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jolicode-php (2) Versions 1.0.0

Installs/Configures Jolicode Chef Cookbook for PHP

cookbook 'jolicode-php', '= 1.0.0', :supermarket
cookbook 'jolicode-php', '= 1.0.0'
knife supermarket install jolicode-php
knife supermarket download jolicode-php
Quality -%


Install and configure php, instead of the offcial one, this cookbook does not depend on apache and will not use or install pear.


This cookbook intend to work on these platform : Debian/Ubuntu (with or without Dotdeb), Centos/Redhat/Scientific/Fedora.


There are no cookbooks dependency


  • php
  • composer
  • ext-apc
  • ext-curl
  • ext-dom
  • ext-fpm
  • ext-gd
  • ext-imagick
  • ext-intl
  • ext-mbstring
  • ext-mcrypt
  • ext-mysql
  • ext-pdo
  • ext-posix
  • ext-twig
  • ext-xdebug
  • ext-zmq


Name Description
['jolicode-php']['dotdeb'] Set to true if you use dotdeb
['jolicode-php']['conf_dir'] Directory where php.ini file is on system
['jolicode-php']['ext_conf_dir'] Extension directory used in php configuration
['jolicode-php']['real_conf_dir']  Real extension directory for extension configuration file (useful with dotdeb where config file in 'ext_conf_dir' are link to 'real_conf_dir' files)
['jolicode-php']['config'] All attributes for php.ini configuration files



Composer ressource declare 3 actions : install, update and create_project


  • cwd : Where to run composer in
  • user: Which user run the composer command
  • group : Which group run the composer command
  • package : For use with create_project to specifiy package to install
  • options : To add extra values in composer command
  • version : For use with create_project to set wich version of package to install
  • directory : For use with create_project to set path of new package installed


jolicode_php_composer "Install my dependencies" do
  cwd     "/path/to/my/project"
  user    "www-data"
  options "--dev"
  action  :install

This will run composer install --dev in /path/to/my/project directory


All recipes are compatible with dotdeb repository. You need to set jolicode-php['dotdeb'] attribute to true when using dotdeb.

Dependent cookbooks

This cookbook has no specified dependencies.

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There are no cookbooks that are contingent upon this one.

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