "username": "your_rackspace_username",
      "apikey": "your_rackspace_api_key",
      "region": "[us|uk]"

region should be set to us or uk, depending on where your account was
created. If you signed up for your Rackspace Cloud account through, then you have a us account. If you signed up through, then you have a uk account. The default if neither is
supplied is us.

Alternatively, you can set the credentials through attributes.

    default[:rsdns][:rackspace_username] = 'your_rackspace_username'
    default[:rsdns][:rackspace_api_key] = 'your_rackspace_api_key'
    default[:rsdns][:rackspace_auth_region] = '[us|uk]'



This is an example of creating an A record for the host via recipe. It assumes
that the domain for node[:domain] exists as a domain on your Rackspace Cloud
account. See the Zone resource for creating a zone via recipe.

    rsdns_record node[:fqdn] do
      domain node[:domain]
      value node[:ipaddress]
      type 'A'
      ttl 300

The only required attributes are domain and value. The available attributes

  • name - Defaults to the name of the resource
  • domain - Required
  • value - Required (Example: IP Address an A record should resolve to)
  • type - Default 'A'
  • ttl - Default '300' (String or Integer is fine)
  • priority - Default nil, but useful with MX and TXT records


This is an example of creating a new domain (also known as a zone) via recipe.

    rsdns_zone node[:domain] do
      email ''
      ttl 300

The only required attribute is email. ttl defaults to 300.


    default[:rsdns][:rackspace_username] = 'your_rackspace_username'
    default[:rsdns][:rackspace_api_key] = 'your_rackspace_api_key'
    default[:rsdns][:rackspace_auth_region] = '[us|uk]'



Installs the necessary packages and ruby gems.

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