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laravel-artisan (10) Versions 0.4.0

Run laravel's artisan commands

cookbook 'laravel-artisan', '= 0.4.0', :supermarket
cookbook 'laravel-artisan', '= 0.4.0'
knife supermarket install laravel-artisan
knife supermarket download laravel-artisan
Quality 71%

Laravel-Artisan Cookbook

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Did you ever want to to run Laravel's php artisan commands on an automated infrastructure? If you are using Chef then this cookbook is for you.


This cookbook supports some of the artisan commands, that are useful on a load balanced server infrastructure.

Commands that are particular useful for development are not supported.

Supported commands:

  • clear-compiled
  • down
  • env
  • up
  • cache:clear
  • config:cache
  • config:clear
  • package:discover
  • view_clear


  • Chef 12.7 or higher

Platform Support

This cookbook has been developed and used on Ubuntu 16.04.

Environment Support

Supported Environments:
* Vagrant
* AWS Opsworks

Cookbook Dependencies

Currently none.


Place a dependency on the mysql cookbook in your cookbook's metadata.rb

depends 'laravel-artisan'

or add the dependency in your Berksfile:

cookbook 'laravel-artisan'

Then, you can run the recipes using Chef's runlist. Right away this will throw an Exception. To get it work properly you have
to pass a path to the directory where the artisan file is located.

Envirionment file

Passing the path to the artisan file via an environment file:
"name": "development",
"description": "Vagrant Development Environment",
"default_attributes": {
"laravel-artisan": {
"path": "<path-to-artisan-file>"
"json_class": "Chef::Environment",
"chef_type": "environment"

AWS Opsworks

Using AWS Opsworks you can pass in the path via custom json:
"laravel-artisan": {
"path": "<path-to-artisan-file>"


  • laravel-artisan::clear-compiled Remove the compiled class file
  • laravel-artisan::down Put the application into maintenance mode.
  • laravel-artisan::env Display the current framework environment.
  • laravel-aritsan::up Bring the application out of maintenance mode.
  • laravel-artisan::cache_clear Flush the application cache.
  • laravel-artisan::config_cache Create a cache file for faster configuration loading.
  • laravel-artisan::config_clear Remove the configuaration cache file.
  • laravel-artisan::package_discover Rebuild the cached package manifest.
  • laravel-artisan::schedule_run Run the scheduled commands.
  • laravel-artisan::schedule_remove Remove the cronjob that runs php artisan schedule:run
  • laravel-artisan::view_clear Clear all compiled view files.

Dependent cookbooks

This cookbook has no specified dependencies.

Contingent cookbooks

There are no cookbooks that are contingent upon this one.

Laravel-Artisan Cookbook Changelog


  • Added support of php artisan schedule:run
  • Added a possibility to disable running of php artisan schedule:run


  • Added support of php artisan cache:clear
  • Added support of php artisan config:cache
  • Added support of php artisan config:clear
  • Added support of php artisan clear-compiled
  • Added support of php artisan env
  • Added support of php artisan package:discover
  • Extracted each php artisan command in a variable.


  • Checking existance of the artisan file.
  • Added documentation and other required files.


  • Initial setup of the cookbook
  • Added support of php artisan down
  • Added support of php artisan up

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