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mysql_connector (7) Versions 0.6.0

Recipes/LWRPs for installing MySQL Connectors.

cookbook 'mysql_connector', '= 0.6.0', :supermarket
cookbook 'mysql_connector', '= 0.6.0'
knife supermarket install mysql_connector
knife supermarket download mysql_connector
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chef-mysql_connector Build Status


Recipes/LWRPs for installing MySQL Connectors.



  • Chef 11+ is required for version 0.6.0+ of this cookbook


  • CentOS 5+
  • Fedora 17+
  • RedHat 5+
  • Ubuntu 10.04+


These attributes are under the node['mysql_connector']['j'] namespace.

Attribute Description Type Default
archive_url Archive URL for MySQL Connector/J String{node['mysql_connector']['j']['tar_file']}
checksum SHA256 checksum for MySQL Connector/J String auto-detected (see attributes/default.rb)
install_paths MySQL Connector/J installation paths Array of Strings []
jar_file Filename of MySQL Connector/J .jar String mysql-connector-java-#{node['mysql_connector']['j']['version']}-bin.jar
tar_file Filename of MySQL Connector/J .tar.gz String mysql-connector-java-#{node['mysql_connector']['j']['version']}.tar.gz
url URL for MySQL Connector/J String{node['mysql_connector']['j']['version']}.tar.gz
version Version of MySQL Connector/J to install String 5.1.29


  • recipe[mysql_connector] empty recipe for including LWRPs
  • recipe[mysql_connector::j] will install MySQL Connector/J from attribute
  • recipe[mysql_connector::odbc_package] will install MySQL Connector/ODBC from package.


MySQL Connector/J installation via attribute

  • Add installation paths to node['mysql_connector']['j']['install_paths'] array
  • Include recipe[mysql_connector::j] in your node's run list

MySQL Connector/J installation via LWRP

  • Add depends 'mysql_connector' to your cookbook metadata
  • Add to recipe:
mysql_connector_j '/path/to/install/location'

Testing and Development

  • Quickly testing with Vagrant: [](
  • Full development and testing workflow with Test Kitchen and friends: [](


Please see contributing information in: [](



Please see licensing information in: [LICENSE](LICENSE)

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