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nad (6) Versions 0.0.5

nad (nodejs monitoring agent)

cookbook 'nad', '= 0.0.5', :supermarket
cookbook 'nad', '= 0.0.5'
knife supermarket install nad
knife supermarket download nad
Quality -%

nad cookbook

Install and configure nad, a nodejs-based monitoring agent.

More info on nad:


centos, ubuntu

Other un*xes likely; windows unlikely.


nad (nad::default)

Runs the install and configure recipes.


Installs nad by downloading tarballs from .


nad doesn't have much configuration; this just sets the port, SSL options, and scripts directory.




:enable - Link a script into the config directory, enabling it (default)
:disable - Delete a link


name - Name of the script (, cpu.elf, etc)
subdir - Subdirectory within nad config directory where the actual script lives; required for :enable


# Enable postgres replication script
nad_script do
subdir 'postgres'

# Disable vm script
nad_script do
action :disable


Defaults are shown below.

:nad => {

    #  Cookbook Toggle
    # Set to false to disable the cookbook 
    # (will not disable nad if running)        
    :enabled => true, 

    #  Installation
    # Where to store the tarball during installation
    :tmp_path => '/tmp',

    # URL without filename
    :download_url => '',

    # File to download.  nad::install will find an appropriate file if possible.
    :download_file => "nad-omnibus-20130712T154029Z-rhel5-x86_64.tar.gz",

    # You can also just override the release.  nad::install will find an appropriate release if possible.
    :release => "20130712T154029Z"

    # To perform an update after nad is installed, set this to true.
    :force_update => false,

    # Daemon Config
    :port => 2609,
    :config_dir => '/opt/circonus/etc/node_agent.d',

    # These are nil by default
    # Listen on a specific interface
    :ip => nil, 
    # Use SSL (must place na.crt and na.key in conf dir).  If ssl_port is provided, :ip and :port are not used.
    :ssl_port => nil, 
    :ssl_ip => nil,

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