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opendkim-milter (5) Versions 1.0.4

Installs/Configures opendkim-milter

cookbook 'opendkim-milter', '= 1.0.4', :supermarket
cookbook 'opendkim-milter', '= 1.0.4'
knife supermarket install opendkim-milter
knife supermarket download opendkim-milter
Quality 67%

opendkim-milter Cookbook

Build Status
Cookbook Version

This cookbook allow to install and configure opendkim milter in many RedHat and Debian alike linux distributions.
Unlike many other implementations this one allows full flexibility in configuration and even provide a possibility to run
multiple instances of Opendkim - for instance signer and verifier as separate instances.


node['opendkim-milter']['package'] - name of the package to be installed. Defaults to opendkim and normaly doesn't need to be changed
node['opendkim-milter']['services'] - hash with configuration for milters. Key of the hash is the name of the service, the hash with
parameters described bellow

Services configuration

Each hash with parameters can contain the following fields:
service_name - string with the name for systemd service if it is needed to be different from the key pointing to this configuration
config - hash in format key: value with all necessary configuration directives for Opendkim. This configuration will be saved
to file /etc/opendkim/service_name.conf
base_path - optional, defaults to /etc/opendkim. Gives a possibility to choose another location for configuration files.
user_targets - array, optional, allows to specify additional systemd targets that needs to be started before opendkim service.
Useful if database is used in configuration for instance. See examples bellow.
user_options - array, optional, provides list of additional options for the opendkim. See examples bellow.
owner - string, optional, defaults to opendkim. Allows to run opendkim service as another user.
group - string, optional, defaults to opendkim. Allows to run opendkim service with different group, for instance postfix
databag_files - optional, hash with keys and other additional files that needs to be fetched from (encrypted) databag or chef-vault.
Key of the hash is the path name of the file relative to base_path. The value is also hash with 2 essentional and 1 optional fields:
- databag - name of the databag or vault
- item - name of the item in databag or vault
- mode - optional, defaults to 0640, access mode for the file
config_files - optional, hash with keys and other additional files which provided directly via attributes.
Key of the hash is the path name of the file relative to base_path. The value can be string, array or hash of key: value pairs.
String is directly placed to the file, array represents multiline file with each element is a separate file line, each hash pair
will be placed to separate file line, key/value separator is space.


  "opendkim-milter": {
    "services": {
      "verifier": {
        "config": {
          "PidFile":          "/var/run/opendkim/",
          "Mode":             "v",
          "Syslog":           "yes",
          "SyslogSuccess":    "yes",
          "LogWhy":           "yes",
          "UserID":           "opendkim:postfix",
          "Socket":           "local:/var/run/opendkim/verifier.sock",
          "Umask":            "007",
          "OversignHeaders":  "From",
        "group": "postfix",
        "user_targets": [""]
      "signer": {
        "config": {
          "PidFile":          "/var/run/opendkim/",
          "Mode":             "s",
          "Syslog":           "yes",
          "SyslogSuccess":    "yes",
          "LogWhy":           "yes",
          "UserID":           "opendkim:opendkim",
          "Socket":           "local:/var/run/opendkim/signer.sock",
          "Umask":            "007",
          "OversignHeaders":  "From",
          "Canonicalization": "relaxed/simple",
          "InternalHosts":    "refile:/etc/opendkim/TrustedHosts",
          "KeyTable":         "refile:/etc/opendkim/KeyTable",
          "SigningTable":     "refile:/etc/opendkim/SigningTable",
          "SignatureAlgorithm": "rsa-sha256",
        config_files: {
          "TrustedHosts": ["", "::1"],
          "KeyTable": {
            "": "",
            "": ""
          "SigningTable": {
            "*": "",
            "*": ""
        databag_files: {
          "keys/example.private": {
            "databag": "dkimkeys",
            "item": "example",
            "mode": "0600"
          "keys/test.private": {
            "databag": "dkimkeys",
            "item": "test"

Note: the examples above are for demonstration of cookbook usage and do not pretend to be correct opendkim configuration.


There are only 2 recipes
default - the main one, which install the services accordingly to provided configuration
install - called by default if no opendkim package is installed. Note that on RHEL and its derivates (CentOS, Amazonlinux) it also installs EPEL repo using yum-epel cookbook.


If desirable it is possible to set node['opendkim-milter']['services'] to empty hash and use only provided LWPR.
The resource name is opendkim_milter and meaning of all its properties described above. Here is small example:

opendkim_milter 'my_own_milter' do
  service_name  'verifier'
  base_path     '/opt/dkim'
  config        my_config_hash
  user_targets  ['']
  owner         'postfix'
  group         'postfix'
  databag_files my_dkim_keys
  config_files  my_dkim_files

License & Authors

Copyright 2018-2019, Stanislav Voroniy

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.

Dependent cookbooks

chef-vault >= 0.0.0
yum-epel >= 0.0.0

Contingent cookbooks

There are no cookbooks that are contingent upon this one.

opendkim-milter CHANGELOG

This file is used to list changes made in each version of the opendkim-milter cookbook.


Initial release.

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