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ntpdate (10) Versions 1.5.1

Installs/Configures ntpdate

cookbook 'ntpdate', '= 1.5.1', :supermarket
cookbook 'ntpdate', '= 1.5.1'
knife supermarket install ntpdate
knife supermarket download ntpdate
Quality 80%


ntpdate Cookbook

Installs ntpdate and configures it to run as a scheduled job.(Although it later uses the ntpdate-debian binary, see man ntpdate).
The reason for this one may found after struggling to sync the time via NTP daemon without exposing the external network interface to the world.

By default the cookbook will remove NTP package (if installed).


Nothing really special. It depends on the opscode's cron cookbook in order to lay the cronjob.


Key Type Description Default
['ntpdate']['enable'] Boolean enable or disable ALL actions true
['ntpdate']['use_ntp_config'] String whether to use the ntp.conf file config 'no'
['ntpdate']['config_folder'] String Where lays the config file '/etc/default'
['ntpdate']['config_file'] String Config file name 'ntpdate'
['ntpdate']['ntp_servers'] StringArray Which time servers to sync from %w(
['ntpdate']['ntp_options'] String Additional options for ntpdate nil
['ntpdate']['package_name'] StringArray Which packages to install %w(ntpdate)
['ntpdate']['crontab_file'] String Crontab file name to create in /etc/cron.d directory ntpdate
['ntpdate']['ntp_pkg_remove'] Boolean Defines if the NTP packet should be removed true
['ntpdate']['ntp_pkg_name'] String NTP Package name ntp

For the [:ntpdate][:crontab] directives check the cron cookbook from opscode.



  "ntpdate": {
    "ntp_servers": %w{},
    "crontab": {
        "comment": "This Cron sets time on Sundays at 6:00 O'clock",
        "minute": "0",
        "hour":   "6",
        "day":    "7"
  "run_list": [

disabling ALL actions

but leaving the recipe in run_list() and the role configuration (sometimes is useful). This will remove all the configuration files the cookbook normally creates but will leave the packages as they are (actual stand).

  "ntpdate": {
   "enable": false
    "ntp_servers": %w{},
    "crontab": {
        "comment": "This Cron sets time on Sundays at 6:00 O'clock",
        "minute": "0",
        "hour":   "6",
        "weekday": "sun"
  "run_list": [


  1. Fork the repository on Github
  2. Create a named feature branch (like add_component_x)
  3. Write your change
  4. Write tests for your change (if applicable)
  5. Run the tests, ensuring they all pass
  6. Submit a Pull Request using Github

License and Authors

Authors: Ivan Golman (

Dependent cookbooks

cron >= 0.0.0

Contingent cookbooks

There are no cookbooks that are contingent upon this one.



  • no functional changes. Bump version to conform supermarket requirements.
  • added file.


  • added support chef v17 and Ubuntu 22.04


  • configured github actions.
  • added tests reporting.


  • added support chef v15 and v16
  • kitchen test suite switched to dokken/inspec
  • some code linting done.
  • EOL foodcritic removed.


  • cron cookbook's dependency updated.
  • kitchen test suite added.
  • support Chef v13 and v14 tested.
  • cookstyle linter applied.


  • foodcritic compliance made.


  • node[:ntpdate][:enable] control directive added. Default is true.


  • NTP package leads to race condition on port. Will be removed by deafult, unless node[:ntpdate][:ntp_pkg_remove] directive is set to false


  • Cronjob stdout to /dev/null


  • Ready for the first release.


  • Initial release of ntpdate

Collaborator Number Metric

1.5.1 failed this metric

Failure: Cookbook has 1 collaborators. A cookbook must have at least 2 collaborators to pass this metric.

Cookstyle Metric

1.5.1 passed this metric

No Binaries Metric

1.5.1 passed this metric

Testing File Metric

1.5.1 passed this metric

Version Tag Metric

1.5.1 passed this metric