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monitor (4) Versions 0.0.1

A cookbook for monitoring services, using Sensu, a monitoring framework.

cookbook 'monitor', '= 0.0.1', :supermarket
cookbook 'monitor', '= 0.0.1'
knife supermarket install monitor
knife supermarket download monitor
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Monitor is a cookbook for monitoring services, using Sensu, a
monitoring framework. The default recipe installs & configures the
Sensu client (monitoring agent), as well as common service check
dependencies. The master recipe installs & configures the Sensu server,
API, dashboard, & their dependencies (eg. RabbitMQ & Redis). The
remaining recipes are intended to put monitoring checks in place in
order to monitor specific services (eg. recipe[monitor::redis]).

Learn more about Sensu Here.


The Sensu cookbook.


node["monitor"]["master_address"] - Bypass the chef node search and
explicitly set the address to reach the Sensu master server.

node["monitor"]["environment_aware_search"] - Defaults to false.
If true, will limit search to the node's chef_environment.

node["monitor"]["use_local_ipv4"] - Defaults to false. If true,
use cloud local_ipv4 when available instead of public_ipv4.

node["monitor"]["sensu_plugin_version"] - Sensu Plugin library

node["monitor"]["additional_client_attributes"] - Additional client
attributes to be passed to the sensu_client LWRP.

node["monitor"]["default_handlers"] - Default event handlers.

node["monitor"]["metric_handlers"] - Metric event handlers.


Example: To monitor the Redis service running on a Chef node, include
"recipe[monitor::redis]" in its run list.

Dependent cookbooks

sensu >= 0.0.0

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There are no cookbooks that are contingent upon this one.

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